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Pricing: $500

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by Onfleet
  • 3.9Driver Management
  • 3.8Dispatch Management
  • 4.0Live Driver Tracking
  • 3.9Drag & Drop

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5.0 (5)
  • 4.9Driver Management
  • 4.8Dispatch Management
  • 4.9Live Driver Tracking
  • 4.8Drag & Drop


Onfleet is the most advanced last-mile delivery platform that delights your customers, scale your routing operations, and boost efficiency.

Onfleet makes it very clear with its pricing and features that it is built for large businesses that need to plan routes with thousands of stops. With Onfleet, you get unlimited dispatcher and driver seats, allowing you to add as many as you need at no extra cost.

Some businesses have even used it as a fleet management solution due to its sheer capacity to handle large-scale routing operations.

While it does provide all the basic features of a delivery management platform, its pricing is significantly higher than many other similar Onfleet alternatives on the market.

Well, here, we aim to help you understand the benefits and practicality of using a software solution like Onfleet. Further we will also look at all of its features, pricing, pros & cons, along with the customer reviews to see if you should use Onfleet for your delivery or route-related business operations or not.

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Onfleet Review


  • Onfleet has the capacity to have thousands of stops per route.
  • Comes with an inbuilt chat window to help drivers and dispatchers communicate effectively.
  • Customers automatically get live ETA updates when a milestone is reached.
  • Collect proof of delivery, including photos, signatures, and barcodes.
  • Automatically assigns additional stops to the drivers of your choosing.
  • Feedback can be collected right after delivery with a notification to the customer.
  • Allows customers to call drivers to update them on delivery information and status.
  • Detailed reports and delivery analytics to help you stop operational inefficiencies.


  • Usually, this last-mile delivery software gives overestimated ETAs.
  • The software often becomes laggy when optimizing routes with a lot of stops.
  • Does not offer a lot of custom fields or preset options for additional details on stops.
  • The initial pricing is high and only gets steeper on the premium plan.
  • Importing Excel files into the route plan sometimes takes over 10 minutes.
  • More Onfleet integrations could have been made readily available at its price range.

Onfleet Pricing

One of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing any product is its pricing, as it determines the product’s return on investment. However, it is difficult to compare the pricing of Onfleet with other competitors as their pricing models rely on different parameters.

While most delivery management platforms charge based on the number of drivers, Onfleet charges you based on the number of allocated tasks. Tasks are basically pickups or deliveries that are performed successfully. Their full pricing information is laid out below.

Onfleet Pricing Plan



  • 2000 Delivery/Pickup Tasks


  • Unlimited users
  • Proof of delivery
  • 90-day historical analytics
  • Email and scheduled phone support



  • 5000 Delivery/Pickup Tasks

Launch Features +

  • Barcode scanning & age verification
  • Advanced ETA notifications
  • 1-year historical analytics


Contact for details

  • 5000+ Delivery/Pickup Tasks

Scale Features +

  • Multi-brand or regional support
  • Private label recipient tracking page
  • Unlimited historical analytics
  • Premium onboarding and implementation

Price Comparison

Analysing the industrial competitors of the Onfleet before the integration of advanced route planning and optimization software is must. This crucial step will empower you to make informed decision and stay ahead in the game. We choose Upper as a suitable competitor, given that Upper is all set to meet the customer requirements who are looking for good route planning software.

Price Plan For Team Logo teamCurve arrow



Unlimited stops


Unlimited stops

Contact for pricing

Customized API integration Custom reports
Free Trial Available


2000 Tasks


5000 Tasks
Enterprise Customized API integration Custom reports
Free Trial Available

Is the Onfleet Worth the Price?

The features of Onfleet are undeniably very alluring, though this fascination is short-lived for many customers after they see the price of Onfleet’s routing solution. The pricing plans often makes customers curious, whether there are other routing solutions that are more cost-effective but can match Onfleet’s capabilities.

Let’s see how a more affordable solution like Upper compares to Onfleet in terms of features.

Feature onfleet onfleet
Data Import wrong right
Addresses (credits) Limited Unlimited
Route Optimization right right
Service Time right right
Time Windows wrong right
Route Scheduling right right
Pickup & Delivery Options right right
Parcel Location & Info wrong right
Filters duplicate addresses wrong right
Driver’s App right right
One-Click Driver Dispatch right right
Proof of Delivery right right
Reassigning Routes right right
Export Routes right right
Stops Priority via Color Coding wrong right
Archive Recurring Route Schedules wrong right
Reports & Analytics right right
API Integration right right
Expected Time to Arrive right right
  • Features onfleet Upper
  • Data Import



  • Addresses (credits)



  • Route Optimization



  • Service Time



  • Time Windows



  • Route Scheduling



  • Pickup & Delivery Options



  • Filters duplicate addresses



  • Parcel Location & Info



  • Flexible Route Swapping Between Drivers



  • Driver’s App



  • One-Click Driver Dispatch



  • Proof of Delivery



  • Reassigning Routes



  • Export Routes



  • Stops Priority via Color Coding



  • Archive Recurring Route Schedules



  • Reports & Analytics



  • API Integration



  • Expected Time to Arrive



  • No credit card required

What People Say About Upper

Ben parker

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!

flavors2go Ben Parker, Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

Key Features of Onfleet

1. Route optimization :

A core feature of most route planning software is route optimization, as it reduces the time spent on deliveries and the overall length of the shipping route. The optimization is done automatically using a routing algorithm that calculates the most optimal route based on the set parameters.

Route optimization zoom

2. Auto-assign orders:

For any unassigned tasks, you can simply select your preferred method of assignment and have Onfleet automatically assign the task to the appropriate driver. You can either have unassigned tasks given to the closest driver or one that has the lowest route distance.

Auto assign route zoom

3. Live driver tracking:

To ensure that you are always updated on the progress and completion of your deliveries, Onfleet enables real-time driver tracking. With these live tracking abilities, you can see where your drivers are in real time, helping you keep track of their actions and progress.

Drag anddrop editing zoom

4. Driver chat:

The driver chat feature allows the dispatcher to communicate with their fleet of drivers at any given time. This allows for uninterrupted communication of information regarding deliveries which helps you accommodate last-minute changes without any major hassles.

Analytics zoom

5. Proof of delivery :

A feature that is undoubtedly essential to resolve most delivery-related disputes is proof of delivery. Onfleet enables you to let your driver collect concrete proof of delivery in the form of e-signatures, photos, or barcodes using their mobile devices alone.

Route export options zoom

6. Customer communications :

Businesses that use Onfleet are able to keep their customers fully updated regarding the delivery process. Not only do customers get live ETAs of their shipments, but they also get the ability to ring up their designated driver to communicate additional details about the delivery.

Zapier integration zoom

7. Reports and analytics:

Onfleet’s reports and analytics are not just limited to showing you the performance of your fleet. Its reports also show you additional key metrics, such as customer feedback scores, success rates, service times, and distance traveled, helping you evaluate the efficiency of your services.

Zapier integration zoom

8. API integration:

API integrations can totally revolutionize your business operations, as being able to connect Onfleet with other applications can allow for massive leaps in productivity. For example, integrating Onfleet with an inventory management system will allow you to plan routes while actively keeping track of inventory levels.

Zapier integration zoom

Onfleet Reviews – Route Optimization Software

onfleet upper
Excel Import 4.2 4.8
Route Optimization 3.5 5.0
Proof of Delivery 1.0 5.0
Reports & Analytics 3.3 4.9
API Integration 4.6 4.8
  •   upper Upper
  • Excel Import

  • Stop capacity

  • Customization

  • Dispatch options

  • Driver app functionality

  • No credit card required

Is Onfleet Right for Your Business?

In some regards, the features offered by Onfleet are unparalleled in the route planning software industry. Businesses often choose Onfleet to get access to the expansive features that are offered. If you desire sophisticated communication features, then Onfleet is indeed worthwhile.

Though if you are simply looking to amp up the efficiency of your delivery routes, then it is best to try looking for a more affordable and easy-to-use option. There are many route planners that would fit into this criteria, knowing how high the pricing of Onfleet is.




No discount offered

  • Delivery/Pickup – 2000
  • Delivery Analytics – Up to 90 Days only



Save 20% with annual billing

  • Delivery/Pickup – Unlimited
  • Delivery Analytics – Unlimited
No credit card required

Exclusive feature offers at discounted price.

Streamline your daily routine chaos, integrating Upper with flat 20% off.

  • An advanced route planning method to enhance routing capacities and profitability.

  • Go and grab the one that can help you feel worthy for every penny you paid.

Alternative to Onfleet

As stated earlier, the best alternative to Onfleet for your delivery business would be software that offers you great route optimization features at an affordable price. This is where Upper comes to the rescue as the best alternative to Onfleet.

Optimizing routes with Upper is as simple as it gets because it does all the work for you. All you have to do is import your list of addresses and select the desired parameters like service time and stop priority, and Upper will give you the best routes instantly.

If you are just getting started on your route planning journey, then it is best to opt for an solution like Upper that gives you the following benefits.:
  • Pricing:The pricing of Upper is evidently much more affordable to business owners. Given the feature set of both route planners, the difference in pricing is pretty stark, which is why Upper is often chosen over Onfleet by customers.

  • Easy-to-use Interface: The user interface of Upper is quite simple and uncluttered, making it much better to use for both drivers and dispatchers. It also means that the onboarding process for team is also effortless and easy to get through.

  • Parcel Information: With the Upper, dispatchers can precisely lay out information about the location and handling information of all the parcels. The information is readily available on the driver app, making it easy for drivers to access and use.

Upper’s Growth Plan now available @ $160/mo
Get the Best Cost-Effective Onfleet Alternative & Speed up Your Deliveries by 3x
No credit card required


It is often the case that Onfleet has segment-leading features in its arsenal that are not easy to match. While the features of Onfleet are very impressive, they come at a great price that is usually not feasible for businesses that are just starting their routing experience.

Delivery route management software is all about reducing overall delivery costs and improving customer experience. This is why you must choose software solutions that are not too heavy on the wallet yet offer all the capabilities of their more expensive counterparts.

Luckily, this is where solutions like Upper come into play and bring you advanced route optimization, and delivery management features without breaking the bank. Why not try Upper today for free with our ?

Frequently asked questions

  • Who should use software like Onfleet?

    Large-scale delivery businesses that require route planning and optimization for dozens of vehicles may consider using Onfleet. Businesses that want the ability to communicate with their drivers actively may also use Onfleet’s advanced communication features for customers and managers.

  • What is the core benefit of using route planning software?

    The core benefit of using route planning software is that it allows you to streamline operations to save more time and avoid delivery errors. Having this additional clarity in your operations allows you to conduct deliveries faster and accommodate more deliveries in the same time frame.

  • How does route optimization software work to make routes more efficient?

    Using pre-made algorithms, route optimization software can calculate the fastest route to multiple destinations within the set parameters. By automatically calculating all the variables, such as traffic, vehicle speed, and service windows, route optimization software shortens the overall route length to save time on the road.

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