Automation is becoming a new norm, so your route planning and optimization strategies should follow suit.

Gone are the days when businesses painstakingly devoted hours to multi-stop route planning, yet accuracy was questioned because of human errors and inefficiencies. However, to replace all these obstacles with opportunities, businesses are integrating the best route optimization software like Onfleet into their business.

Onfleet is an exemplary last-mile delivery solution ensuring end-to-end route planning, efficient route optimization, automated dispatch operations, seamless communication, and detailed analytics.

On the other hand, exploring other Onfleet alternatives can further enhance your route operations too. Let’s start going through each Onfleet alternative and explore them in detail.

Why Consider Alternatives to Onfleet?

Various reasons contribute to the decision to switch from one software to the other. Onfleet might lack certain features or customization options that your business requires to optimize the daily delivery operations. This limitation can become a concern, especially if you feel that the software’s value does not align with the escalating expenses.

Here’s why you should be switching to Onfleet alternatives:

After recognizing so many red flags, still sticking to this one software might not turn out to be a fruitful practice for your delivery business. So, we are here to review each alternative to Onfleet, so you don’t have to give your time. In the end, you will be able to decide which is the best route optimization software that you are good to go with.

Top 10 Onfleet Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


Upper is one of the widely accepted Onfleet alternatives that is perfect to cater to all your route related needs and requirements through its advanced solutions. It is known for serving users with advanced route planning and optimization techniques that ensure faster deliveries with reduced fuel and labor costs.

With Upper users can make it possible to reduce the gas bill by 40%. Right from planning, optimizing, scheduling, and dispatching the routes followed by dispatching them among the drivers, everything can now be done easily in a matter of minutes.

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Upper Compared to Onfleet

Discounted Pricing Plans: Upper provides a simplified pricing structure with three flexible plans on a monthly and yearly basis. The pricing plans are even providing a flat 20% off to the users if they get billed annually. On the contrary, Onfleet has expensive pricing plans starting from $500 per month, without any discount offered.

Easy Access to Free Trial: While signing up for Onfleet’s free trial, they first ask you to enter your credit card details, and then only you are allowed to try the software. This is not the case with Upper. You can flexibly try a 7 days free trial without compromising your confidentiality. When trying Upper, accessibility can be gained without any fear of getting charged automatically.

Limitless Deliveries: There are restrictions over the number of deliveries or pickup tasks each driver can make in the case of Onfleet. However, with Upper, drivers can complete unlimited routes, covering deliveries or pickups without any restrictions. This means that businesses using Upper can scale their operations and handle a high volume of deliveries without being limited by the software.

Suitability: Upper is appropriate for all types of business because of its flexible pricing structure and wide range of functionalities. On the other hand, Onfleet is restricted to mid-size or larger companies and has relatively expensive pricing plans starting from $500 per month. By offering cost-effective solutions, Upper enables even small and individual businesses to leverage efficient delivery management software, which might be otherwise inaccessible due to budget constraints.

Pricing comparison between Onfleet and Upper:

Launch Plan


No Discount Offered

No. of deliveries/pickup tasks per driver – 2000

Delivery Analytics – Only upto 90 Days


Essential Plan


Save 20% with annual billing

No. of deliveries/pickup tasks per driver – Unlimited

Delivery Analytics – Unlimited

HURRY UP! What Are You Waiting For?
Growth Plan now at $160/mo (flat 20% discounted rate)
No credit card is required

Detailed feature comparison between Onfleet and Upper:

Feature onfleet Onfleet UpperUpper
Discount Offer Not available Available
No. of Tasks per Driver Limited Unlimited
Costs per Tasks $0.26 per task Unlimited
Multi-Selector Tool wrong right
Swap Routes Among Driver wrong right
Parcel Info & Placement wrong right
Proof of deliveries right right
Custom Fields Addition wrong right
Delivery Analytics Limited Unlimited
Color Coding the Stops Limited Flexible
Contact/Address Book wrong right
Export to Garmin wrong right
Route Summary/Detailed Reports wrong right
Route Scheduling right right
Time Windows right right
Pickup & Deliveries right right
Duplicate Routes right right
Export Routes Only via e-mail CSV, XLS, GPX and e-mail
No credit card required

Here are other amazing features that are offered by Upper:

  • Easy import of multiple addresses via different methods. Either import the CSV, Excel file format or manually enter the customized stop details and create routes in minutes.
  • Option to add custom fields for storing and displaying additional information related to each stop or address.
  • Contacts can now be added, or an address book can be made for easy route creation that is recurring in nature.
  • Delivery instructions can even be added to update the customers via email or Text Message (SMS).
  • Scheduling the routes can be done a month in advance, regulating the frequency and order of deliveries based on predefined criteria.
  • Pickups and deliveries can be flexibly adjusted together in a single route saving essential time and costs.
  • Electronic proof of deliveries can be captured, avoiding delivery-related disputes in the future.
  • Stop priority can be set, fulfilling the urgencies of the individual stops as per the requirements.
  • Preferred time windows and dedicated service time on individual stops can be allotted for efficient route optimization.
  • Email, as well as live chat support, along with a dedicated support manager, can be allocated for resolving customer queries.
  • Routes can be easily exported in XLS (Excel), CSV (Comma-Separated Values), or GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file formats for seamless integration with other software applications or devices.
  • Detailed route plan summaries or customized reports can be generated for comprehensive analysis and record-keeping purposes.

What People Say About Upper

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Ben parker
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2. Circuit



Circuit is a route planning and optimization software for delivery businesses that work well for both dispatchers as well as drivers. Circuit ensures automatic import of the delivery stops with efficient route optimization, real-time tracking, and managing multiple deliveries.

From efficient route optimization capabilities that result in scaling the business higher to integrating new and simplified ways of delivery route planning, Circuit does it all.

Learn more about what Circuit has to offer:

  • Automatic delivery data import
  • Customized third-party integration with your preferred tools
  • Detailed delivery analytics to get comprehensive insights
  • Customized and efficient route planning for maximizing efficiency
  • Real-time live route tracking
  • Dynamic customer notification for improved customer experience
  • Electronic proof of deliveries to avoid future disputes
  • Dedicated driver app for smooth coordination

Circuit Compared to Onfleet

There are no limitations over the number of tasks to perform each month while using Circuit. On the contrary, when you start using Onfleet, there are limitations over the number of tasks each month, which may not be suitable for businesses with high delivery volumes.

Next is the scalable pricing option offered by Circuit to flexibly allows the user to add or remove the drivers throughout the month. It even allows individual clients to modify the team size based on their current demands without paying unnecessary costs. Onfleet, on the other hand, does not function similarly. It will mandatorily charge you $500 per month, irrespective of the users you have.

The flexible and easy user interface is another area where Circuit outperforms Onfleet. You can even think to switch over some Circuit alternatives if still dicey before opting for the ideal software.

Price: The subscription plan of Circuit starts at $100/month with the first 2 drivers freely included. However, you will be charged $40/month additionally with every driver added.

3. Route4Me



Getting over the early morning chaos has now been easier with Route4Me. The advanced route-optimizing engine has the potential to put your traditional time-consuming route-planning methods in auto-pilot mode. It is flexibly combined with the latest in cloud and mobile technology. The software is flexible for all operations, be it deliveries, pickups, or attending service calls on the field.

Despite having industrial experience of over 10 years and serving a huge customer base for so long now, there is a thing where Route4Me is not up to par. One major drawback we are talking about here is the Add-ons that a user need to pay in order to access certain features.

Have a look at few essential functionalities offered by Route4Me:

  • In-app voice-guided navigation to ensure a smooth journey
  • Pickups and drop-offs in a single route to streamline your transport needs
  • Dedicated driver app and stand-alone app for easy access and efficient management
  • Curbside delivery option for contactless task completion
  • Recurring routes creation for repetitive trips, saving time and effort
  • Stop priority can be adjusted
  • Preferred time windows and dedicated service time
  • Customer email alerting and notifications

Route4Me Compared to Onfleet

Considering all the other alternatives in the market, neither Route4Me nor Onfleet fits best for your business. The reason is heavy pricing plans, limited functionalities, as well as additional payment to access specific features.

Route4Me is one of the heavily priced software that can additionally charge you for each individual feature that is freely available by the other Onfleet and Route4Me alternatives like Upper in the market.

For instance, one of the essential features that got a boost, especially after COVID-19, is to conduct contactless delivery via the curbside delivery option. This significant feature is freely available in Upper, and on the contrary, Curbside charges $499/month for the same.

4. RouteXL



RouteXL is a simplified route-optimizing tool for planning and scheduling routes that consist of multiple destinations. The smart optimizing algorithms calculate the best possible path that minimizes the duration of the route, speeding up the deliveries. Routes optimization is conducted in a way that ensures saving a lot of time and fuel, lowering costs and emissions.

Simply enter the stop addresses, and get routes optimized on your map. Not just this, but those maps can be easily navigated through your preferred navigating apps. Optimized routes are then exported to satnav devices, emailed to friends or colleagues, or can be shared on social media.

Have a look at some of the other features to be offered by RouteXL:

  • Multiple address import flexibility
  • Flexible user interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Export optimized routes easily
  • Easy route printing for non-technical people
  • Advanced third-party geocoding service
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Get the itinerary to your connected devices using the WEBFLEET button

RouteXL Compared to Onfleet

RouteXL is specifically designed to optimize delivery routes efficiently. Its algorithms are tailored to calculate the most optimal routes for multiple destinations, taking into account factors such as distance, traffic, and delivery time windows while Onfleet focuses on last-mile delivery solutions only.

It is specifically designed to help businesses and individuals streamline their delivery operations by minimizing travel time and costs.

Onfleet, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive set of features for last-mile delivery management. However, you can still explore more RouteXL alternatives to get detailed route optimization solutions that suit your specific needs.

Bid adieu to complex route planning operationsSign up for the best Onfleet alternative today! No credit card required

5. Tookan



Tookan is an enterprise delivery management system, that serves route optimization and route tracking-like features. While it focuses on planning, optimizing, and dispatching your routes, it also functions to cater to on-demand deliveries.

The main goal of Tookan is to empower enterprises (mostly large-scale organizations) to win in this customer-centric era with optimized routes, automation, real-time tracking, and efficient movement of goods for both the B2C and B2B segment.

Let’s explore what more Tookan can offer:

  • Efficient route optimization for timely deliveries and reduced costs
  • Convenient payment getaways for seamless transactions
  • Advanced fleet tracking solution with real-time monitoring
  • Automatic dispatch operations enable the swift assignment of tasks
  • Cash management functionality for conducting hassle-free finance transactions
  • Efficient tracking and feedback option to ensure customer satisfaction

Tookan Compared to Onfleet

Tookan works for the fulfillment of on-demand services at a much more reasonable rate. More than route optimization software, it is a powerful proof of delivery software along with an accurate tracking app. Whereas, Onfleet is a last-mile delivery solution covering all industries, including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture, pharmacy, and more.

Talking about the price to integrate the software, Tookan beats Onfleet. Onfleet has some expensive pricing plans, due to which the accessibility of the software gets limited to midsize or large enterprises only. You cannot afford to pay $500 monthly or more than that if you have just started your journey. Tookan, on the good side, has a very basic pricing structure starting from $29/month per user.

Onfleet even charges additional pay per task if you exceed the limit provided under the designated plan; however, this is not the case with Tookan. Although Tookan charges additional pay per user, it never binds the pay per task performed. Get engaged with in detail Tookan alternatives here.

6. WorkWave



WorkWave Route Manager can potentially optimize routes in a way that helps increase profitability by reducing operational costs, generating more revenue by freeing up time for more daily driver stops and improving logistical operations by increasing efficiency.

Overall, operations relating to your routes can be managed efficiently. Not just planning and optimizing, but even the scheduling and dispatch functions work smoothly.

Look further to know what WorkWave Route Manager has to offer:

  • Last-minute modifications in the routes
  • Advance Scheduling for precise planning
  • Supports hard-wired GPS and ELDs for telematics
  • Third-party integration for enhanced functionality
  • Delivery management driver’s mobile app
  • Real-time delivery tracking for total visibility

WorkWave Compared to Onfleet

WorkWave is a broad platform catering to all the needs, requirements, and pain points of different industries seeking cloud-based field service and fleet management solutions. On the other hand, Onfleet is dedicatedly focused on optimizing the last-mile delivery of the users.

Price: The pricing plans of the WorkWave route manager start at $54 per month per vehicle. However, if you are in need of paperless proof of deliveries, effective barcode scanning, detailed performance dashboard you need to purchase the subsequent plan paying higher.

You can even check out WorkWave alternatives before taking an informed decision.

7. Shipday



Shipday is one of those top delivery management solutions that ensure less time in organizing your deliveries and more time running your business. Shipday is specifically designed considering the local delivery expectations that might include restaurants, ghost kitchens, ultra-fast grocery deliveries, and other small businesses involved in managing on-demand local deliveries.

Right from smart automation, real-time location tracking, SMS notifications, accurate proof of deliveries, as well an automated delivery dispatch process, Shipday has helped thousands of businesses globally deliver exceptional experiences along with delighting customers.

Let’s see what more Shipday has to offer:

  • Dedicated mobile app for drivers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Dispatch web app and mobile app
  • Barcode scanning and ID verification
  • Advanced geo-fencing

Shipday Compared to Onfleet

Comparing Shipday with Onfleet can be quite difficult as both are individual software solutions with their own unique features and strengths. However, there are a few areas where Shipday stands out when compared to Onfleet.

The first is the free trial. Shipday offers a free trial without asking for any credit card requirements. On the other hand, Onfleet offers you a 14-day free trial only when you serve your confidential credit card details.

The next point of comparison between Shidpay and Onfleet is the customer-oriented user interface. Onfleet has the most complex user interface, where generally, the users might feel irritated in the absence of a proper understanding of the interface. On the other hand, Shipday has the most easygoing interface.

8. Bringg



Bringg is a suitable delivery management software, catering to the needs of both on-demand delivery services as well as supply chain management. It is not specifically designed for any business enterprise, yet it functions both ways. In back-end operations, it is involved in managing supply chains and inventory, as well as delivery operations on the field.

Bringg’s intelligent dispatching algorithms are powered by AI that are accurately configured to meet your individual business operations’ unique needs. With real-time visibility, live tracking updates, curbside delivery options, and faster pickups/dropoff guarantees, Bringg is possibly trying its best to deliver an enlightened customer experience.

Key features offered by Bringg are:

  • Curbside delivery ensures contactless order fulfillment
  • Real-time notification with live delivery updates and digitized customer feedback
  • Automated logistic scheduling with real-data analytics
  • Preferred return option both for pickups or drop-offs
  • Effortless return tracking
  • Advance scheduling, as well as same-day deliveries
  • Intelligent fleet and driver management
  • Smart vehicle selection

Bringg Compared to Onfleet

When compared to Onfleet, Bringg outperform in many ways, and one among them is the affordable pricing plans. Bringg’s pricing plans are more customer-centric and variable in nature, solely based on custom requirements. This pricing is much more suitable than what Onfleet offers.

Next is the dynamic quotes and self-scheduling option, where logistics providers can reduce service calls and boost the first-attempt delivery rate (FADR). It simply allows consignees to digitally schedule and reschedule their own deliveries and services.

Bringg has intelligent dispatching algorithms that are powered by AI and are highly configurable to meet your client’s individual unique needs. On the other hand, Onfleet has standardized algorithms that cannot be flexibly molded as per an individual’s unique needs.

Price: Bringg doesn’t publicly advertise pricing tiers and conditions attached to it.

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9. Track-POD


Track pod

Track-POD is one of the advanced delivery management software that engages with audiences to deliver effective last-mile delivery experiences. It’s basically a mix of proof of-delivery apps with accurate tracking software. Getting paperless notes with electronic confirmation is possible with Track-POD.

Let’s have a look at what other features it can offer:

  • The intuitive app works offline
  • A digital signature, less paperwork
  • Delivery tracking in real-time
  • Instant delivery notification
  • Tracking with live ETA for your customers
  • Easy barcode scanning

Track-POD Compared to Onfleet

Track-POD offers a comprehensive delivery management solution that encompasses a wide range of features. For instance, Mass POD, QR/barcode scanner, completion in one touch, and offline accessibility. These are a few of the features among the list of those not provided by Onfleet though pricing heavily.

Affordable pricing options with no credit card required when signing up for a free trial, along with scheduling a demo, have been flexibly made available under Track-POD. On the contrary, these essential functionalities should be given a second thought before usage when it comes to Onfleet.

10. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is a streamlined route planning solution for organizing the mobile workforce as well as optimizing resource productivity. They use smart technology to tackle real-world operations that are involved in daily route planning and optimization processes. With all the latest algorithms, possible tricks, and shortcuts available, it helps you find and optimize routes that can ultimately result in cutting down time and fuel costs by 20%.

However, If you need to elevate your brand reputation, you will have to upgrade the plan and customize it to avail of extra added features like thousands of orders, pickup and delivery options, multi-day long haul routes, technical consulting, and expert support.

Let’s have a look at what further OptimoRoute has to offer:

  • Automated route planning for as many as thousands of stops in one go
  • Live driver tracking and delivery ETAs for evaluating the driver’s performance
  • Get electronic proof of deliveries to tackle future disputes that might arise
  • Automatic feedback collection that can help you improvise over your weaknesses
  • Real-time route modifications to adapt to any last-minute change ensuring successful deliveries
  • Planned routes comparison to actual and zero in with breadcrumbs

OptimoRoute Compared to Onfleet

OptimoRoute has the simplest interface with affordable pricing and flexible free trial. You can flexibly get 30 days of free access to the software without any credit card credentials. Onfleet on the other hand has expensive pricing plans with no annual and monthly billing options.

Essential functionalities like an automatic customer feedback option to smoothen customer experience, a multi-day long haul feature along with breadcrumbs feature help you compare the planned route vs. the actual ones has been made available at such as least price when compared to Onfleet.

However, thorough accuracy cannot be expected from OptimoRoute as well. This is because it never makes you aware of the duplicate or incorrect stop addresses involved while planning the routes. For this, you can further check out the OptimoRoute alternatives to widen your decision-making power while opting for the ideal route optimization software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Onfleet the best software?

    There can never be a biased answer to this question. It can never be said that Onfleet is either the best or worst for you and your business. You need to keep on trying other alternatives to arrive at an informed decision.

    Alternatives like Upper, with a 7 days Free trial, can help you explore different options and compare them to Onfleet. It’s important to consider various factors such as pricing, features, scalability, user-friendliness, customer support, and integration capabilities when evaluating software for your business needs.

  • What are some popular Onfleet alternatives?

    There are some popular Onfleet alternatives listed here:

    • Upper
    • Bringg
    • Circuit
    • Tookan
    • Shipday
    • Track-POD
    • OptimoRoute
    • WorkWave Route Manager
    • RouteXL
  • How much does Onfleet cost?

    There are basically three pricing plans offered by Onfleet. Because of the diverse needs and budgets of different businesses, there exist multiple pricing plans. All of them are listed herewith:

    Things that should be considered while measuring Upper’s efficiency against Circuit are:

    • Launch Plan: $500 per month
    • Scale Plan: $1,150 per month
    • Enterprise Plan: Need to contact the sales team
  • Is Upper less expensive than Onfleet?

    Upper is way more cost-effective when it comes to pricing plans. Being affordable for all business types and without restricting their budgetary constraints, Upper offers three pricing plans. Have a look:

    • Essential Plan: $80 per month for up to 3 users
    • Growth Plan: $160 per month for up to 5 users
    • Enterprise Plan: Need to contact the Upper team
  • Is the Upper better than Onfleet?

    Though it will be biased to pen down the thoughts on any specific software, yet if we consider the facts, Upper can be considered far better than Onfleet in many ways. For instance, the pricing plans, the features, and flexibility offered, the interface, customer support, etc.

  • Does Onfleet provide any discount on the pricing plans? Is annual billing available with Onfleet?

    Unlike Upper, which offers a flat 20% discount on the annual billing plan, Onfleet neither offers any discount nor provides annual billing.

  • How do I choose the right Onfleet alternative for my business?

    To choose the efficient Onfleet alternative for your business, you need to precisely have a look at a few of the areas mentioned below:

    • Affordable pricing plans
    • No additional cost involvement per task
    • Comprehensive feature set that should align with your business requirements
    • Scalability and ability to handle your business’s growth
    • Integration capabilities with your existing systems and software
    • Positive customer reviews and testimonials
    • Reliable customer support and assistance
    • Security and data protection measures
    • Free trials or demos to test the software’s functionality and suitability for your business.


Alternatives are to be chosen with an expectation to get excellence compromising over the already best you have. Listed above were the top Onfleet alternatives, and after going through the detailed description and the comparison of all of them with Onfleet, you must have been almost on the edge of making an informed decision now.

Still, if you feel dicey or cannot sync the content written here with the respective website’s content, going through their individual free trial is better. You can start implementing this practice with a offered by Upper, even without the need to add credit card details.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and experience it by itself.

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