Routes optimized, operations simplified.

Factor in every detail and create perfect routes in minutes.

Optimize for Time or Distance

Control every route and optimize to save time or fuel based on your business needs.

smart analytics

Adapt to Driver Changes

Handle shifts in driver availability by swapping routes or reassigning them.


Total Route Control

Design routes your way – group stops and drag-and-drop to reallocate.


Routes Powered by Data

Upper factors traffic, driver preferences, and business goals for the best routes.


Manage All Constraints

Manage the following constraints and much more with ease:

drag and drop

“Upper’s route optimization transformed our delivery
efficiency. We’re saving hours per week and seeing the
improvement in our bottom line.”

Melissa Jones

Operations Manager, FreshDirect

Streamlined Routing

Upper simplifies everything from adding the first address to delivering the last mile.


“Upper's ability to customize and factor in multiple
constraints has reduced planning time and streamlined
our entire delivery operation.”

Adam Patel

Logistics Manager, Speedy Couriers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Upper's route optimization differ from regular route planning?

    Upper's route optimization goes beyond basic planning by using advanced algorithms to analyze multiple variables. These variables include traffic, distance, delivery windows, service times, stop priority, and other distance and time-related constraints. By considering all these variables, Upper determines the most time and fuel-efficient routes.

  • Can I make last-minute adjustments to optimized routes?

    Yes, with Upper's Route Optimization, you can make last-minute adjustments. You can swap routes between drivers, reverse routes, and make stop adjustments on the fly for dynamic and responsive routing.

  • How does Upper ensure flexibility in route planning and adjustments?

    Upper provides route flexibility, allowing you to lasso select stops for new routes or adjustments. You can drag and drop the stops to create perfect routes, giving you complete control over your routing strategy.

  • Is it easy to use Upper's Route Optimization feature?

    Yes, Upper is designed to be user-friendly. The system guides users through the process, making it easy to use for daily operations.

  • How quickly can I optimize a route with Upper?

    Upper is designed for rapid route optimization, allowing you to optimize routes in just a few minutes, significantly faster than manual planning.

  • Can Upper handle multiple routes and large fleets?

    Absolutely, Upper is scalable and can efficiently manage multiple routes and large fleets, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

  • How does Upper help in saving fuel costs?

    By optimizing routes for the shortest and fastest paths, Upper reduces unnecessary mileage, leading to significant fuel savings.

  • In which circumstances does swap routes functionality help me?

    Swap routes can be useful when any assigned driver is not available for any reason. So, you can swap that assigned route to another available driver.

  • In which circumstances does reverse functionality help?

    Reverse route plan is useful when your driver needs to travel from the last point to the starting point or depot, or when a driver wants to return to the origin of the route after completing all the deliveries. For instance, reverse route functionality helps in planning routes for waste collection trucks to efficiently collect waste from customer locations and return it to the waste processing facilities.

  • What is a multi-stop selector tool & its functionality?

    A multi-stop selector tool allows users to select and manage multiple stops together easily. It enables users to group stops for reassignment to another driver or route. This can save time and effort when dealing with multiple stops and provides a convenient way to edit or reassign stops in a streamlined manner.

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