• Waste management
    is one of the major
    industries in the US
    and Canada.

  • The waste disposal
    industry is likely to
    record a 3.4% CAGR
    between 2021 to 2030.

  • US-based Waste
    Management, Inc.
    recorded revenue of
    17.39 billion USD

  • The market value of
    waste management
    business might get
    hiked by 300 billion

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Want to Get Rid of Manual Allocation? Why Not Make The Most Out of Upper Route Planner.

Manually planning routes means the use of more resources.

Switch to route optimization software and cover maximum stops by finding optimized routes in a reduced time.

manually planning routes

Tackle Waste Collection Challenges with Upper Route Planner

The online route planner offers seamless route planning and optimization in such a way that your drivers make timely pickups. It ensures waste collectors take the shortest route to reach their destinations and provides real-time updates of ongoing activities.

  • adjust employee

    Adjust your employees’ break time amid tight pickup schedule

  • plan optimize

    Plan & optimize routes using less resources

  • collectors time

    Make sure waste collectors be on time

  • Icon04

    Create a route plan using route scheduling

waste collection challenges
waste collection scheduling process

Accelerate Waste Collection &
Scheduling Process with Upper Route Planner

Generating multiple routes for your fleets is time-consuming. The Upper Route Planner assists you to plan cost-efficient routes by considering the avoidance zones. Switching to Upper, you can carry out the following activities.

  • Manage high-priority service orders like collecting industrial waste.
  • Arrange your team’s shift timings including breaks in-between
  • Divide and balance weekly workloads among the drivers.
  • Prioritize emergency routes directly from the admin panel.
  • Develop faster, more accurate routes for waste collection.
  • Maximize the number of collections per route, per driver.
Tracy sturdy

“The ease of being able to import any data is important, and it is what exactly Upper provides to its users. It works efficiently for us since we started using Upper.“


Tracy Sturdy

Owner of Residential Cart Solutions, LLC

Adjusting your pickup schedule is now a lot easier with Upper

Lessen your working hours by saving 40%
of planning time.

 adjusting pickup schedule

Adopt The Advanced Route Planning
Method For Your Waste Collection Service

Below are the easy steps to manage the waste collection process using our online routing software.

  • 01

    Add User’s Information

    The admin can set up the user’s role by filling up the necessary details. You can add drivers or waste collectors and select their shift timings

  • 02

    Import CSV File

    Create a list of pick-up addresses in Excel or export the list of addresses from your online ordering system.
    Drag and drop a file directly into the system and verify
    the stops.

list pick up addresses excel export
advanced optimize routes
  • 03

    Optimize Routes

    Following the verification of address, click the optimize button and let the system prepare a route map. Thereafter, set priority, service time, driver preference, or edit stops.

  • 04

    Automatically Allocate Tasks

    Multiple stops on the list will be divided equally among the available drivers. It will automatically assign the tasks and update them regarding pickups

  • 05

    Dispatch Your Team

    A single tap on the dispatch button and your team will be on their way to the waste collection stop. Your team will be informed regarding service time and next stops.

  • 06

    Send Real-time Updates to Drivers

    Share the route URL link via text message or email and let your drivers follow optimized routes, stops, and delivery instructions.

  • 07

    Timely Pickups

    Since your driver is following efficient routes, your waste management team will arrive on time for the collection of waste.

timely dispatch your team
achieve maximum numbers same day pickups
Achieve a maximum number of same-
day pickups

With Upper, flawlessly optimize routes, add multiple stops, and reach the pickup destination in a minimum time.

Benefits of Using Route Planning Software For Waste Collection Business

Saves Working Time

Saves Working Time

With the help of a route optimization solution, drivers can rush to the spot without spending too much time on the road. These routes created with specific constraints and route optimization algorithms will help them in saving time.

No Manual Intervention for Route Scheduling

No Manual Intervention for Route Scheduling

Using the right route optimization software will need to automate the waste collection process. Hence, you don’t need to manually check every route plan or inform the drivers via a phone call.

Takes Care of Unavailable Employees

Takes Care of Unavailable Employees

In case your waste collector or driver is out for a break, the system will automatically assign the task to the available employees. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about their break time as your service won’t be interrupted.

Analyze Team Performance

Analyze Team Performance

The admin user can generate reports of past pickups and analyze the team’s performance. It will help you know whether the driver is reaching the spot on time or not. Also, you can review the work of waste collectors.

Include More Pickups

Include More Pickups

On Upper, you can include 500 stops in a single route plan which means you can expand waste collection services out of your service. The tasks will be assigned as per the availability of drivers.

Access to Driver App

Access to Driver App

The admin will no longer engage in phone calls as the driver can access the route map with the help of the ‘driver app’. It guides the driver to take the shortest path in order to reach the destination.

Proof of Service

Proof of Service

Upper provides proof of service for each stop on the list covered by the driver. It is a great way to show that a stop has been visited and serviced by the driver. The proof of service is captured by way of e-signature or photos.

Improve Pick-up Efficiency

Improve Pick-up Efficiency

The route planner helps you get things done with few vehicles and drivers as possible, and that too, in the shortest possible time. It considers several factors, divides stops and routes between multiple drivers, and provides the shortest routes for pickups.

Create waste pick-up routes in less than a minute

Utilize the Upper route planner to get a bird-eye view of the on-field services, and smoothly perform daily pickups.