All-in-One Cannabis Delivery Solution

All-in-One Cannabis Delivery Solution

All-in-One Cannabis Delivery Solution

Upper understands the unique challenges faced by cannabis delivery businesses – from navigating compliance to managing fluctuating demand and delivery windows. Our cannabis delivery software streamlines your logistics, automating route planning, scheduling, dispatching, and real-time tracking.

Upper also has proof of delivery functionality to capture customer signatures and ID verification images for compliance records. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for cannabis delivery, Upper is all that you need!

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Upper’s advanced algorithms optimize delivery routes by considering traffic conditions, driver availability, and vehicle capacities. This ensures efficient, timely deliveries while reducing fuel costs.

You can set specific time windows for each delivery and prioritize stops based on urgency to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Route Optimization
Dispatch and Scheduling

Dispatch and Scheduling

Dispatch and Scheduling

Easily create and manage driver schedules with Upper. Assign routes based on driver availability and location, and make real-time adjustments as needed.

This feature helps you ensure that all deliveries are dispatched promptly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving overall delivery performance.

Proof of Delivery and Age Verification

Proof of Delivery and Age Verification

Upper includes advanced proof of delivery functionality. This feature allows you to capture customer signatures and ID verification images upon delivery to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Digital records of successful deliveries are maintained for easy reference, helping you stay compliant with industry standards.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Since using Upper, our dispensary’s delivery woes have vanished.

Client element

We now optimize routes effortlessly, comply with strict regulations seamlessly, and track deliveries in real-time. Upper’s dispensary delivery software has made cannabis delivery a breeze!

Sarah Thompson, GreenLeaf Dispensary

Upper’s Features Make Cannabis Deliveries Simple & Profitable

Make your dispensary delivery operations smooth while ensuring compliance with Upper’s advanced features designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

How Upper Optimizes Your Entire Delivery Workflow


Enhanced Efficiency

Upper optimizes routes for faster deliveries, maximizing capacity within legal limits (no overstuffed bags!) and reducing wasted time and fuel.


Happy Customers

Keep your customers informed with real-time tracking and accurate ETAs. Upper fosters trust and transparency, leading to happier customers.


Compliance Made Easy

Upper ensures compliance by offering proof of delivery for age verification and ensures legal quantity limits through the capacity constraints feature.


Data-Driven Decisions

Use detailed reports to understand delivery operations, identify supply chain optimization opportunities, and make informed decisions for growth.


Seamless Integration

Upper integrates smoothly with existing online ordering and dispatch systems. It eliminates manual data entry and creates a smooth workflow.


Scalability for Success

Whether you’re a single-location dispensary or a multi-state marketplace, Upper easily manages increasing deliveries with peak efficiency.

Drive Efficiency in Cannabis Delivery Operations

Efficient route planning, scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and proof of delivery – all in one solution. Use Upper’s cannabis delivery software for compliance-based operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cannabis delivery software?

    Cannabis delivery software is a specialized technology solution that helps cannabis dispensaries, or cannabis delivery businesses perform deliveries more efficiently. It handles everything from planning delivery routes and managing the dispensary fleet to real-time order tracking and proof of delivery collection.

  • What features should I look for in cannabis delivery software?

    Key features to look for in cannabis delivery business software include route optimization, real-time GPS tracking, age verification tools, proof of delivery capabilities, customer notifications, driver management features, customizable scheduling and dispatching, reporting and analytics, and integration options.

  • What documentation or identification is required for cannabis delivery?

    Documentation and identification requirements for cannabis delivery may vary depending on local regulations. Generally, customers may need to provide valid government-issued ID proving they meet the legal age requirement for purchasing cannabis products. Cannabis last-mile delivery drivers may also require specific permits or licenses as per local laws.

  • How does age verification work for cannabis deliveries?

    Age verification for cannabis deliveries typically involves customers providing their ID during the ordering process. Delivery software for cannabis dispensary may have built-in age verification tools that scan and verify IDs electronically. Some software solutions, like Upper, integrate with third-party age verification services for added security and compliance.

  • Can I schedule cannabis deliveries in advance or place recurring orders?

    Yes, the Upper THC delivery software offers the ability to schedule deliveries in advance or set up recurring orders. This feature allows customers to plan their orders ahead of time and receive deliveries on specified dates and times, helping increase convenience for both customers and dispensaries.

  • Can I leave special instructions or notes for the delivery driver?

    Yes, Upper dispensary fleet management software includes features that allow customers to leave special instructions or notes for the delivery driver. This could include specific delivery preferences, gate codes, delivery location details, or any other relevant information that can facilitate smooth and accurate deliveries.

  • Is customer support available for issues relating to routing and delivery management?

    Yes, reputable cannabis delivery app providers, like Upper, offer customer support to assist with any issues, questions, or technical assistance related to routing and delivery management. Upper offers support through its email ticketing system, live chat, phone support, and FAQs/knowledge base.

  • Are there any limitations on the types or quantities of cannabis products that can be delivered?

    Limitations on the types or quantities of cannabis products that can be delivered depend on local regulations and licensing requirements. Upper’s online cannabis delivery software includes features to ensure compliance with these regulations, such as product quantity limits, age verification proof capturing, and detailed reporting capabilities to track deliveries accurately.