What is an HGV Route Planner? Top HGV Route Planners in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • By optimizing routes, HGV route planner apps can help logistics organizations save time and money.
  • With the aid of these applications, drivers can steer clear of low bridges and congested areas that are not ideal for heavier trucks.
  • To prevent delays, certain HGV route planner applications include real-time traffic information and rerouting recommendations.
  • By showing the most effective routes, HGV route planner applications can increase driver safety and save fuel usage.

The route planner software industry can cross $5.07 billion by 2023. The industry is booming at an 11.4% CAGR and is amongst the top software industries globally.

Route planning and optimization software have become the core segment of successful delivery service providers.

With the increase in the delivery business, the importance of professional software is increasing. One of the crucial aspects of delivery businesses is the heavy goods vehicles or the trucks that help major transportation from one state to another.

And only a few software can deliver excellent route planning results for truck routes requiring optimized long-distance routes that include various halts and necessary stops.

We have shortlisted the best HGV route planner you can use for your business to create an optimized truck route that can simplify your delivery drivers’ work.

What Is Truck Routing or Heavy Goods Vehicle Route Planning?

Truck routing or HGV route planning refers to tailoring the delivery route for commercial motor vehicles and ensuring they achieve the highest productivity during the process.

The route planner needs to perform complex routing processing to simplify the results. The route planning algorithms must understand the requirements of commercial fleet management, truck restrictions, and requirements.

The truck route planning software analyzes the refueling stops, rest breaks, and other factors that can deliver the desired routing results.

The truck routing software functions differently than other software focused on fast, highly dense delivery stops. 

Here’s how you can optimize or plan truck routes using a professional truck route planner.

Stuck with HGV Routing Constraints?

Leverage Upper’s advanced routing algorithms to achieve multi-constrained route planning. Optimize your routes based on drivers’ shifts and vehicle capacities speedily and efficiently.

How To Optimize A HGV Route?

1. Build your fleet

Focus on building a commercial fleet for your interstate or long-distance delivery process. You must recruit a team of expert fleet managers who can look over the operations of your delivery fleet and manage the truck drivers.

2. Integrate an HGV route planner

Integrate a professional HGV route planner that can help you streamline your truck delivery operations and ensure that your delivery fleet experiences the best route optimization service.

It can help to enhance the efficiency of the drivers and help them work according to the planned routes.

3. Add delivery addresses

Enter the delivery addresses using Excel or other desired format that can help you kick-start the process of planning routes. If the delivery stops are fewer, you can manually enter the details to help the route planner deliver optimized routes.

4. Optimize the delivery route

After entering the necessary delivery details, you get the optimized routes within a few clicks.

5. Dispatch the routes

Your fleet managers can dispatch the optimized delivery routes to your truck drivers that can help them save time, deliver multiple stops, and bypass the traffic.

Using the HGV route optimization process, you can save fuel costs and achieve cost-efficient results.

Look at the top truck routing planning and optimization software ideal for your delivery business.

Top HGV Comparison Table

Logo Name Pricing
Upper Inc Upper Route Planner
  • Essentials – $119 per driver/month (billed annually)
  • Growth – $239 per driver/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – Contact the vendor
TourSolver TourSolver
  • Basic – €35 per month/vehicle
  • Premium – €45 per month/vehicle
MyRouteOnline MyRouteOnline
  • Basic –  $39/pay as you go
  • Classic – $59/pay as you go
  • Premium – $109/pay as you go
Route4Me Route4Me
  • Route Management – $199/month
  • Route Optimization – $249/month
  • Route Optimization Plus –  $349/month
WorkWave WorkWave
  • Contact the vendor

5 Top HGV Route Planner Software

1. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is a professional HGV route planning and optimization software that provides delivery businesses and truck drivers a plethora of premium features to execute multiple-stop long routes.

You can automate delivery scheduling, management, and dispatching with a few clicks. The software delivers highly optimized truck delivery routes and shortest paths within seconds.

You can create multiple routes at once by uploading up to 500 addresses from Excel. Upper Route Planner can help you minimize the complexities of a long route-truck route planning, and offers extra features for simplifying the process.

Look at a few top features offered by the software:

  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Import 500 stops through excel
  • Advanced route scheduling
  • Advanced route planning and route optimization
  • Proof of delivery
  • Handles multiple stops
  • Cost-effective and optimized routing
  • Detailed reporting for effective results
  • No street view
  • 7 days trial

Live-Track Your HGV Drivers Now

Get Upper’s robust GPS tracking capabilities to track every movement your HGV drivers make in real-time. Spot and resolve their issues instantly.

2. TourSolver

A professional cloud-based HGV management software, Toursolver can deliver an excellent experience in planning routes for long-distance and heavy-load deliveries. The software is ideal for businesses from different industries and of different scales.


It offers a great simulator, enabling your delivery business to assess time, improve cost results, calculate mileage, and optimize decisions.

You can export itineraries and schedules using Excel, iCalender, or PDF with the logistics and transportation team.

  • Get an optimized truck route plan.
  • Endless functionalities available.
  • Quality route optimization results for scaling the delivery operations.
  • Ideal for big organizations.
  • Costly

3. MyRouteOnline

You can convert Excel files into optimized and shortest truck routes using MyRouteOnline. The software enables you to optimize longer HGV routes and dispatch them effectively within no time.


You can access MyRouteOnline’s free version of the software to experience the process of creating multiple truck delivery routes. Your truck drivers can get turn-to-turn driving instructions that can help you complete the delivery task quickly and effectively.

You can handle more long routes and heavy delivery orders to scale your business revenue and profits. The software enables you to explore the truck routes, print, and reload for a better delivery experience.

  • An user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Give crystal clear directions for a smooth delivery process
  • Power GPS tracking for long route deliveries.
  • You cannot edit the address later
  • You must reformat the Excel files

4. Route4Me

A quality HGV route optimization software that can help you dispatch different heavy products or goods with the assistance of powerful built-in navigation. You can create the shortest delivery paths to ensure your workforce delivers quality results.


You can control your delivery operations and ensure that your HGV delivery workflow encounters minimal hurdles and discrepancies.

Route4me updates the real-time location of the truck driver that can help you provide your customers with a quality customer experience.

  • Unlimited route planning
  • Quick GPS connect
  • Excellent route optimization
  • You can’t delete stops

Reduce Your HGV Delivery Costs by Up to 20%

Create the shortest and most efficient HGV routes in a matter of minutes. Reduce your drivers’ time on the road and bring down your fuel costs drastically.

5. WorkWave

A professional truck route planning software that saves time for the delivery drivers and helps you make more money with enhanced truck deliveries.


WorkWave offers premium features to optimize your workflow and increase business efficiency. A quality truck route optimization software can automate the scheduling process and show you the shortest delivery paths, ideal for HGV deliveries.

You can save time, effort, and operational costs. It offers time window planning, API, driver app, order management integration, route planning, optimization, and calendar-based scheduling.

  • User-friendly access
  • Shows ETAs
  • Great technical support
  • Has consistent glitches

Now that you understand the nitty-gritty details about the top HGV route planners in the industry, it’s time you choose one for your delivery business.

Upper Route Planner Stands Out

Providing a combination of quality HGV route planning features with reasonable pricing, Upper’s routing and scheduling software stands out from the others on the list.

The software has an intuitive interface that can enable you and your employees to access the features and fulfill your desired results quickly.

You can increase the efficiency of your truck drivers and boost your overall business productivity.

Avail the 7 days FREE trial version of the software and decide based on your business requirements, budget, and future goals.

Choose Upper for Cost-effective HGV Routes

Now planning and optimizing routes is a matter of seconds using the Upper Route Planner. Create a route plan including stops up to 500, optimize routes and dispatch your drivers with just a few clicks.


A professional HGV route planner is software that can assist you in creating optimized routes for your truck drivers for smooth deliveries. The HGV route planner can perform complex processing using a powerful algorithm to deliver the shortest routes for heavy long-distance deliveries. The path is calculated considering the refueling from the gas station, driver breaks, and vehicle checks.

The HGV route planner is vital for your delivery business to ensure that you can streamline the complexities of heavy long-distance deliveries. You can increase the efficiency of your on-ground fleet and create a smooth communication channel between your management and truck drivers. You can help the driver to bypass different difficulties during the delivery process and boost business productivity.

A route planning software is important for managing your HGV fleet to match the rising demand of the industry and the customers and to stand out from the competitors. You can remove the inefficiencies from your delivery management process and minimize human errors. Scale your delivery business to new heights with the integration of professional software that can automate your delivery job scheduling and dispatching process.

Integrate a Professional HGV Route Planner 

Researching and choosing a professional HGV route planner is an important but overwhelming task that requires time and effort.

But our team has simplified the process and filtered the best software for your truck delivery operations.

You won’t find a better HGV route optimization software than Upper Route Planner.

So, make a wise decision and access the now to experience the best HGV route planner.

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