13 Best Truck Routing Software to Try in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Efficient route planning is fundamental for logistics businesses to overcome challenges such as high fuel costs, long delivery times, and lower profits.
  • The best truck routing software offers optimized routes, real-time tracking, accurate delivery estimates, and increased driver efficiency.
  • Investing in the right truck routing software can be a distinct advantage for businesses, upgrading logistics efficiency and acquiring an upper hand.

In the logistics industry, efficient route planning is crucial. Yet trucking businesses that lack advanced routing tools face challenges such as high fuel costs, long delivery times, unhappy customers, lower profits, and more.

Do these challenges resonate with you?

Then it’s time to explore the best truck routing software of 2024. These commercial truck routing software solutions eliminate the guesswork of route planning and offer:

  • Optimized routes for cost and time savings
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring  
  • Accurate delivery estimates for better customer experience
  • Increased driver productivity and efficiency

Thus, investing in the right truck routing software can be a game-changer, helping overcome logistics challenges and gain a competitive edge. Therefore, to ensure you make the best choice, we’ve curated a list of software by conducting extensive market research, analyzing expert reviews, and assessing scalability. 

Our thorough evaluation ensures top-performing software tailored to your needs. So get ready to explore the leading truck route planners that enhance delivery efficiency and profitability.

1. Upper

Best Truck Routing Software

Free trial: 7 days

Cost: $80/month

Supported platforms: Web, Android, and iOS

Upper - best truck routing software

Upper stands out as a comprehensive truck routing software solution, empowering both individuals and delivery businesses to optimize their logistics operations with ease.

With its advanced route planning algorithms, real-time tracking capabilities, and user-friendly interface, Upper:

  • streamlines route management
  • enhances driver productivity
  • ensures timely and cost-efficient deliveries

Trusted by industry leaders, Upper’s robust features and proven reliability make it the top choice for businesses seeking reliable truck mapping software.

Key features

  • Automated Route Planning: The automated route planning capabilities of Upper create unlimited multi-stop routes tailored to specific needs, using advanced algorithms and data for efficient routes in seconds, ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Route Optimization: This feature optimizes routes based on customer preference, minimizing travel time and distance for maximum efficiency and catering to logistics operations’ unique demands.
  • One-click Dispatch: Upper simplifies dispatching routes to drivers with a single click via email, text message, or the driver’s mobile app, streamlining communication and minimizing delays.
  • Customer Notifications: Upper’s automated customer notification system provides updates on arrival times and delivery statuses, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.
  • Proof of Delivery: This feature eliminates paperwork and disputes by capturing in-app signatures, delivery photos, and notes, ensuring an accountable delivery process.
  • Reports and Analytics: It allows us to get valuable insights into the delivery operations, enabling the identification of improvement areas, monitoring KPIs, and making data-driven decisions to optimize performance and drive growth.

Additional features:

  • Upper allows you to verify incorrect & duplicate addresses before optimization
  • Schedule optimized routes in advance and dispatch them to drivers
  • Swap routes between truck drivers in case of emergencies and make last-minute changes on the fly
  • Drag & drop any stop and update your timeline automatically
  • Choose between left or right curbside delivery to avoid taking unnecessary turns, saving delivery time and fuel
  • Integrate Upper with other business platforms with our API integration

Master Efficient Truck Routing with Upper Today!

Transform your logistic operations and take control of your fleet’s efficiency with Upper’s advanced truck routing software.

2. Route XL

Best For Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Free trial: Free (up to 20 addresses)

Cost:  $35/month

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS

RouteXL is recognized for its basic route planning capabilities, especially with its free version. However, the features of the free version do not fulfill the requirements for commercial fleets. 

Its capabilities are limited to small businesses as it lacks advanced features such as proof of delivery and real-time driver or vehicle tracking.

RouteXL (trucking software) also provides alternative packages that are better suited for heavier workloads.

Key features

  • Cost-Effective Solution: RouteXL’s free version best suits businesses with moderate budgets, offering basic route planning capabilities.
  • Multi-Stop Route Optimization: RouteXL simplifies delivery management with multiple routes, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency across multiple delivery locations.
  • Route Customization: The software offers customizable route options, allowing businesses to tailor routes according to specific needs and preferences.
  • Dispatchers have many route-sharing options available, including exporting routes to navigation devices
  • Easy modification with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Save created routes for future use, eliminating the need for repetitive route creation
  • The map color scheme lacks contrast, making navigation and route planning confusing
  • No dedicated driver app, limiting features like live tracking and POD
  • New users may require significant time to adapt to the interface layout and configuration

3. Sygic

Best For Offline Routing

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: $19.99/month

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

Sygic is an excellent choice for businesses that deliver to remote areas with limited network coverage. It saves on roaming charges. 

This truck routing app is popular among 200 million drivers worldwide, with its core strengths being quick route optimization and real-time consultation.

It offers features such as high-resolution 3-D offline maps, speed camera alerts, and live traffic updates. Additionally, Sygic Maps’ database allows us to search for the destination from a satellite view

Key features

  • Sustainable Route Planning: Sygic allows the planning of eco-friendly and cost-effective routes by considering emission zones, fuel consumption, and real-time traffic conditions.
  • Advanced safety features: This app’s speed limit alerts, dynamic lane support, head-up display (HUD) projects, sign recognition, and dashcam cords ensure a secure trip.
  • Hands-free navigation: It enables drivers to connect their phones to the car’s built-in display to avoid distractions.
  • Live fuel and parking prices: This feature shows live fuel and parking prices in your vicinity to help you find the most affordable fuel stations or parking areas.
  • Offline navigation ensures usability in areas with poor connectivity
  • High-quality 3D maps
  • Regular map updates to avoid outdated maps
  • Premium customer support
  • Premium features may require a relatively high subscription cost
  • No cycling or public transit guidance
  • No unwanted ads in search results

4. Paragon Routing

Best For Superior Customer Satisfaction

Free trial: No

Cost: Custom pricing

Supported platforms: Web

Paragon is a routing and scheduling software ideal for customer-centric delivery businesses, especially those with smaller fleets.

This app is designed meticulously to support route scheduling strategies proven to overcome transportation challenges.

Paragon Routing emerges as a compelling solution for businesses seeking to elevate their delivery operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive operational excellence. 

Key features

  • Smart Route Planning and Scheduling: Paragon’s intelligent route optimization algorithms create cost-effective routes tailored to your specific needs, maximizing resource efficiency.
  • Live Route Planning: Paragon Routing’s live route planning system stands apart. It uses real-time road data to dynamically optimize routes, guaranteeing agility and responsiveness to changing circumstances.
  • The speed of Paragon Routing significantly enhances user experience
  • The flexibility and reputation of this software make it a trusted choice, leading to customer satisfaction
  • The easy-to-use interface facilitates quick adaptation for new users
  • Users have reported performance issues, including slowdowns
  • The relatively high pricing may limit accessibility for some businesses
  • Some users have suggested that the software’s functionality can be improved

5. TrackoBit

Best For Large Trucking Businesses

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: Custom pricing 

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS

TrackoBit is a commercial truck routing software with advanced capabilities. It simplifies multi-stop route planning, ensuring efficient and controlled operations.

It also offers comprehensive fleet management tools, including fuel management, driver behavior monitoring, and live tracking

The software empowers trucking businesses to maintain control over their fleet operations, ensuring optimal performance.

Key features

  • Dedicated Driver App: TrackoBit includes a driver app for easy trip tracking and updates, along with DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) capabilities to keep drivers focused.
  • Comprehensive Fleet Solutions: TrackoBit is flexible truck mapping software for fleets of any size. Plus, their expertise in telematics shows in their full fleet management solutions, including geospatial analysis and video telematics.
  • Real-time Supervision: Managers access trip data directly, removing the need for manual driver updates. This real-time visibility enables data-driven decisions and proactive fleet management.
  • Real-time tracking and comprehensive monitoring for efficient operations
  • Customizable alerts enhance security and efficiency for better management
  • Detailed reporting and analytics tools enable informed decision-making
  • A complex interface may require extensive training
  • Expensive subscription plans may not be affordable for all businesses
  • Limited customer support affects overall user experience negatively

6. Samsara

Best For Large Enterprises

Free trial: 30 days

Cost: Custom pricing

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Samsara, an all-in-one platform for fleet management, is designed for enterprise businesses across various industries.

It provides a range of solutions, including advanced dashcams and vehicle tracking hardware for safety and route compliance. What sets Samsara apart is its tailored truck GPS tracking systems for trucking companies or commercial fleets.

This software offers more than just optimized routes, leading to streamlined operations and reduced fleet operating costs.

Key features

  • Comprehensive Fleet Management Ecosystem: Samsara excels in offering end-to-end fleet management for trucks, utilizing its integrated hardware and software solutions.
  • Advanced Workflow and Reporting: The advanced workflow and reporting systems gather crucial data from hardware, transforming it into actionable insights for strategic fleet management.
  • Advanced functionality is accessible at a competitive price point
  • Extensive support for different tasks and operations
  • Responsive client support
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Users have experienced occasional temporary slowdowns
  • Many have even encountered bugs or glitches

7. PC*miler

Best For the Transportation Industry

Free trial: 15 days

Cost: $84.99/month

Supported platforms: Web

PC*miler is a specialized fleet management solution for transportation businesses. It focuses on efficient route planning and optimization, especially for trucks. 

Their advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) boast a detailed street-level digital map of North America. PC*miler‘s web app also supports global routing operations.

This makes it perfect for fleets managing larger trucks, with extensive information on truck restrictions on the market.

Key features

  • Dimension-Based Routing:  It enables customizing routes based on vehicle dimensions, guaranteeing efficient navigation around restrictions.
  • Live Driver Tracking: PC*miler offers real-time monitoring of driver locations for streamlined fleet management and better responsiveness.
  • Fuel Cost Calculations: Estimates fuel expenses using consumption data and current prices for optimized route planning and reduced fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Hardware Integrations: Seamlessly connects with onboard systems and telematics devices for enhanced data accuracy and communication.
  • Detailed Reports: Generates comprehensive analytics for route efficiency, driver performance, fuel utilization, and operational insights.
  • Precise route planning facilitated by a complete truck restriction database
  • MileOn app empowers seamless route planning for drivers using PC*Miler’s robust systems
  • Integrations with popular business applications like Microsoft Excel streamline routing processes
  • The costs might rise with various clients and add-ons
  • Lack of transparency regarding the utilization of collected user data
  • PC*Miler may be considered relatively basic compared to competing routing software

8. Workwave Route Manager

Best For Delivery Businesses

Free trial: 4 days

Cost: Custom pricing 

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS

WorkWave Route Manager stands out as a trusted truck routing planning software, helping companies optimize their delivery operations.

Its features extend beyond route management, encompassing hardware ELD solutions for regulatory compliance. Although it caters to field sales professionals, its primary focus revolves around industries like pest control and lawn care.

With a strong emphasis on compliance, it’s an ideal choice for fleet businesses and has robust fleet performance tracking capabilities.

Key features

  • ELD Solutions: Guarantee compliance with electronic logging device guidelines for accurate and streamlined driver tracking and reporting.
  • Time Windows: Specify time constraints for stops or appointments, guaranteeing timely arrivals and customer satisfaction.
  • GPS Tracking: Monitor vehicle locations in real-time, empowering effective fleet management and route adjustments as needed.
  • SMS Customer Notifications: Keep clients informed with automated delivery notifications via SMS regarding service appointments or delivery updates.
  • Time window planning caters to customers with specific time windows
  • Optional add-ons support hard-wired GPS and ELDs, aiding in ELD regulation compliance
  • Excellent customer service and quick adoption of new technologies
  • WorkWave’s route manager is relatively expensive
  • Features like customer notifications, GPS tracking, and barcode scanners are not in the basic plan
  • The lack of a dashboard hinders the ability to assess overall driving behavior

9. TruckRouter

Best For Long Haul Trucking

Free trial: No

Cost: N/A

Supported platforms: Web

TruckRouter is a fleet routing software solution within North America. It offers tailored route planning for long-distance truck drivers, optimizing for truck-specific factors.

This app is perfect for single truck drivers. It offers route optimization and cost calculation features, and its user-friendly design ensures ease of use for drivers of all levels of expertise.

Key features

  • Truck Stops and Facilities: Enhances route planning by listing truck stops and facilities, aiding in logistics and driver convenience.
  • Estimated Trip Costs: Facilitates cost management with precise calculations for fuel expenses and toll roads, optimizing financial planning for trips.
  • Printing Itineraries: Simplifies navigation with easy-to-print itineraries and detailed directions, ensuring accessibility and convenience for drivers.
  • It offers the feature of downloading trip reports in XML format
  • This software collects toll costs and toll road information
  • TruckRouter is a desktop-based fleet-routing software solution and does not offer a mobile app

10. SmartRoutes

Best For Delivery Management Businesses

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: $49/month

Supported platforms: Web

SmartRoutes is an advanced truck route planning software intended for effective route management. With this software, planning routes is easy, and drivers get quick updates on their smartphones. 

It consolidates route planning, POD capture, real-time alerts, and truck tracking, streamlining delivery operations. 

SmartRoutes offers detailed insights into estimated time of arrival (ETA), time of arrival, and delivery costs for enhanced efficiency.

Key features

  • Driver App: Empowers drivers with optimized routes and proof of delivery capture, encouraging seamless communication with managers for streamlined coordination.
  • Data-driven Approach: Enables delivery teams to embrace a data-driven approach with end-of-day reports, facilitating performance measurement and continuous improvement month after month.
  • Enhances operational efficiency with streamlined delivery routes
  • Facilitates seamless communication between drivers and managers
  • Provides valuable data-driven insights through end-of-day reports
  • Initial learning curve due to extensive features and potential complexity
  • Limited customization may hinder adaptability to specific business needs and preferences

11. MileMaker by Rand McNally

Best For Shipping Companies

Free trial: 30 days

Cost: $99/month

Supported platforms: Web

MileMaker, powered by Rand McNally, a veteran of traditional paper route planning, has embraced advancement by offering robust online mapping tools. 

With its easy-to-understand interface, you can plan the most efficient route for your driver, considering traffic, load particulars, and travel distances.

Ideal for truck fleet dispatchers, MileMaker focuses on driver well-being by avoiding routes with weight or height restrictions.

Furthermore, its traffic-enabled routing feature ensures precise times of arrival, elevating the overall client experience.

Key features

  • Load Planning: This lets you plan your load based on your vehicles’ specifications and send them on routes that maximize their payload capacity utilization.
  • Route Saving: This helps save your favorite stops, vehicle profiles, and optimal routes for your recurring trips.
  • ITFA Compliance: Ensures compliance with International Tax Freedom Agreement regulations through regular state mileage reports.
  • User-friendly web-mapping interface
  • Detailed fuel usage insights to improve mileage
  • Enhanced door-to-door driving directions and batch routing
  • There is no mobile app
  • Lack of routing for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Reported poor customer service response

12. Logistia Route Planner

Best For Delivery Management

Free trial: 7 days

Cost: $55/month

Supported platforms: Web

Logistia is a simple yet powerful route planner designed for efficient truck routes. It prioritizes optimizing routes based on vehicle capacity and delivery areas. 

With the ability to edit and plan routes on the go, this route optimization software offers flexibility in case of emergencies. Additionally, both dispatchers and customers receive live tracking links for real-time driver location updates. 

Additionally, the robust reporting features provide insights into route efficiency and driver performance for continuous growth. 

Key features

  • Accurate ETAs: Logistia Route Planner ensures precise estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) for efficient scheduling and customer satisfaction.
  • Adjust Routes: Flexibility to adapt routes in real-time, optimizing delivery efficiency and accommodating unforeseen circumstances for seamless execution.
  • Seamless Execution: Streamlined processes from planning to delivery foster the smooth execution of logistics operations for enhanced productivity and customer service.
  • Live tracking reassures customers and dispatchers about delivery progress
  • Easy integration with existing eCommerce platforms
  • Map occasionally fails to display during app use, hindering operations
  • Bugs and map-loading issues confuse and lengthen the learning curve

13. FleetUp

Best For Asset & Fleet Management

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: Custom pricing

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS

FleetUp is an all-in-one platform for fleet management, providing visibility into vehicles, drivers, and equipment. 

It centralizes communication through a mobile app and simplifies administrative tasks like time tracking and job assignment. 

FleetUp offers real-time diagnostics and GPS tracking and identifies high-risk drivers to enhance safety and efficiency, ensuring optimal fleet operations and customer satisfaction.

Key features

  • Simplifies Route Planning: FleetUp streamlines route planning processes, optimizing efficiency and ensuring timely deliveries through intuitive route optimization algorithms.
  • Drag-n-Drop Your Location Data: Enhances the user experience by allowing seamless integration of location data, enabling quick and easy customization of routes.
  • User-friendly software streamlines onboarding and integration for teams
  • Responsive customer service
  • FleetUp facilitates daily vehicle inspections
  • Rural connectivity limitations may render fleet operations unreliable
  • FleetUp’s pricing may be higher than competitors’

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most truck routing software does give you the option to select your vehicle type, providing the software with a rough estimate of its size and capacity. The route will then be optimized to follow paths with enough clearance for your vehicle while accommodating all the delivery stops.

No. Usually, truck routing software will be built to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible to allow for easy onboarding. To ensure that users are informed, many routing systems will have dedicated support teams or guides to help you navigate through the software.

Apart from streamlining the route optimization process to make operations more efficient and reduce delivery or operating costs, routing software does come with additional benefits. Such benefits include improving delivery times and customer satisfaction with timely deliveries.

Ideally, good truck route optimization software must-have features such as the ability to collect proof of delivery, live driver tracking, customer notifications, delivery data reports, and easy dispatching options to make performing services and deliveries easier.

Although Google Maps is a popular navigation tool, there may be better choices for truck routing, particularly for commercial trucking. It lacks certain crucial features for truck drivers; hence, it is recommended to use dedicated route optimization software like Upper.

Redefine Logistics and Embrace Truck Route Efficiency

Truck routing software offers significant advantages over manually planning routes. These advanced solutions automate route planning, saving you valuable time and reducing fuel costs through efficient route optimization. Additionally, investing in the right routing software can boost competitiveness by streamlining operations and improving driver productivity.

Finding the best route planning software for your fleet can be challenging, with numerous options available. However, Upper stands out as a premier route planning and optimization software packed with features to streamline your operations. Try Upper’s and witness how this software can elevate your business’s logistics.

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