FedEx Driver Salary Across All States – Learn What FedEx Pays its Drivers

In the modern world where desk jobs are more sought after, than labor jobs, it is very rare to see someone looking to get hired as a driver. This is indeed a respectable way to make a living and one that is more common when compared to other labor-intensive jobs.

FedEx is one of the largest giants in the transportation industry and has a lot of applicants each year. While most people would blindly apply to any of their open positions, some choose to first see what the average FedEx driver’s salary is in their state.

Almost every state in the country has job openings for FedEx delivery drivers. This is due to the sheer amount of packages delivered by FedEx on a daily basis. In 2022 on average FedEx Delivers 6 million packages every day. Seeing this it is no wonder why there are so many jobs.

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FedEx Driver Salary Across All States

Most FedEx drivers earn in a range anywhere between $16-$24 per hour depending on their locations. the average annual pay for a FedEx Ground truck driver in the United States is $65,107 per year.

Depending on your state you could be paid a lot more than your peers. The compensation is different in every state, as described below.

Here is the list of FedEx delivery driver salaries in each state:

State Average Yearly Salary Average Hourly Wages
Maryland $47,000 $22.59
Nebraska $36,000 $17.30
Washington $49,000 $23.55
Virginia $43,000 $20.67
New York $40,000 $19.23
Delaware $41,000 $19.71
New Hampshire $50,000 $24.03
Oklahoma $33,000 $15.86
California $40,000 $19.23
Massachusetts $39,000 $18.75
Vermont $51,000 $24.51
Hawaii $40,000 $19.23
Wyoming $35,000 $16.82
Idaho $39,000 $18.75
Connecticut $40,000 $19.23
Maine $36,000 $17.30
West Virginia $39,000 $18.75
Rhode Island $37,000 $17.78
Texas $41,000 $19.71
Alaska $40,000 $19.23
Pennsylvania $39,000 $18.75
New Jersey $40,000 $19.23
Montana $38,000 $18.26
Nevada $40,000 $19.23
North Dakota $44,000 $21.15
Arizona $43,000 $20.67
Indiana $45,000 $21.63
Minnesota $50,000 $24.03
Tennessee $40,000 $19.23
Wisconsin $42,000 $20.19
South Dakota $54,000 $25.96
Ohio $43,000 $20.67
Oregon $43,000 $20.67
Utah $42,000 $20.19
Georgia $44,000 $21.15
Louisiana $40,500 $19.47
South Carolina $44,000 $21.15
Colorado $40,000 $19.23
Kansas $42,000 $20.19
Alabama $42,000 $20.19
Iowa $35,000 $16.82
New Mexico $36,000 $17.30
Florida $43,000 $20.67
Kentucky $44,000 $21.15
Arkansas $34,000 $16.34
Michigan $38,000 $18.26
Mississippi $36,000 $17.30
Illinois $37,000 $17.78
Missouri $40,000 $19.23
North Carolina $37,000 $17.78

Responsibilities of a FedEx Driver

Before you start looking at how you can be a driver for FedEx, It is important to understand what you are getting yourself into. Your responsibilities will primarily depend on your designated position as it will decide what your job roles will be.

Responsibilities of a FedEx Driver

Depending on your position you might also be required to work with different equipment. Though most people applying as a driver do so mostly for FedEx ground services. The FedEx ground division is quite simple and carries the same responsibilities as other residential delivery jobs.

These responsibilities include driving safely, loading and unloading cargo, delivering cargo before deadlines, and more. Since these responsibilities are the same across states, you only need to fit the requirements to get hired at any of these delivery companies.

Benefits and Downsides of Being a FedEx Delivery Driver

Because the job of a FedEx driver is quite average, many applicants wonder if they should be applying to any other companies. It always helps to see what kind of benefits each employer offers other than paid time so that you can see which one suits you the best.

When asked about their experience working at FedEx, many employees had mixed feelings. Some said that FedEx provides great employee benefits such as personal leaves and saving plans, while others said that they need to improve their benefits to match their competitors.

Either way, one thing is for sure. You will have to work hard to keep your job at your desired pay level regardless of the company. This is because delivery companies decide your salary depending on how efficient you are. 

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Whenever one looks at the salaries of FedEx Drivers and UPS drivers, they are quick to point out the difference in pay. Well, that difference is because UPS drivers are required to use their own vehicle and fuel for delivering packages to customers, leading to higher employee costs.

3-4 Weeks. The hiring process of FedEx is simple yet time-consuming. This is mainly due to the background checks that are put in place to weed out those that may be unfit for the role. Though there are also processes before the background checks that take a lot of time such as interviews.

There is no fixed number of miles that UPS drivers drive in a day. It greatly depends on the delivery requirements of that particular day. But as for an approximation, UPS drivers average about 125 miles daily and typically deliver 225 or more packages.

Getting hired by FedEx is not hard at all as it is quite easy to find open positions all the time. Their hiring process is made so that those fit for the job get it regardless of their background. This is why so many people choose to search companies like FedEx for open jobs.

While FedEx does post job openings on their site, you could also visit job sites such as indeed where you might see local warehouses looking for employees. The number of FedEx jobs will remain abundant for the foreseeable future.

Final Notes

FedEx is a global shipping giant that is always posting new job openings for the taking every single week. This creates ripe opportunities for those that want to work in a position where their work is simple and the work environment is professional.

Applying to such jobs is very easy though landing the job can prove to be a challenge, as you will have to live up to the expectations set for you. This might even mean that you will have to spend extra time at work to achieve your targets.

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