4 Best Insurance For Delivery Drivers You Can Avail in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • To secure proper coverage, delivery drivers should think about getting commercial auto insurance.
  • When delivery drivers finish safety training courses, insurance companies frequently give them discounts.
  • Drivers should confirm that all facets of their employment, including loading and unloading goods, are covered by their insurance coverage.
  • Regularly evaluating and revising insurance coverage is crucial.

The last-mile delivery market is expected to reach $91.5 billion by 2030. There will be an increase of 78% in last-mile deliveries in the urban sector globally.

With the rise in demand and expectations, businesses focus on providing a quality customer experience by minimizing the ETA of deliveries. 

The quicker the deliveries, the better the experience. But to match the expectations, the delivery drivers have to risk their lives to complete the delivery in the promised time frame. 

It’s the moral duty for businesses to provide quality delivery driver insurance coverage for their on-ground workforce to protect the drivers. 

We have selected the best insurance for delivery drivers to help you filter out one for your delivery team and ensure they can work, putting their heart and soul into your delivery operations.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Best Delivery Driver Insurance

Multiple delivery driver insurance options exist in the industry, but we have filtered only four top options for you.


It offers a flexible delivery driver insurance option to delivery drivers in most states and provides a quality customer experience and satisfaction.

The different insurance coverage options are highly lucrative, making it the top-rated carrier in the industry. It’s ranked the highest in customer satisfaction and claim handling.

If you have a USAA personal auto insurance policy, it can easily help you get rideshare insurance through USAA. The coverage can be helpful for any delivery like delivering food, medication, eCommerce retail items, etc.

You can also get commercial auto insurance and cover your vehicle under collision coverage, car accident, and other insurance claims.

You can request a free quote by contacting the representatives who can guide you through the different policies. You can file a claim using the online portal or the mobile application. 

It has a wide range of USAA’s auto body shop repairs that can handle guaranteed vehicle repairs.

  • Quality customer service
  • Smooth online customer portal
  • Guaranteed vehicle repair in the USAA’s network of auto repair shops
  • Offers great commercial auto insurance policy
  • Need to have a personal USAA auto policy for delivery driver coverage
  • Not primarily focused on delivery service

2. Erie

Businesses can get delivery insurance using Erie insurance by adding ‘business use’ to their personal auto policy, allowing them to use the vehicle for multiple business purposes.

You can get food delivery insurance and estimated delivery driver insurance costs to ensure that your workforce comes under the policy covers.

The food delivery driver or other delivery drivers can use the vehicle to complete the task while insured by Erie Insurance. It’s a great option for small or medium-scale business owners who use personal vehicles in the delivery process.

Being one of the best car insurance companies, it also offers personal auto insurance policies that can cover your car accidents and other damages.

It doesn’t advertise the potential cost of the insurance, but it’s affordable. You can get a free quote by contacting the representatives who can guide you through different delivery driver policies. 

But you need to work with an insurance agent to make the final auto insurance coverage purchase. It doesn’t provide nationwide coverage and is limited to a few states in the United States. Some delivery driver coverage states are North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington.

  • Different personal car insurance coverage
  • Covers all types of car insurance for delivery
  • Great options for people who can work with in-person agents
  • Offers great commercial car insurance policy
  • Not available in every state
  • Can’t get a quote online

3. Progressive

Progressive insurance covers delivery drivers who use their vehicles for different delivery companies. It’s focused on the food delivery segment and can provide excellent options to cover  delivery driver insurance cost.

It offers free online quotes once you get in touch with the representatives. The claim filing can be simple as you can use the online portal and the mobile application. You need to upload a few documents, and the executives will process the claim after completing the background check.

The insurance companies operate in 34+ states in the United States and don’t provide nationwide insurance coverage. The response team can provide quick on-road assistance and help you with auto repair.

You can cover your workforce under liability insurance and provide them a hefty liability coverage. You can also choose the company to ensure your personal vehicle and choose one of the best personal car insurance policies offered.

  • The claim filing is quick and transparent
  • Quality roadside assistance and add-on coverages
  • Great for food delivery drivers
  • Delivery driver car insurance policies can be expensive

4. Allstate

A premium auto insurance company, Allstate offers most of its personal car insurance policy endorsements in the delivery driver insurance policy segment, including rental car reimbursements and accident forgiveness.

It offers a special car insurance policy to strengthen your commercial insurance compared to most insurance companies.

You need to contact an agent in your area to purchase the policy or ask for a quote. The insurance providers have a wider spread network, and their wide range of insurance policy options can cover your delivery driver insurance requirements.

They offer a great option on auto insurance that can help your company vehicle get great roadside assistance.

  • Deductible gap coverage
  • Available in most states
  • Quality customer support
  • No option of purchasing a policy online
  • Not cover all types of delivery drivers

Now that you know the top insurance companies to pick for your business, you should also focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery business management.

With the rising complexities, you need quality tools and technology for the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

A delivery route planner is the best software you can integrate into your business ecosystem to optimize your delivery workflow and help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

What is Delivery Driver Insurance?

A delivery driver’s insurance coverage protects the policyholders on the active route and performing a delivery task. If some mishap or injury happens to the delivery drivers, they have insurance to help them bypass the medical expenses and other additional costs.

It helps to ensure the drivers can work without worrying about financial assistance if something goes wrong during working hours. The insurance company can pay for the damage and injuries and help the business, and the delivery driver can avoid paying from their pockets.

Steps for Choosing the Best Delivery Driver Insurance

  • Research

    You need to choose the best and most effective delivery driver insurance for your workforce to ensure they don’t face future troubles because of a mediocre insurance cover. You can include auto, delivery driver, or comprehensive coverage to cover your vehicles and delivery employees.

    If you don’t have vehicles in your delivery business ecosystem, you can ask your delivery drivers to get insurance for their vehicles. You can provide the delivery driver insurance cover.

    Filter the best insurance providers by looking at their customer reviews, pricing, and other factors, and make a list of the top 3 to 5 companies for better analysis.

  • Comparing delivery insurance

    Once the list is prepared, you need to compare all the listed delivery insurance because not all of them will be equal in different metrics.

    Here are a few metrics to compare with your delivery driver’s insurance:

    1. Price

    You need to choose the most cost-effective delivery driver insurance cover from your list. Some insurance carriers will charge a higher premium than others, and you need to finalize one based on the quotes provided by different companies.

    Compare the quotes and choose the cover with the lowest premium and great benefits.

    2. Coverage limits

    Different insurance companies offer different amounts of coverage. You must finalize one based on the coverage limit and ensure you pay serious attention to this metric while comparing.

    3. Industry

    Some insurance providers have different limits for the industries that qualify for their coverage. You must ensure that your selected insurance companies cover your delivery business industry and are willing to cover your delivery workforce and business vehicles.

    4. Availability

    A few of the insurance companies don’t provide nationwide coverage. You need to avoid associating with such restricted insurance providers because, being in a delivery business, you don’t know when you’ll expand your business and go out of the insurance area limits.

    Contact the insurance providers willing to provide nationwide coverage to remove the hiccups of area limitations. It can help you assign different delivery tasks to your workforce without worrying about the limitations.

  • Signing up for delivery driver insurance

    If you want to purchase a quality delivery driver’s insurance cover, it will be more complex than purchasing a regular car insurance policy. Some providers want you to contact the agents to request a quote and purchase a policy.

    Also, you need to purchase the current auto insurance policy and delivery driver’s insurance from the same providers. You can’t do a split and purchase one from Allstate and the other from State Farm.

    Once you are satisfied with the rules and have compared the listed policies on different metrics, you can purchase your delivery driver insurance.  You can contact the agent or access the online portal to make future changes to your purchasing portal.

    Multiple providers provide mobile app access where you can file the claim, upload documents, and get roadside assistance within a few clicks.

These factors can help you make a well-informed delivery insurance purchase decision that can improve your work ecosystem and ensure that your drivers have the right protection when they hit the roads for your work.

Importance of a Delivery Route Planner For a Delivery Business

A delivery route planner and optimization software can automate your delivery operation’s manual management and processing.

It can integrate automation into your workflow to remove the redundant, inefficient aspects that may arise from human errors. 

A route planning software can analyze the real-time traffic and weather situation to deliver your optimized and shortest routes to help your delivery drivers increase efficiency.

It can help you handle more delivery orders in your daily process and remove the complexities around your delivery business.

But out of hundreds of software in the industry, you need to choose the best for your business.


It depends on the delivery business requirements, scale, and the industry in which it operates. There are multiple insurance company options in the industry, with USAA, Allstate, Progressive, and Erie leading the list. You can choose a commercial insurance policy for your business use coverage and ensure your delivery services, delivery vehicle, and different business sectors using different companies available in the insurance industry.

Delivery driver insurance enables the business and the delivery driver to remain safe from the financial end if something unfortunate happens to the vehicle or the driver during the delivery process. Once the claim is filed, and the background check is complete, the insurance company handles the required auto repair or the medical check.

Yes, it’s a great option because there’s a lot of opportunity in the industry, and the demand is rising daily.

You can use powerful route planning software that can help you guide you through the safest and shortest delivery route path to avoid mishaps. A quality delivery driver’s insurance can also help the driver remain safe if something unfortunate happens.

Upper Route Planner Can Simplify your Delivery Management Problems

Upper Route Planner is the top-notch delivery route planning and optimization software that can help you streamline your delivery process and increase the efficiency of your delivery workforce.

It can provide tailored and shortest delivery paths to help your drivers avoid longer routes with traffic congestion and any mishaps.

Upper Route Planner can handle multiple delivery orders efficiently and provide routes for multiple delivery locations within a few clicks.

The software can help you optimize your delivery operations management by 95%, and it can increase the productivity of your workforce by 40%. You can upload up to 500 delivery addresses from an Excel file in a few clicks.

You can generate well-vetted detailed performance reports of your business and workforce to work on the area of improvement and optimize your delivery business.

Upper Route Planner can help create a solid communication channel between your management and the on-ground workforce. The tool offers you centralized control over the operations to help you minimize errors, solve problems, and boost your business productivity.

Access the to transform your delivery operations and scale your business to new heights.

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