Best Route Optimization Software

Are you tired of spending hours planning routes for your drivers?

Being an admin or dispatch manager, optimizing routes is the most important to ensure that your drivers take the efficient route to reach their destinations. It will not only save time but also save your money by reducing fuel costs.

Fortunately, there are now several route optimization software options available in the market. However, you need to choose the route optimization solution that helps you optimize routes efficiently, improve team productivity & customer experience, avoid unnecessary delays, and make last-minute changes.

Herein we will be discussing the 20 best route optimization software options to choose from. From Upper to other options like Route4Me, Circuit, and OptimoRoute, we’ll be highlighting their key features, pros, and cons to help you select one.

Keep reading to find out which routing software is the best for your business.

20 Best Route Optimization Software for 2023

1. Upper

Best Multi-Stop Route Planning & Optimization Software

Starting Price

up to 3 users

Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Live driver tracking, Proof of delivery, Prioritize urgent deliveries/pickups

About Upper

Upper is a route planning and optimization software that allows you to plan and optimize routes in just a few simple steps. Whether you are running a delivery business or logistics company or any service business, it must be chaotic for you to plan routes manually, right? So, it would be best for you to try Upper routing software.

With Upper, you can seamlessly perform operations like route planning, scheduling, optimization of routes, proof of delivery, and customer notification. With Upper, you can smoothly plan and schedule deliveries, pickups, and jobs to accomplish.


  • Simply import CSV or Excel to add hundreds of stops at a time
  • Plan and optimize routes based on time or distance as per your preference
  • Assign service time and time window to help driver deliver on-time
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries and delight your customers
  • Schedule optimized routes in advance and dispatch them to drivers
  • Drivers can collect proof of delivery with photos, notes, and e-signatures
  • Send automated and customizable customer notifications through Email or text
  • Keep your customers informed about delivery status and ETAs
  • Live driver location tracking feature to actively track the location and progress of your drivers
  • Allows you to make last-minute changes on the go
  • Plan and schedule pickup and delivery in a single route
  • Automatically identify incorrect and duplicate addresses
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers in a single click via Email, Text, or Driver App notification
  • Add unlimited contacts and create routes directly from the contact book
  • Swap routes between drivers in case of emergencies and make last-minute changes on the fly
  • With the reverse route feature, no need to re-plan the entire route again
  • Simply drag & drop any stop and update your timeline automatically
  • With the multi-selector tool, make quick modifications even after routes are optimized
  • Curbside delivery option to make pickups and deliveries smoother
  • Get highly detailed reports and analytics to improve business operations
  • Integrate Upper with any third-party platform or software, such as an eCommerce portal, CRM, and any other business platform
  • A dedicated driver app that allows drivers to check assigned routes, update delivery status, and collect proof of delivery
  • Support via Email, chat, and telephone

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!curver quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

2. Circuit

Route Optimization Software for Delivery Businesses

Starting Price

for 2 drivers

Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Automatic customer notifications, Multiple drivers & depots, delivery analytics

About Circuit

With many software options for route planning and optimizing, it is quite hard to find one that meets your business’s routing requirements. But Circuit is here to help you improve your daily routing operations like planning and optimization. It has two separate apps for solo drivers and dispatchers.

You can create perfect routes and invite drivers in less than 5 minutes. It takes a few minutes to import the data and optimize routes with multiple stops. Learn more about its advantages and disadvantages. Check out the top alternatives of Circuit.


  • The software provides a 14-day free trial to explore its top features and functionalities.
  • The software, Circuit, is well-known for its ease of use, scalability, and customization.
  • Circuit has real-time driver location tracking and accurate ETAs, so you know your drivers are ahead of schedule.
  • You will have a dedicated customer support team member to get instant answers to your questions.

Elayne. M

For this, we are very grateful and hope that we can use the software for as long as is required.


  • The users have to use their credit card to start a free trial, so many of the users prefer to avoid this.
  • The mapping feature of Circuit software should be automated so that users can save some more time.
  • The route planning app does glitch at times when trying to save route data, so it becomes quite difficult for users who are not tech-savvy.

Phillip C.

Its system tray app has an additional driver running that will restart all the services if you try to quit it to save resources. For this reason, I hate having Circuit on my machine.

3. Route4Me

Routing Software For Logistics Services

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Curbside delivery, Time window, Recurring routing

About Route4Me

With a 4.4/5 star rating under the transportation logistics software, Route4Me is here to solve your morning routing problems and chaos. With over 2M users since 2009, the software serves different businesses and helps them with planning, creating, and managing optimized routes.

Incorporating mapping and searching, Route4Me aims to deliver a user-friendly driver app and route optimization tools. With the help of third-party geocoding services, Route4Me aims to provide live GPS tracking for drivers at multiple locations. However, there are many Route4Me alternatives that you can check out.


  • Route4Me allows users to upload Excel & CSV files to import addresses. In just a click, import hundreds of addresses.
  • You can monitor routes through real-time mileage tracking and stay updated about each detail.
  • Route4Me is known for its easy-to-use mobile interface, making it simple for non-tech-savvy people to explore it.
  • The software helps drivers to upload media files to collect proof of deliverynd generally easy to follow directions. Id for both successful and unsuccessful deliveries.

Tim G.

The software is easy to implement on phones and generally easy to follow directions. Ideally, you need another app (google maps or Waze) to route accurately.


  • The main cons of this software is that it randomly locks users out of their accounts, so it is quite irritating for users.
  • The software demands extra work to get realistic routes, so it is time-consuming.
  • To add windows in the software, it will cost $79/per month extra to you.

Jarrod O.

After 1.5 years of subscribing, I suddenly lost access to my account while I was out on my route. I was told it was because my Google Play account email did not sync with the Route4Me email. Not only did I lose major productivity on that day, but I also spent over 6 hours trying to resolve the issue with Route4me and Google Play customer support. Neither of them has been the least bit helpful. I have canceled my account.

4. Routific

Small and medium-sized businesses to make deliveries/pickups

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Dispatch to the driver app, Live GPS tracking, Proof of delivery

About Routific

With the optimization feature, Routific helps medium-sized local delivery businesses to create efficient routes with single or multiple drivers and vehicles.

Routific’s built-in route optimization algorithm analyzes vehicle capacities, the driver shifts time, and turn-by-turn navigation, delivering the best possible optimized route. With Routific, you can track drivers in real-time, capture proof-of-delivery with photos, and keep your customers in the loop with SMS notifications. Also, it is recommended to check out routific alternatives.


  • Routific is known for its great 24/7 customer support that is responsive and supportive for all types of businesses
  • You will get clean clustered routes with live GPS tracking for easier progress management.
  • It is easy to schedule flexible driver breaks to account for downtime.
  • The software allows you to reassign stops between drivers instantly.

Adam S.

Really lovely people, great customer service. Good response times and always happy to help.


  • There is only email support available for customer communication, so users might have to wait long for a solution.
  • No live driver location tracking features are made available in the Lite driver app variant.
  • Routific is charging an additional cost of $19/month/vehicle for the SMS notification feature.

Verified G2 User.

No actual like-tracking of drivers’ real-time location. Only shows the last completed stop as the last known location.

5. OptimoRoute

Route Optimization Software for Mobile Workforce

Starting Price


Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Automated route planning, Real-time tracking, Analytics

About OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is renowned for streamlining route management and enhancing operational efficiency. This is fast in communicating with deliverables or failed deliveries. It works on low-cost phones with minimum data plans.

If you need to elevate your brand reputation, you will have to upgrade the plan and customize it to avail extra added features like thousands of orders, pickup and delivery options, multi-day long haul routes, technical consulting, and expert support. It is recommended to go through the OptimoRoute alternatives.


  • OptimoRoute has wonderful route monitoring abilities and allows you to get customer updates on the go.
  • One route can have more than 750 stops, allowing for longer routes with more drivers
  • It allows for any last-minute adjustments to your route plans that you may want to make.
  • The live driver tracking feature allows users to track the location and route progress of all their delivery drivers.

Geoff M.

Customer notifications and tracking are outstanding. Address memory is convenient, and the routing is great and very accurate.


  • Sometimes, the software provides inaccurate route optimization and estimated times of arrival to users.
  • It has limited customization options that may limit the scope of your routing operations.
  • It has an outdated mapping for driver tracking that makes it difficult to know their location.
  • OptimoRoute has been reported to have multiple glitches when planning and dispatching routes to drivers.

Francesco L.

The software regularly gives you optimized routes that go in circles rather than in a logical progression. Moreover, the estimated travel time between locations is significantly shorter on the app than the actual stated in the navigation app.

6. Onfleet

Last Mile Delivery Solution for Varied Businesses Worldwide

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Real-time data, Analysis & improvement, Proof of delivery

About Onfleet

Best for businesses, such as small to enterprise level, Onfleet is a complete toolkit for last-mile delivery. You will find all the features available in this routing software. Full feature set with barcode scanning, unlike GetCircuit and Routific.

Users can easily import orders and addresses to route stop specific parameters and get optimized routes in minutes. Drivers can access their app and receive updates as they confirm the delivery. However, we recommend checking out other user-friendly Onfleet alternatives.


  • The software has 90 days’ worth of historical analysis to view so that you can make the right decisions.
  • There are around 2000 picking and delivery tasks available to maximize route utility.
  • Drivers are able to capture photos and signatures as proof of delivery, making your drivers accountable.
  • Customers are provided with accurate ETAs and live tracking links so that they stay updated on the same.

Sean W.

The ability to notify our customers when we are arriving at their houses with a live tracking link has improved the customer experience.


  • The Onfleet features are quite difficult to use and are often time-consuming to utilize compared to other software solutions.
  • The cost of this route optimization tool might be too high for mid-sized companies.
  • There is no color coding of routes, and it only shows a collection of pins, making it quite difficult.
  • The lack of relevant metrics makes the software give inaccurate route planning, making it difficult for users to rely on this.
  • The user interface is only capable of showing one route at a time which disturbs visibility.

Verified G2 User

Several things. First, the price point and limited savings for Non-profits. Second, the loop of back-and-forth support tickets to get something solved. Three, the support staff has yet to be able to fix our issues. Four, platforms continue to be built around an on-demand workforce (sucks). Lastly, the features are not built for business-to-business workflow. The features are limited.

7. Samsara

For Large Enterprises to Streamline Operations

Starting Price


Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Live sharing, Asset scheduling, Vehicle performance tracking

About Samsara

Samsara is an all-in-one fleet management solution for businesses, helping them optimize routes, assign drivers with their availability, track overall progress, etc. Live-to-the-second GPS tracking helps you in real-time and pairs with reports so that you can plan better routes, dispatch drivers at the last minute, and share accurate ETAs with customers.

Users can capture images in real-time and carry out pre and post-trip vehicle inspections via any mobile device. Trailer tracking, automated historical logs, and user-based maintenance are some of the key features that make this software stands-out.


  • Samsara software is known for its route planning and scheduling for enterprises and large businesses.
  • Using this software, it will be easy for you to keep track of your driver’s movements for the day.
  • You will also have a real-time vehicle inspection dashboard, staying updated with all the important updates.
  • Samsara is popular for its ease of use for both the driver and the operations team.

Lisa L.

The implementation team was amazing and made sure the setup process was very easy. The dashboard of the program is great, and the integration with my other favorite software is on point.


  • There are many technical bugs like dashboard crashes, and it limits the users to buy yearly plans.
  • Poor customer service despite 24/7 chat/email/call support, making it irritating for users.
  • The driver app sometimes makes it force-quit for users and refuses drivers to log in again.

Wagner T.

We also got cameras. Since we started with them, there have been a lot of issues with their equipment, and we worked with them to get a replacement. Their attitude was ridiculous saying that the “fixed” without charge. We have been sent contracts for bus upgrades instead of just the replacement units and, therefore, double charged every month.

8. MyRouteOnline

Route Optimization Software for Delivery & Sales Businesses

Starting Price

$24/Pay As You Go

Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Importing contacts, Multi-routing, Add-on & integrations

About MyRouteOnline

Unlike other route planners that work on a monthly subscription plan with unlimited routes, MyRouteOnline gives you address credits. One address credit can be used for one stop. You can use the same address credit multiple times within 30 days.

Though if you want to add more addresses to your route plan, you will have to purchase additional address points. This can obviously turn out to be quite expensive if you cater to multiple customers with a diverse set of addresses.


  • Using this software, the same address can be reused within 30 days at no additional cost
  • MyRouteOnline is known for its user-friendliness and ease of use, making it easy to access for users.
  • “Pay As You Go” plans are available for yearly plans for added financial flexibility.
  • The best thing about this software is that nonprofit organizations are eligible to get 50% extra credits on any plan.

Kelly D.

MyRouteOnline is user-friendly even for someone with no previous routing experience. The customer service is outstanding, with quick response time and friendly interactions.


  • The basic plan of MyRouteOnline does not include saving reload route.
  • The major issue of MyRouteOnline software is that route planning may be inaccurate or faulty in some cases.
  • Many users have experienced that moving a destination from one route to another change the order of the original route.

Harshdeep Singh L.

The planning was so poor that we had to abandon the software after it planned the first route. We tried multiple software, and many had issues, but for a delivery route planner to have issues with planning it’s not understandable.

9. Tookan

Delivery Management Software for On-demand Delivery Businesses

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Monitor delivery activities in real-time, Third-party API integration

About Tookan

Tookan is a delivery management solution that is built for enterprise use cases. This is because Tookan has all the features of regular enterprise delivery management software, including route scheduling, geofencing, and live customer ETA notifications.

Apart from this, Tookan has features like an agent wallet and barcode generators that allow you to validate and check all the delivery transactions. You can also ensure the safety of your fleet with Tookan’s behavior monitoring system that detects rash and inefficient driving behaviors.


  • Tookan software monitors delivery activities and agents on the go.
  • It has sector-specific solutions for various industries like food delivery, waste management, and cannabis
  • Tookan can be integrated with third-party API and webhooks to take advantage of many new features.
  • Tookan is a great platform for new start-ups who want a turnkey solution to get up and running quickly.

Pennye J.

Its ease of use and the ability to set various filters to scale the routing based on time or distance.


  • Tracking freezes at times, and it becomes hard to track the driver’s location.
  • The software, Tookan, gets down almost every week, which is quite irritating for users to manage their daily routing operations.
  • Users are not happy with the customer support team as they don’t give solutions on time.

James L.

Not working as it should, and no contact from Tookan support.

10. RouteXL

Route Planning Solution for Small to Midsize Businesses

Starting Price


Free Trial

Up to 20 Addresses

Key Features

Plan a route with multiple stops, Road route optimizer

About RouteXL

If you are looking for an online route planner that has a completely free-to-use version with a limited number of features, then RouteXL might be your best bet. Using RouteXL planner specifically built to streamline fi, you can plan and optimize routes with up to 20 stops in the free version. It is a great option if you are looking to craft routes for smaller operations.

You can still plan routes with more than 20 stops if you buy their daily or monthly subscription plans. However, you do miss out on the advanced features, such as proof of delivery, live driver tracking, and inbuilt dispatching, which may limit your operational visibility. Here’s the detailed review on RouteXL.


  • The basic version of the software is available at no cost, which means users can access its basic features and services without having to pay any fee.
  • The software provides a drag-and-drop feature for user-friendly, intuitive interaction, making tasks like rearranging, organizing, or transferring information between different parts of the software interface efficient.
  • It has the functionality of enabling admins or managers to save the routes that they have planned, optimized, or scheduled.

Jared J.

Free! How can you beat that? Also, the software has the ability to add multiple stops and locations. It also has the ability to save previous routes and add details to each stop. Overall, RouteXL is very comprehensive.


  • RouteXL has a color scheme of the UI that makes it hard to navigate for users.
  • The software doesn’t have any dedicated driver app, which makes it difficult for drivers to check daily routes to follow.
  • The software can be more user-friendly, easy to use, and intuitive, allowing non-tech-savvy people to access it in a breeze.

John M.

I feel it could be more user-friendly and intuitive.

11. Badger Maps

Route Optimization Software for Field Sales Reps

Starting Price


Free trial


Key features

Plan and optimize routes quickly, custom check-in reports

About Badger Maps

A sales route planner specifically built to streamline field sales, Badger Maps is the go-to routing solution for many sales executives. Badger Maps is easy-to-use, as it lets dispatchers craft sales routes by just tapping on points on the map.

It is also capable of filtering sales areas based on their sales prospects, allowing you to plan your sales trip quickly. Moreover, it can be integrated with popular CRM programs to give you a cohesive field sales route optimization experience.


  • Badger Maps has made it easier to map out a route quickly and easily with a few taps.
  • The software allows users to combine CRM and calendar functionality when optimizing routes.
  • It also has a tool for planning sales call routes and tracking check-in.

Kerby B.

The lassoing of clients into routes automates my daily planning. The ability to capture and track key account information. The ability to track and weed out bad prospects. I can search for specific entities and then have them visually represented by a color on my map.


  • Some users have reported that it is glitchy software that requires frequent reloading to complete certain actions.
  • The software doesn’t have to live agent communication feature for clients to communicate and discuss their problems, if any.
  • The software lacks managing real-time tracking and customization options.

Matt M.

I don’t like that once I start the route, I can delete a name from the address book, but it still keeps it in the route. If I delete it, I want it deleted off of the route, too. Also, once the route is started, I can’t delete it off the route without reloading the app.

12. WorkWave

Route Optimization Software For Your Delivery Business

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Automated Scheduling, Delivery Tracking

About WorkWave

WorkWave has a long history of providing mobile workforce management solutions to delivery businesses. As the name suggests, their Route Manager is built for efficient and easy route management. This is why it offers route optimization tools and features for scheduling and dispatching.

WorkWave has a separate driver app that lets you track your driver’s progress and collect proof of successful deliveries. Using the WorkWave driver app, drivers can collect proof of delivery by either capturing pictures or scanning barcodes.


  • The software’s time window planning feature allows drivers to reach customers with specific time windows.
  • WorkWave supports hard-wired GPS and ELDs for telematics as an optional add-on.
  • The software offers seamless integration with other tools.

Steven K.

Workwave is a very flexible product and easy to use. The integration with our work order management system was very easy, and we were able to improve our field technician productivity by 25%.


  • It’s expensive compared to the other route optimization software as it charges per vehicle.
  • The basic plan does not have key functionalities like notifications and barcode scanners.
  • The app does not resume the data sync after a loss of Internet connectivity.
  • Driver GPS is not included in the basic plan and which means the entry-level package provides zero real-time visibility of vehicles or drivers.

Francisco A.

If the data connection falls for more than a few minutes, sync will drop, and after that, the route information on the phone won’t be available; this is a No No, and honestly, a reason why we are evaluating other options.

13. eLogii

Delivery Management Software for HVAC & Field Service Companies

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Automated route planning and optimization, Live task ETAs

About eLogii

eLogii is best known for its level of customization when planning routes for delivery operations. It has plenty of parameters and optimization settings to tailor the route plan to your needs. They have three separate plans, though none of their prices are made publicly available.

Also, unlike other route planning software, eLogii charges you based on a specific number of monthly stops. Due to this, they allow an unlimited number of users, drivers, and vehicles to be added to the route plan.


  • Wide variety of routing options like dynamic routing, multi-stop, multi-day, and return to depot routing.
  • A broad range of proof of delivery methods that includes barcode and QR scanning along with COD confirmation.
  • A live vehicle tracking system that also detects instances of improper driving
  • A massive number of configuration parameters like early or late deliveries, vehicle capacity optimization, driver skills, and custom start & endpoints.

Philip P.

Highly flexible and easy-to-use local delivery management software. The driver app is simple and dead easy to use. Route optimization is fast and effective.


  • Lack of many basic features like multi-day routing, multi-depot optimization, and truck routing in their starter plan.
  • The user interface is difficult to navigate and understand, so nontechnical people find it hard to access.
  • The software doesn’t provide a free trial period for users to explore and experience it’s features.

Batuhan C.

UI is complicated. Date choosing can be rearranged on the page.

14. Roadtrippers

#1 Trip Planner For Road Trip

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Find local attractions, In-app RV navigation

About Roadtrippers

If you have a road trip planned in the future, then having Roadtrippers on your phone is absolutely essential, as it can truly elevate your holiday experience. Once you have this trip planner app, all you have to do is enter all the destinations that you want to visit on your road trip.

Roadtrippers, a perfect journey planner, will then display all the local attractions, restaurants, gas stations, and stores that are in close proximity to your destinations. Roadtrippers will also optimize the route to be as short as possible and will show you the required amount of fuel for each route.


  • The software is a great option for finding local attractions and nearby destinations too.
  • Roadtripper is perfect for travelers and individuals. It shows you the fuel consumption for every route.
  • The software supports multiple map systems, allowing users to access their desired map system for navigation.

Sheena Y.

This app is fantastic! It helped me plan and experience one of the most incredible road trips and keep it a surprise for my older sister. We had a blast in the Fall of 2020, venturing through 15 states in the Northeastern United States. I used it for countless smaller road trips and got to see some gems that I would have driven by without ever knowing they existed, all because of this app. I love traveling, and I highly recommend this app. Note: I am a Google Local Guide, Level 10, so I have plenty of experience working with maps and finding attractions.


  • The price of Roadtrippers is quite high for what it offers to its users, so many individual writers can’t afford it.
  • It does not allow you to compile your destinations into an ordered list or let you see your whole trip from map view.
  • Users find it hard to access the website and app as they both lag while accessing them.


When it was free, it was awesome. I just logged in to plan a trip for my in-laws when they visit CA and drive up the coast.. but sadly found that the app now requires not just a one-time payment but a monthly or yearly subscription?! I get that developers need to make money, but this is a bit ridiculous. There is no reason to pay a yearly subscription if I’m only going to use it once or twice.

15. RouteSavvy

Route Planning Software For Small to Mid-sized Fleets

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Automated route scheduling, Live Driver Tracking

About RouteSavvy

RouteSavvy is a web-based software to make your routing operations smoother. The software helps small to mid-sized fleets to plan and optimize routes efficiently. It helps companies streamline their delivery or service routes, saving time and money, reducing transportation costs, and improving overall fleet productivity.

Routesavvy offers a range of features that enable users to optimize their routes based on various parameters, such as distance, time, traffic conditions, and multiple stops. It takes into account factors like one-way streets, turn restrictions, and vehicle restrictions to generate the most efficient route plan.


  • The app, RouteSavvy, has automated location data uploading with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • RouteSavvy has a simple-to-use interface that makes it easier for users to explore the app.
  • Users will get automated reviews of incomplete or incorrect addresses in the Routesavvy app.

Tamiann P.

I love that this product was able to be set up with “bulk” entry, using a spreadsheet to enter all of our locations. It made it very fast and easy to get over 500 addresses into the program. The program is easy to learn and quick to set routes. It has been an extremely cost-effective solution that meets our needs beautifully.


  • RouteSavvy is not a cloud-based route planner application, so users find it frustrating.
  • Some of the users of this application find issues with saving previously entered data.
  • Also, it doesn’t auto-locate addresses as they are typed in, allowing for more errors.

Verified LinkedIn User

After a short while, caching becomes an issue. Stops removed sometimes stay on the list. Locations or stops don’t always show up on the map, and you have to zoom way out and let the locations or stops load to see them. The same goes for routes. It is a somewhat difficult process to transfer stops from one route to another. No ability to change the departure date.

16. inRoute

Best for Planning Your Perfect Route, Trip, or Adventure

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Plan your perfect route, trip, or adventure, Turn-by-turn voice navigation

About inRoute

If you are looking for trip-routing software that runs on all your Apple devices, then inRoute is the perfect solution for you. But since inRoute is built exclusively to run on the Apple ecosystem, it will not run on other alternative operating systems like Android or PC.

This could prove to be very limiting if your drivers use non-Apple devices. It also has the significant limitation of having only 150 stops per route, making it unsuitable for larger optimization tasks.


  • The application allows users to customize routes as per the weather.
  • inRoute app stays synchronized with iCloud.
  • While the app offered route optimization based on various factors, it didn’t provide real-time traffic updates, which could lead to delays or complications during the trip.


By far, this is the best travel planning app to take with you on the road. Cool features like specifying what time you plan to leave each morning to allow you to look at a long trip and see what dates you’ll be in a certain city. iCloud synchronization gives you the same info on all your devices. Export to another InRoute user a standard GPX file, and all that info is included. Add non-route waypoints that give you a nice location map of a city you’re visiting without drawing the route through each point.


  • No app for Android devices, only limited to Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch)
  • There are many features in the app that require in-app purchasing.
  • The user interface of this application is confusing to navigate for many users.


I downloaded this app hoping it would help me plan the best route for my 1600-mile road trip. What I need this app doesn’t offer. Specifically, it doesn’t show you where the halfway mark is. I need to know these to help me plan for gas stations etc. Moving pins and changing pins is cumbersome and not at all easy. Basically, this app helps people create a pretty map, and that’s it. If you need help planning, good luck cuz you’re on your own with an old paper fold-out map or an Atlas.

17. Track-POD

Delivery Management Software For Businesses of all Sizes

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Scheduling, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications

About Track-POD

What separates Track-POD from other mainstream proof of delivery software is its sheer capacity to optimize routes. With Track-POD, you can optimize routes with an enormous number of stops at once, making it great for delivery operations on a grander scale.

For added operational clarity, Track-POD also provides two-way communications for uninterrupted communication between the crew and depot. You also get live vehicle tracking, which further enhances the visibility of overall driver performance.


  • The delivery software allows customizable delivery notifications, keeping customers informed about their deliveries.
  • Track-POD’s route planning software quickly arranges multiple deliveries, optimizing routes for faster deliveries.
  • The software provides detailed analytics, reports, and planned vs. actual data, helping businesses optimize their operations.

Pavlos M.

This software is easy to use with many features that can make your life easier. You can see all your orders and routes on the map. So planning becomes child’s play. It gives a very detailed analysis of your working day/period. The support team is great. Quick responsive, and willing to help. Track-POD loosens your hands and really helps you control your delivery business.


  • Some users find it difficult to track the total number of hours their drivers are working, and analytics may not fully meet their needs.
  • Some users find the user interface to be complicated, especially for new users, and would like improvements in the user experience.
  • The software’s traffic predictions are not always accurate, especially in areas with dense traffic.

Jake W.

There are many features that are essential that just aren’t implemented. For example, being able to see an updated ETA for delivery in the admin UI. The app has the info, so why not show it? They have a good API but make certain data hidden for no good reason. A complete lack of webhooks is also completely unexplained. The driver mobile app itself will randomly crash and require deleting and reinstalling. The whole ‘flow’ of the mobile app is confusing. Editing orders and routes after starting them is convoluted and unnecessarily difficult. If the drivers miss a step in the app, the admin user cannot fix it.

18. RoadWarrior

Best Multi-Stop Route Planning and Dispatching Software

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Optimize routes quickly, Third-party integration

About RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex plan for dispatchers, making it suitable for both individuals and businesses alike. The mobile app is very similar to the Flex plan, as it allows you to plan a route with up to 200 stops.

Both options are priced at $14.99/month per driver, making them quite affordable for smaller businesses. However, its 200-stop capacity may turn out to be a limiting factor when using the software for larger-scale operations. Here’s a detailed review of the RoadWarrior app.


  • RoadWarrior application is user-friendly for users to optimize routes quickly.
  • The application has paid plans that are affordable for small businesses.
  • RoadWarrioir has third-party integration with Fed-Ex.

Riley B.

I love RoadWarrior it is so easy to use and easy to set up It helps me know how fast my crews are moving through their lists and lets me know what they get done so I know who and how to bill.


  • There is no option for live tracking of the driver’s vehicle, which makes it difficult for dispatchers to track status.
  • The app has no options for optimizing routes based on vehicle type.
  • There is no option to send ETAs to the customers in the application.
  • Lack of proof of delivery for package pickup or delivery.
  • No multi-day routing

Matthew D.

Lost the ability to see other drivers’ routes from the mobile app. I now have to bring my tablet and log in to the website. The websites’ security certificates have expired for over a year now. Customer service is limited to email.

19. Zeo

Scheduling and Dispatch Software For SMB Companies

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Auto assign stops as per driver availability, Track driver’s live location

About Zeo

Zeo is a route planning tool and it is being used by deliver is used by over 800k users worldwide. They claim that you can set up Zeo Route Planner yourself in under 15 minutes. It has all the regular features offered by routing software, such as route scheduling and accurate driver ETAs.

But by far, the communication features make the Zeo Route Planner special. It has 2-way communication for your drivers, including driver messaging. Zeo Route Planner also lets you message your customers with your unique brand theme and lets customers track their packages in real time.


  • All routes are saved in the history under a certain date, so you can remember in detail where you were even a long time ago.
  • The ease and simplicity, add your start location and finish location, add in your stops, and boom, what would normally take 10-15 minutes of planning is done in seconds.
  • Enables live driver tracking for customers.


The Zeo route planner app works great, is simple to use, I run a monthly route but never in the same order; the 10 minutes it takes me to enter my route and optimize it from and back to my home normally saves me 60 to 90 minutes a day… I do hope one day, a feature where I can enter an entire month of stops and then lasso them into individual days would be awesome.


  • The issue with Zapier integration on eCommerce platforms
  • The app often crashes while launching it.
  • The app’s support requests would go unanswered for days, and then the answers would not match the queries. It is frustrating.

Shattered Rose

I purchased a day plan twice, but it did not go to the 3rd time I tried to delete my previous route, but it won’t let me. Also, whenever I launch the app, it says something went wrong try again later. So I really need an app that can function well. I hope the developers of this app will fix it soon because it needs some attention.

20. LogiNext Mile

Last Mile Distribution And Route Optimization Software

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key features

Advanced route planning, Predicting accurate ETAs

About LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a tool for route planning and it is being used by delivery businesses that want to make their deliveries faster and more efficient. It comes with some innovative and unique features, such as on-site customer satisfaction data entry and collect-at-delivery payment systems.

Their highly capable driver app allows drivers to collect proof of delivery using pictures and e-signatures. Apart from this, you can also scan items using their inbuilt scanner for faster processing and unloading.


  • The optimization engine is quite good, it provides good API integration and a nice dashboard.
  • It is a software that would route using pre-scheduled ETA’s. This software is unable to do so.
  • Feature-rich driver app for the delivery personnel.

Wijaya G.

I had a very great experience with LogiNext in terms of support and the products itself. It is user-friendly and very simple to use. The interface is easy to understand. We recommend this product to delivery companies who want to make the workflow much more efficient and smooth.


  • The app has been issued with the geofencing system.
  • There’s also an issue with users viewing the same report. It sometimes logs someone out.
  • The device size is too big, instead of this if Loginext can manage thru use and throw barcode stickers with small chips.

Divya S.

The mobile app features need improvement, especially the ioS version, as some features like grouping orders etc. does not exist on the ioS version but available on the Android one. The geofence master option can be improved.

What are the Key Features to Look for in Route Optimization Software?

When assessing route optimization software, numerous key factors that can greatly affect your business’s efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction must be considered. The following are the key features to look for in route optimization software:

  • Efficient route planning and optimization

    The software should be able to generate efficient routes while taking into consideration factors such as traffic conditions, road closures, delivery windows, and time constraints. It should provide multiple optimization algorithms to meet various business requirements, such as reducing travel time and fuel consumption or maximizing the number of stops per route.
  • Real-time monitoring

    It is essential to track deliveries and drivers in real time. It enables you to keep track of the progress of routes and ensure that drivers stick to the planned routes and schedules. With the help of this functionality, you can quickly adapt to unanticipated delays or changes in customer demands.
  • Proof of delivery (POD)

    The proof of delivery (POD) feature enables drivers to collect essential delivery data, including photos, notes, and electronic signatures, to confirm successful deliveries. It ensures accountability, provides documentation for dispute resolution, and enhances transparency in the delivery process.
  • Customer notification

    The software should offer automated and customizable customer notification capabilities. This includes sending notifications via email or SMS to keep customers informed about delivery status, estimated arrival times (ETAs), and order confirmations. Timely and accurate communication with customers improves their experience and builds trust.
  • Integration capabilities

    Seamless integration with other business applications and systems is vital. Look for compatibility with CRM systems, GPS tracking tools, eCommerce platforms, and third-party APIs. Integration streamlines data sharing, reduces manual data entry, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Customization options

    Customization allows you to tailor the software to your specific business needs. Features like setting delivery windows, prioritizing urgent deliveries, and defining unique parameters for route planning should be available. Customization ensures that the software aligns with your unique business processes.
  • Reporting and analytics

    Robust reporting and analytics features give insights into route performance, driver productivity, and opportunities for improvement. Detailed reports enable you to make data-driven decisions to improve operations and cut costs.
  • Mobile accessibility

    Mobile apps or access via mobile devices enable drivers to view assigned routes, navigate efficiently, and provide real-time updates on delivery progress. It enhances communication between dispatchers and drivers while ensuring drivers have access to essential route information.

What Factors Should Businesses Consider When Choosing Route Optimization Software?

Businesses should evaluate several important factors when choosing route optimization software to ensure that their selected option matches their specific objectives and goals. The following are the key factors to take into account:

  • Business goals and objectives

    Start by defining your business’s specific goals and objectives for implementing route optimization software. Are you aiming to reduce fuel costs, improve delivery times, enhance customer satisfaction, or streamline operations? Understanding your goals will guide your software selection.
  • Scalability

    Consider the scalability of the software. Ensure that it can accommodate your current and future needs as your business grows. The software should handle an increasing number of deliveries, drivers, and routes without major disruptions or the need for frequent software changes.
  • Route complexity

    Consider the complexities of your delivery routes. Some businesses have basic point-to-point routes, while others have multi-stop, multi-day, or intricate routes. Choose software that can manage the level of complexity required by your business.
  • Comprehensive feature set

    When selecting route optimization software, prioritize a comprehensive feature set that encompasses efficient route planning and optimization, seamless integration with your existing systems, robust customization options, and real-time route progress tracking. Additionally, functionalities such as proof of delivery (POD) capabilities, automated customer notifications, mobile accessibility, and detailed reporting and analytics can significantly boost operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.
  • User-friendly interface

    An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for easy adoption by your team. Look for a software solution that minimizes the learning curve and provides straightforward navigation. Clear, visually appealing maps and route displays make it easier for dispatchers and drivers to use the software effectively.
  • Cost-benefit analysis

    Conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis to determine the return on investment (ROI) for the software. Calculate potential savings in fuel costs, labor, and operational efficiency against the software’s cost to ensure it is a financially viable solution.
  • Customer support

    Evaluate the quality and responsiveness of customer support offered by the software provider. Timely support can help resolve issues, answer questions, and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Trial period

    Whenever possible, opt for software that offers a trial period. Testing the software with your specific operational needs and evaluating its performance firsthand can help you make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is route optimization software?

    Route optimization software is a type of software that helps different businesses and individuals to plan & optimize the most efficient routes for their deliveries or jobs to perform.

    This type of software makes use of algorithms and advanced mapping technologies to consider factors like traffic patterns, road closures, weather conditions, time windows, and service times to create the most efficient route possible.

  • Why is route optimization important?

    Route optimization enables drivers to follow the shortest and most optimized routes to save fuel expenses, minimize delivery time, and enhance the customer experience. Professional route optimization software provides desired route planning results within a few clicks.

  • How does route optimization software work?
    • Route optimization software uses data input about delivery locations, vehicle capacity, algorithms, and other important information to create the most efficient route.
    • The software creates routes, considering different factors like road closures, traffic conditions & patterns, delivery windows, and more.
    • Once the optimized route is created, the software helps drivers navigate the route with the help of route using GPS and other navigation apps.
    • Moreover, the software constantly monitors and optimizes the route in real-time, helping businesses to make adjustments to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.
    • Overall, the software streamlines the entire delivery process, saves costs by reducing fuel consumption, and improves customer experience by delivering on time.
  • What are the key features to look for in route optimization software?

    Here are some of the key features to look for while choosing a route management software for your business:

    • Efficient route planning and optimization
    • Easy data input
    • One-click driver dispatch
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Proof of delivery
    • Customer notification
    • Third-party integration
  • What are the benefits of using route optimization software?

    Here’s the list of the benefits that you get using route optimization software:

    • Increase team productivity with the most efficient routes that will allow drivers to perform more deliveries
    • Increase overall efficiency by allowing you to create more efficient routes, reducing drive time and resources required for each delivery
    • Cost saving as it will reduce the travel time and resources that required for each delivery
    • Meet customer expectations by delivering packages or services on time
  • Can Google Maps optimize my route?

    Google Maps doesn’t offer a route optimization feature; it just provides the shortest path between points A and B. Subscribe to the best route optimization software and get your multi-route planner streamlined with one or multiple drivers as per your business.

  • What are the criteria for selecting a delivery route optimization software?

    The criteria for selecting a professional route optimization software are the tailored features offered by the software compared to the pricing. You should also have access to the demo version of the software that can help you make a quality buying decision.

  • Which is the best route optimization software?

    Upper stands out from the rest and is the best routing software because of the combination of quality features and highly reasonable pricing. The route planning software delivers the most efficient route, optimizes single-person routes, and offers different route combinations.

  • Can Upper software integrate with other business applications or software?

    Yes, Upper software offers integration with different business apps and software. It offers an open API that allows different businesses to integrate the software with their existing systems, like CRM, GPS tracking systems, and third-party apps.

    Upper also integrates with other popular platforms, like Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify, so businesses can smoothly manage their eCommerce deliveries effortlessly.

  • Are there specific industries or businesses that can benefit more from route optimization software?

    Yes, of course. There are many industries and businesses that can get benefit from route optimization software. Here are some of the major industries that can take the following advantage:

    • Logistics and Transportation
    • E-commerce and Delivery Services
    • Food and Beverage Delivery
    • Home Services
    • Field Services

Start Your Free Trial Now With the Best Route Optimization Software

As you checked that there are enormous paid and free route optimization solutions in the market; however, only a few of them are deemed to fit your demands. Depending on the complexity of the deliveries, you could be looking for a powerful routing software that takes into effect toll roads and high-priority deliveries.

That’s why Upper is, so far, the best route planning software with a smooth and intuitive interface to help users with all its features.

If you are currently managing a team of drivers and looking for a simple yet effective route optimization software, then don’t give it a second thought. Just and experience it yourself.

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