Adopt Dynamic Retail Software

Adopt a Dynamic Software For Equally Dynamic Disintermediation.

Upper’s powerful route planning and optimization algorithm boost your disintermediation plans with the right set of tools

Tackle client service demands, tight delivery windows, and unpredictable demands with Upper’s accurately optimized delivery routes and customer communication tools.

  • Optimize multiple high-volume loads instantly.
  • Cut down planning time by 80%.
  • Improve customer communication and experience.
  • Boost order capacity and improve efficiency by 40%.

Automate Retail Distribution Route Planning and Deliver More Orders Daily

Delivering to your clients according to their delivery windows and providing B2C-like service to B2B clients become easier like never before with Upper Route Planner. Automate daily route planning, optimizing, and get proof of delivery.
  • Prioritize Delivery Location

    Prioritize Delivery Locations

    How do you manage clients with specific time windows? Optimizing your delivery stops according to urgency is easier with Upper Route Planner. Just mark your priority stops as urgent and make sure they are covered before over other stops.
  • Improve Driver and Dispatcher Efficiency

    Improve Driver & Dispatcher Efficiency

    How would you like it if your drivers and dispatchers saved hours every week in planning and driving? Upper’s planning and optimization features save dispatchers and drivers from manual work. Upper saves hours of time spent in route planning and optimizing deliveries manually.
  • Keep Clients Informed

    Keep Clients Informed

    Clients expect accurate information for the deliveries they will receive. Keep them informed with accurate ETAs, customer notifications, and live package tracking links to keep them in the loop.
  • Last-minute Rerouting

    Last-minute Rerouting

    In case of unexpected situations, dispatchers can make last-minute changes to the route. Reoptimize and reassign routes with Upper Route Planner in less than 2 minutes. Take quick action in times of crisis.
Improve Delivery Driver Efficiency
Boost Order Capacity & Improve Delivery Driver Efficiency by 40%
Optimize your delivery routes with Upper to maximize delivery driver efficiency.

Apply Digital Acceleration for a More Streamlined Delivery Process

Optimize & Dispatch Delivery Routes

  • Powerful route optimization

    Optimize Routes for Multiple Drivers

    Upper’s intelligent route optimization algorithm helps distributors optimize routes for multiple drivers throughout the day.
  • One-click Dispatch

    One-click Dispatch

    Dispatchers can send out routes to drivers through email or text with a single click. Drivers can receive daily delivery routes from dispatchers on their phones.
Planning and Dispatching Retail Deliveries
Add Specific Delivery Details

Add Specific Delivery Details

  • Set specific delivery constraints

    Delivery Constraints

    Set specific delivery constraints and optimize each stop accordingly. Get optimal routes by taking into consideration delivery constraints like time windows, service time, and curbside delivery.
  • Delivery Details

    Delivery Details

    Dispatchers and managers can be specific about each delivery by adding the required details for each stop. It helps drivers get distinct information on how to carry out a delivery.

Improving Customer Experience

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Customers receive delivery notifications. The notifications include accurate ETAs along with a package tracking link to help improve visibility into the delivery operations.
  • Inspector Location

    Package Tracking Link

    A package tracking link at every stage of the delivery process is provided to the customer. It helps boost the overall customer experience.
Improve Customer Experience
Keep Records & Measure Efficiency

Keep Records & Measure Efficiency

  • Get electronic proof of delivery

    Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Drivers can capture images, customer signatures, or add notes for each stop as proof of delivery. It helps distributors in improving accountability and avoiding false claims.
  • Reports & Analytics

    Reports & Analytics

    Dispatchers can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports related to all the routes. Reports & analytics can help businesses reflect on their daily delivery tasks.
Automate Retail Distribution and Route Planning
Automate Route Planning and Optimizing By 100% With Upper
Streamline route planning and optimizing process to deliver more orders to delight customers!

How Does Upper Manage Your Wholesales Deliveries?

AI-Based Optimization

AI-based Optimization Boosts Delivery Process

AI-based route optimization paves way for reduced back-office load and timely deliveries. In addition to that, it can present you with better, potential routes, and helps reduce overhead costs.
Reduce Back-office Load

Reduce Back-office Load

The initial benefit of automatic route optimization is visible in the back office. That is where the time and money-saving really begins. It improves dispatcher productivity by taking over the manual planning burden.
Save Time on the Road

Save Time on the Road

After saving time and money in the back office, AI-based route optimization gets into action on the road and helps drivers save hours in manually routing to their destination.
Manage Tight Delivery Windows & Schedules

Manage Tight Delivery Windows & Schedules

Control tight delivery windows and route schedules with route planning and optimization software. Set priorities and focus on pressing matters to better manage your delivery schedules
Offer B2C services to B2B clients

Offer B2C services to B2B clients

Your clients expect the same kind of service you would offer to your individual customers. Step up your B2B deliveries with customer notifications, live package tracking links, and proof of delivery.
Archive Frequent Routes

Archive Frequent Routes

Save routes that you regularly drive on to help you reduce the stress of planning the same route over and over again. Archive frequent routes and reuse them whenever required.
Get Your Products To The Point-of-Sales Location On Time

Upper Route Planner provides the most optimal routes for your retail business to make timely, cost-effective deliveries every day.