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Axlehire is an urban shipping carrier that focuses on last-mile delivery. It was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States.

The Axlehire package tracker helps customers to keep real-time track of their parcels. The system is designed in such a way that it provides minute-to-minute updates visually that get updated every two minutes.

The delivery options offered by Axlehire are Same day shipping, Next day shipping, and Freight shipping. Axlehire provides last-mile delivery for industries like meal kits, alcohol, grocery, retail, prescription, and commercial. Some of the clients for Axlehire are Walmart, Gobble, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron.

In 2016, they introduced Advanced Cargo Integration (ACI) which allowed delivery of parcels without the customer’s presence. This option was beneficial for those who do not want to wait at home until their package arrives. Axlehire provides ground, air, and ocean freight services within the United States along with international shipping.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and AxlehireV3 Work

The upper package tracker is a tracking tool to make the delivery process easier. The tracker is simple and easy to use with tracking parcels for nearly 75 services.

This tracker is simple and user-friendly. You can use the Upper tracker to find the status of your parcel simply with the tracking number. It also shows additional details like where your parcel is and when you can expect the arrival of the parcel.

This reduces unnecessary calls to customers and gives a better home delivery experience. You can use Upper Package Tracker to locate your shipment with the Axlehire tracking number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Axlehire package be tracked without a tracking number?

No, you cannot track the Axlehire package without a tracking number.

Axlehire tracking number is unique to every parcel and can be used to track only the particular shipment.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Axlehire?

Upper and Axlehire provide the tracking services for the parcel.

Upper is much better because it can provide tracking information for about 75+ services whereas Axlehire is limited to only Axlehire packages.

What is the timeline for international deliveries through Axlehire?

Axlehire provides the services to about 200 countries and there is no standard timeline for international shipments.

International delivery time may vary depending on destination, but most packages are expected to deliver within 5-7 business days.

How late does Axlehire deliver?

Axlehire offers flexible delivery options like same-day and next-day delivery.

For example: If the customer places an order before 12:00 PM EST, they will receive the shipment on the same day. Whereas orders placed after 12:00 PM EST can expect their parcel to arrive the next day.

How to track an Axlehire package with Upper Package Tracker?

You will have to enter the tracking number provided by Axlehire in the “Tracking Number” box and click on the “Track my Package” button.

Moreover, you can also track your parcel from the Axlehire website.

What to do if I do not receive my parcel from Axlehire?

If you did not get your parcel within the estimated delivery date, you need to contact [email protected] for any help with tracking the parcel or requesting insurance for the lost or damaged shipment.

NOTE: An additional fee may be applied while filing the claim for lost or damaged shipment, which you can find during the checkout before placing the order.

What to do if I miss package delivery by Axlehire?

If you miss the scheduled delivery of your parcel, it will be available for the next scheduled delivery date. If the carrier does not receive a signature while delivering, they will leave a note of attempted delivery and try again on the next business date.

If there is no response after two delivery attempts, the carrier will return the parcel to the sender.

The tracking page says delivered, but I am unable to find it. What’s next?

If the tracking update shows delivered, but you can not find it please check for the safer locations like a mailbox, porch areas, or garages.

If you still cannot find it, reach out to our support team via the “Chat” option on the tracking page.

How do I contact the Axlehire support team?

You can contact the Axlehire support team through the below options: