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Hermes Borderguru is a part of the Hermes group (a multinational group) based in Hamburg, Germany.

Borderguru is specialized in providing international logistics solutions for e-commerce retailers. They manage each and every aspect of cross-border eCommerce, from domestic checkouts to international door deliveries. The company provides cross-border deliveries at no extra cost to connect with international customers.

Currently, Borderguru provides services to more than 90 countries through the ground, air, and sea services. They work with various carriers like USPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT Express, and DPD. Hermes Borderguru has its users worldwide among which most are from Italy, France, the United States of America, and Germany.

Moreover, a free currency conversion tool on the website converts nearly 28 currencies in one go.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and BorderGuru Work?

An Upper Package Tracker is a global tool where you can track all your packages on a single platform. This tracker is designed to ease the process of both tracking and delivery.

The upper package tracker provides tracking information for 75+ courier services around the world. The tracking number helps to find the exact status of your shipment.

Additional details like the location of the parcel along with delivery date and time can also be known. We at Upper provide up-to-date tracking updates from store to door.

To know the actual tracking update of your parcel, you can try the Upper Package Tracker now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track the BorderGuru package without a tracking number?

Yes, you can use the BorderGuru Package tracker to find your shipment. The other option is to check the email (inbox) of the BorderGuru account for shipment-related messages. Moreover, the other way to find the location of the parcel is through the order number, name, or address of the customer.

Also, you can track the parcel on the website of BorderGuru.

Does Upper offer better tracking than BorderGuru Package Tracker?

Both, Upper and BorderGuru are used to find the tracking updates.

With Upper, you can track packages from many courier services whereas the BorderGuru tracker is limited to BorderGuru parcels only.

How late does BorderGuru deliver?

BorderGuru has maintained a delivery rate of 99% by delivering the packages on time.

Being the fastest international package delivery service, they also provide flexible delivery options and times, including Saturday deliveries.

What time does it take to deliver internationally with BorderGuru?

BorderGuru aims to deliver any international shipments within 3-5 business days. They advise their customers to check for the parcel with the local post office after 5-7 business days.

How do I track a BorderGuru package with Upper?

You can easily track your BorderGuru package with the Upper Package Tracker. You will have to simply enter the tracking number, and click on the “Track my parcel” button. The system will show the result as the entire shipment information.

What does BorderGuru’s tracking number look like?

The tracking number is usually a 13-digit code, with 2 alphabets (in the beginning), followed by 9 digits, and 2 letters at last. For instance, a BorderGuru tracking number can look like AB123456789CD.

How do I sign for a BorderGuru package?

When your package is ready for delivery, the delivery person will visit your home or office and ask you to sign electronically. They will have a signature pad that will capture an electronic version of your signature. This is done as a part of the proof of delivery for some high-value or sensible information.

What needs to be done if my package is lost by BorderGuru?

BorderGuru being the leading company in parcel delivery takes full responsibility for your parcel. If the parcel is lost, they make sure to do everything to get your shipment back or reship it free of charge.

What shall I do if I didn’t receive my package from BorderGuru?

If your parcel did not arrive even after the estimated delivery date, you can check with your local post office.

Additionally, if you do not see any updates on tracking for around two weeks, you can contact [email protected] for more information.

How to contact BorderGuru customer service?

If you need any help with your parcel, you can contact the BorderGuru customer service team as per the below details: