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Chronopost International is a La Poste member, offering delivery and express shipping facilities domestically and globally.

Domestic services offer next-day deliveries. There may be changes, depending on the location. International services differ by location, and the deliveries are affected by the distance between the origin and destination countries and operational backlogs. In both cases, the weight should not be more than 30 kilograms.

Chronopost’s international headquarters is in Morocco and Ivory Coast. If you want a package delivery in the US, Chronopost often delivers it through FedEx as an international Priority.

A subsidiary of DPDgroup, the international parcel delivery network stands at the second position in Europe, with over 3900 people performing its delivery services. Chronopost has 87 branches to ensure safe and on-time deliveries to its clients.

Chronopost offers a broad range of items from standard packages, sensitive products, gifts, documents, clothing, food, vinyl, and other things. The items are sent to their desired destination safely, either domestically or internationally.

Chronopost charges reasonably in France and provides affordable shipping prices for delivering from France to nations like Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Germany.

History of Chronopost

Le Groupe La Poste established Chronopost in 1985 to meet the requirement for quick transportation in France market and with American distributors.

Initially the company was named SFMI (Société Française de Messagerie Internationale) but it changed its name as Chronopost in 1992.

In 1987, the company began tracking shipments through its computerized system through Minitel. In 1992, it opened the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle hub to help domestic and international air and road transport. And in 1998, it became Chronopost International, set up 13 more subsidiaries abroad, and serviced 230 nations in 2006.

In 2017, Chronopost established Sunday delivery and 14 major cities of France. And in 2019, it announced the delivery of couriers in Paris in clean vehicles.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Chronopost work?

We work with a dedication to make your tracking services as hassle-free as the delivery.

Upper Package Tracker provides tracking services to its customers globally. We help you get precise and updated tracking details for all your couriers worldwide.

Our user-friendly and intuitive UI offers end-to-end tracking for an enhanced customer experience. Enter the tracking number, choose the Courier Service Provider and tap on “track my package” to get an update on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a package arriving, check it at Upper Package Tracker and get real-time information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chronopost contact you?

If you receive any email or message from Chronopost, the sender will be:

Email: [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

Message: You will get a message from 38004.

Please report if you receive an email or message from anywhere other than the mentioned data.

Why did I not get my secure code?

Not all parcels are given secure codes. Often this secure code is requested by the sender. It is important to check your spam emails to find them. The details will be mentioned there.

If the sender did not ask for a security code delivery, the delivery is done with a signature.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer more precise tracking than Chronopost?

Of course, Upper Package Tracker offers better tracking than Chronopost. There are some advantages of using Upper for package tracking:

  • Delivery of the product is efficient and in your hands
  • The deliveries are safe
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Better accountability of the real-time location of your parcel
  • Online alerts of the parcel

When will I get my parcel from Chronopost?

You can receive your package from 8 am to 10 pm throughout the week- from Monday to Sunday. As every delivery is unique, packages are delivered in two to five days.

What if I am unavailable when my package is delivered?

If a package was supposed to come, but you were not available to receive it, then a new delivery date of your preference can be scheduled in your absence. You can also pick up your package from one of the local points.

Does Chronopost update tracking data on weekends?

Because Chronopost delivers on weekends, it also updates its tracking details on weekends. You can track your package on its official website or Upper Package Tracker to know your parcel’s exact location, ETA, and other details.

How long is my parcel held with Chronopost?

If you have no update on your parcel or fail to pick it up on the same day, your parcel will be available at a local point.

  • It is present for 2 weeks in the post office or Chronopost agency.
  • It is available for 7 days in Relay pickup and returned to the sender on the 8th day.
  • It is kept at a pickup station for three days, called lockers.

To pick up the parcel, make sure you carry an ID. If the parcel is not collected during the mentioned time, it is sent back to the sender.

Will I be compensated if Chronopost loses my package?

If you’re the recipient, you should ask the sender to lodge a complaint. Chronopost is liable to the sender, and it compensates them with the original value of the product along with the repair amount or cost needed to redevelop the documents. You can get a compensation of €250 on your parcel, which is claimed against the receiver.

Will Chronopost compensate me for late delivery?

You must contact the sender if you’re the recipient and haven’t received the package on time. As a sender, you should connect with the customer service of Chronopost after 14 days for domestic shipments and after 21 days for international shipments.

What is prior notice?

To export food products to the USA, you should be a member of the FDA and issue a prior notice for your shipments.

How can I track my Chronopost package with Upper Package Tracker?

All you need to do is enter your tracking number and choose the Courier Service Provider from the options available. Tap “Track my package,” and you will have the complete information in front of you.

Will I be compensated if my package is damaged?

Once you receive the package, ensure in front of the delivery driver that you make reservations on the sign-in slip given. Your reservation should be updated, accurate, and complete. It will help us to know the state of the damaged product and the amount of damage that has occurred.

Then you should contact the sender.

It is Chronopost’s responsibility to compensate the sender with the product’s original value, repair amount, or the amount needed to reframe the documents.

If you have taken insurance to ensure the transportation of the goods up to €5000 per package in case of damage, you will get insurance of €500, €1000, €2000, or €5000.

How can I sign for my Chronopost parcel?

You may need a signature post-delivery for international deliveries, but if you need a signed delivery receipt, you need to pay more. If the shipment was processed online, you could just log in to Chronotrace, a service that allows customers to get a PDF copy of the slip signed by the recipient. The slip works as proof of delivery for you.

What to do if I have not got my parcel from Chronopost?

  • First and foremost, track your package online to know its present status. You can get the tracking number from the email sent to you on the date it was shipped.
  • If your parcel is delivered, but you have not got it, contact your neighbors or housekeeping about it.
  • You should check the post office if they don’t have it. Remember to keep the tracking number and Identification proof.
  • If someone else has taken your package, you can contact the customer service team of Chronopost to know their details.
  • Sometimes your package status may have been updated before the delivery. Hence, ensure you speak to customer service and get details about it.

How can I contact Chronopost customer service?

You can call individual customer service with a standard rate call at +33 (0)9 69 391 391.

  • You can call anywhere from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm
  • And on Saturday 8 am to 12 pm.

Always keep your shipping or calling card number when calling Chronopost customer service.