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DAI Post is an Australian-owned company established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2000. They specialize in eCommerce, and wholesale international parcel delivery in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

DAI Post offers high-volume package delivery sent through standard or international couriers. Their service also provides full tracking details so that you know when you may expect the parcel delivery. For larger shipments, air freight is available at an additional cost.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and DAI Post Work?

Upper Package Tracker is an advanced tracking software to track your parcel. You can track the complete journey of your parcel in seconds, from around the globe.

All you need to do is enter the tracking number, select “DAI Post” from the drop-down and click on the “Track my package” button. This will give you detailed information about where your shipment has been and when you can expect its delivery.

You can follow your package from pre-shipment till final delivery through the Upper Package Tracker for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a DAI Post parcel be tracked without a tracking number?

No, you can not track a DAI Post without a tracking number. You have to contact DAI Post or the local post office to get more information about your DAI Post package.

Does Upper offer better tracking than DAI Post?

Both Upper and DAI Post offer equally accurate tracking details.

Upper Package Tracker shows the tracking updates through the tracking number. You can track the DAI Post shipment from the DAI website and get updates regarding your shipment arrival.

What is the delivery time for international packages with DAI Post?

The international deliveries may take up to two weeks or more, depending on origin and destination country. For more queries regarding the deliveries, you can contact DAI Post directly.

How to sign for a DAI Post package?

On delivery of the DAI Post package, it is to be signed by the person whose name appears on the parcel.

How to track DAI post parcels with Upper Package Tracker?

To track your DAI Post parcel with Upper, you simply have to enter the tracking number to find the exact location of your parcel.

What if I do not receive my DAI Post package?

Suppose it is more than 7 days after your parcel is shipped, and you do not have any updates, you can directly contact DAI Post for the update.

What if DAI loses my package?

If DAI Post loses your package, you need to directly contact them with proof of ownership to claim for the lost package.

What time will my DAI post shipment arrive?

DAI Post does not offer a specific delivery schedule.

If you have a DAI Post tracking number, you can use Upper Package Tracker to check the status of the shipment. You can also find the details about the delivery date and time.

Where is my DAI Post package?

You can either use Upper Package Tracker or visit the DAI Post website to find the whereabouts of your parcel.

Where is my DAI Post tracking number?

You can find the DAI Post tracking number on the confirmation email or contact DAI Post customer service.

How to contact the DAI Post?

You can contact DAI Post customer care at “[email protected]”.