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DHL Express is a German logistics company and a division of Deutsche Post (parent company). The company has its headquarters in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn is an abbreviation of Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn, the three founders of the company. They have a global network servicing 220 countries and territories to offer solutions for all logistics needs.

DHL Express is leading in the European market for parcel services. DHL Express is known for the reliable and speedy delivery of parcels across the world. They provide services like courier, parcel delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, and express mail service.

The DHL company group employs 380,000 people and delivers over 1.8 billion parcels every year. As per a report by Statista, the annual revenue for DHL was over 81.7 billion euros by the year 2021.

DHL Express makes it easy to shop online, get quotes, schedule pick-ups, and find parcel locations. They also provide some optional services from non-standard deliveries to climate-neutral shipping. DHL Express provides custom services and charges for it accordingly to support custom clearance.

The delivery services offered by DHL Express are export, import, domestic, and business solutions.

  • Export that includes Urgent (time-sensitive)delivery and Less Urgent delivery
  • The import includes Urgent (time-sensitive delivery)
  • Domestic includes Urgent (time-sensitive delivery)
  • Business solutions include Express Breakbulk and DHL Globalmail

How Do Upper Package Tracker and DHL Express Work?

Upper Package Tracker is an advanced tracking software to monitor your parcel. The package tracker is a simple and user-friendly tool. This tool is updated regularly to provide the most accurate tracking information.

We at Upper have the benefit of tracking both domestic and international shipments. They provide monitoring services for more than 75 posts around the world. The package tracker helps to track your parcel from store to door. You can check the route that your package is traveling through. Every detail, like where the box was, where it is now, and when you can expect delivery, can be traced.

You can also see your package’s shipment history, like when it’s left customs; when it’s reached the destination country, and other information. An upper tracker helps to avoid the chances of missing the delivery, which can prevent any type of theft. Hence, results in a better customer experience and also retains more customers.

To find the tracking update, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button. The system will automatically fetch courier details and show you the entire details of the parcel.

Worried about the journey of your parcel? You can use the Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track a DHL Express package without a tracking number?

No, it is not possible to track a DHL Express package without a tracking number.

You can use the reference number to track your DHL Express package, but it is not recommended as it is less reliable and may not work correctly. Therefore, if you do not have the tracking number, it is better to contact the seller or the shipper for the tracking information.

Where is my DHL Express tracking number?

Generally, the DHL Express tracking number is a ten-digit number. The DHL tracking number will be sent to you via SMS or email after the order confirmation or once the seller ships your package.

However, if you send a package to someone, you can find the tracking number on the electronic document given to you, next to the word ‘waybill’ on the receipt.

Does Upper offer better tracking than DHL Express?

Yes, Upper offers better tracking services than DHL Express.

This is because the Upper package tracker can track parcels from more than 75 courier services worldwide, whereas the DHL Express tracker is limited to monitoring the parcels only from the DHL Express.

What is the delivery timeline for DHL Express?

The delivery timeline for DHL Express packages is between 8 AM to 6 PM. If you miss the box when it is out for delivery, DHL Express will make another attempt to deliver it on the next business day. Moreover, they will also leave a card stating “missed delivery”.

How long does it take for international deliveries with DHL Express?

The time for international deliveries may depend on the origin and destination country. For example, delivering a package from Canada to the United States won’t take as long as a delivery from China to Canada.

Generally, it takes five days to deliver a DHL Express package internationally.

How do I track the DHL Express package with Upper?

For tracking your DHL Express package with Upper, you can follow the below steps:

  • Enter the tracking number in the box
  • Select the courier as ‘ DHL Express’ from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the ‘track my package’ button
  • On the next page, the system will show the entire tracking update

How to sign for a DHL Express package?

Signing for the parcel is not the requirement of a DHL Express. But, a signature is a good choice if your package has a high-value product. The other way is to request a telephone confirmation of delivery from DHL Express.

NOTE: If you have chosen the option for signature on delivery of your DHL Express package, then you should be present at home the day it is out for delivery.

How long does DHL Express holds the package?

If DHL Express attempts delivery and you are not at home, your package will be sent to the nearest DHL Service point. A DHL Express holds the box for seven days at the service point.

During these seven days, they will again try to deliver to your address. However, the best option is to collect the parcel from the service point with a government-issued photo ID.

What if I do not receive my DHL Express parcel?

If the estimated arrival date has passed, then you can wait for a few days as there can be chances of short delays sometimes. But, make sure you use the Upper Package Tracker to find the actual update of the parcel.

However, if you do not receive the parcel even after waiting long, you should follow the below steps:

  • Contact the DHL Express Customer Service
  • When you are on call with them, provide them with details of the package content
  • Also, provide additional details to the customer service team, such as tracking number
  • DHL Express will start the investigation to find out why your package did not arrive or if it was lost or stolen
  • Moreover, you can also contact the sender to find out if there is any issue on their end

What if I miss the parcel delivery by DHL Express?

If you miss your DHL Express parcel delivery, they will leave a notice card stating that they have tried to deliver your package. This card will have a code that will let you know where and when you should pick up your package.

Moreover, you can choose for DHL to attempt to deliver your parcel on the next business day.

NOTE: Please ensure that you need a government-issued photo ID to pick up your package at a DHL Service Point.

What needs to be done if DHL Express loses my package?

According to DHL’s website, it is advisable to contact the sender of your package if it seems that your package is lost. Then the sender can reach out to DHL Express for further investigation.

Please note that it is the responsibility of both the seller and DHL Express to work together if your parcel goes missing.

Why is the DHL Express package not moving?

The non-movement of your parcel depends if the package is not shipped at all or if it has been shipped but stopped moving.

  • If your package is not shipped, it could be due to an inventory issue at the sender’s end.
  • But, if it was shipped and the movement stopped suddenly. It can be due to weather conditions, tracking glitches, route obstacles, or vehicle issues. To find out about the actual issue in detail, you can use the Upper Package Tracker.

What is my DHL Express package pending?

If the status of your parcel shows ‘pending’ that means it will be shipped soon. But, if the status is for too long then there can be chances of some wrong information, so you should contact DHL customer service in this case.

Where is my DHL Express package?

If you want to know where your parcel is during the delivery process, you can use Upper Package Tracker. Upper will provide you with all the information about your parcel from the store (warehouse) to your door (final delivery). These updates will help you to know the current status of the package.

But, if the Upper package tracker shows status as delivered, it could be due to an incorrect address or left at some safe place. So it is advised to check with the sender of the DHL customer service.

How do I contact DHL Express Customer Service?

You can contact the DHL Express Customer Service team through chat, email, or call options from the website.