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DHL Germany is a division of the DHL Group offering services throughout Germany and internationally. They support logistics, warehouse, and distribution services for both individuals and businesses.

DHL Germany consists of DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Package, and DHL Freight. According to Statista, they have more than 500,000 employees providing services to more than 200 countries around the globe.

The shipping options provided by DHL Germany are air, sea, road, or rail throughout Europe and the world. Their international network of logistics services and warehouses helps to connect with the world. The global distribution service of DHL Germany has delivered nearly 1800 million packages in the year 2021.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and DHL Germany Work?

We believe that tracking should be accurate and streamlined to ensure smooth package delivery. Upper Package Tracker is software used worldwide to find the most up-to-date tracking details.

The package tracker shows the expected time of successful delivery. This reduces the time wastage for customers and gives them a better home delivery experience.

To track your parcel, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the “track my package” button. It will detect the courier services automatically and show you the package details.

You can try the Upper Package Tracker for free and find the actual update about your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track DHL Germany packages without a tracking number?

A tracking number is generally a unique identification number for your parcel. It is not possible to track your DHL Germany package without the tracking number.

You can generally find the tracking number on a confirmation email or SMS. You will need to contact the seller for tracking details if you do not get them.

How do I track the DHL Germany package with Upper?

As long as you have the tracking number, you can use the Upper Package Tracker to find every detailed update of your parcel. You can also find the estimated time of package arrival.

You need to enter the tracking number on Upper Package Tracker, select “DHL Germany” as a courier, and click on the “Track my package” button. Then you will get the details of the parcel along with the expected delivery day and time.

Additionally, you can also track on the DHL website to find the exact status of your shipment.

At what time will my DHL Germany package arrive?

DHL Germany usually provides delivery services between 8 AM to 6 PM.

To find the exact information about when your parcel is set you arrive, you can track it on the Upper Package Tracker.

How long does it take for international deliveries with DHL Germany?

The average time for international deliveries with DHL Germany is around five business days. However, sometimes the delivery may take longer due to several reasons like customs and border control.

Who offers better tracking Upper or DHL Germany package tracker?

You can track your parcel with both the Upper and DHL Germany package trackers.

However, more accurate and detailed tracking updates including the estimated time of parcel arrival can be known through Upper Package Tracker only.

What do I need to do if the DHL Germany packages do not arrive?

If you do not receive your parcel within the estimated delivery date, you will need to contact DHL Germany customer service directly.

When you contact them you need to tell them about the content of your parcel along with the tracking number. This will help them to start the initial investigation and to find out why you did not receive the parcel.

Moreover, you may also contact the seller to check if there is any issue from their side.

How do I sign for the DHL Germany package?

Some parcels may need a signature on receiving, as it acts as security for some high-valued parcels.

If your parcel requires a signature, the delivery person will either give you a form or a device and instruct you about the signature. DHL Germany also offers a telephone confirmation delivery option.

What if I miss the parcel delivery?

If you miss the DHL Germany parcel delivery, the delivery person will leave a note and try to deliver on the next business day. Meanwhile, the parcel will be available at the nearest service point for you to collect at your convenience.

What if DHL Germany loses my package?

It is the responsibility of the seller and DHL to make sure that the package is delivered correctly. If you suspect that your package is lost, you can contact both DHL Germany and the seller at the earliest to find out what happened exactly.

How to contact DHL Germany?

You can contact DHL Germany through the website by selecting your query type or category.