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DHL was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn, and Larry Hillblom. The company was established in 1969, and together the founders managed to revolutionize the world of logistics. DHL is the world’s leading logistics company, and 380,000 employees are working for them.

DHL serves 220+ countries and territories. They help many businesses to grow with their professional logistic services. DHL has domestic and international parcel services. Their specialties include Air freight, Ocean freight, and rail freight.

Rail Freight is available between Europe and Asia. Besides providing the best freight services, they are the leaders in Warehouse solutions, Transport & distribution, and contract logistics.

DHL is an initiator of green logistics, as they want to contribute their part to save the planet. More than 100+ million kilometers are covered with E- vehicles. These E-vehicles are charged from 86% renewable sources of energy.

In Germany, DHL has used 28500 bicycles for zero-emission delivery, and they have more than 70,000 certified Go-Green professionals. DHL has introduced the minimum CO2 footprint in ocean freight, reduced carbon in air freight, and no emission solutions for ground freight.

With the tagline “Connecting people, improving lives,” DHL is generating long-term sustainability and value addition. Currently, DHL is one of the leading delivery services across the world. The DHL Express renders international delivery services and offers the best platform for urgent and expedited deliveries offering deliveries in just 5 days instead of three weeks. The packages can weigh up to 70 kg.

How do Upper Package Tracker and DHL work?

DHL is equipped with advanced technology for package tracking and providing accurate information about your shipment. If you want quick information about your shipment, you can also try Upper Package Tracker to find real-time information about your shipment.

Tracking your DHL parcel is very simple with Upper Package Tracker. All you need to do is open the website. Sign in to your account and enter the tracking number in the search bar.

Look out for the package service company, and once chosen, click on search. Within seconds, you will get the details of your package. And, this is not it! Upper Package Tracker gives you a precise, real-time location of the package along with the expected delivery time, so you can be available to take it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Miss the Package Delivery?

If you miss your DHL delivery, your delivery driver will leave a message informing you that you have missed your delivery, and he/she will attempt to re-deliver it the next business day. If you miss it again, they will leave another message informing you that you will have to pick up the package from your nearest DHL sorting center in 7 days.

Thereafter, DHL will remind you after 3 days to pick up in case you have not done so. If you are unable to pick up your package within 7 days, they will inform you that they are returning the package to the sender. After your package is returned to the sender, you will have to contact the sender for any queries.

Why is My DHL Package Stuck?

Since most shipments only have milestone tracking, even though your package has not reached its milestone, it might still be on its way. Depending on the selected service and location, international shipments may take longer than expected to reach their destination.

Certain circumstances, such as weather conditions, customs, and administrative work logs, can also cause a delay in shipment delivery. If you do not receive your package after 5 days of the expected delivery date, please get in touch with DHL Customer Service to report a lost package.

How Can I Track My DHL Package?

Visit our website, go to the tracking page, and enter your tracking number. We will do the work for you, and in seconds, you will know the location of your shipment. No matter where you live, this works on domestic and international packages.

Where is My DHL Package?

You can know your shipment details by entering your tracking number into the search box on the tracking page. Packages arriving from an international seller or online storefront may take a few weeks to arrive, depending on the country of origin or country of delivery.

If you don’t receive your DHL package after 5 business days of the scheduled delivery date, you can contact DHL Customer Service to report the package lost or stolen.

How do I find out the tracking number?

The merchant or online shop will have your package details, including the tracking number; you can contact them if you have not received the tracking number.

If you order from an online store, the tracking number will be sent in an email or SMS. If you order from a physical store, you may have to contact them to know the tracking number and more information.

Can I track my package without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track shipments without a tracking number. You may contact the merchant or storefront to know the tracking details. If you have done online shopping, please check your email or SMS inbox, as the tracking number may be there.

You may have received an additional SMS confirmation with the tracking number from your merchant.

Why is my DHL Package pending?

When you order from a merchant or online store, if they haven’t shipped the package, it will appear as pending. Once they have shipped, you can see your package’s movements.

In the case of a non-delivery day, it could be possible that they are not processing orders for shipments which could cause a delay in your delivery.

How long will it take to deliver an international package?

With the DHL Parcel International Standard shipping, your package will take 1-2 weeks to arrive once the merchant or online storefront has shipped it. However, if you choose DHL Parcel International Direct, their express service, it will take 3-10 days for your package to arrive from the ship date.

Shipping could be delayed due to certain circumstances, such as weather conditions, customs, and operational backlogs. It also may vary depending on the country of origin and country of delivery.

How late will DHL deliver?

DHL delivers from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday in the United States, with additional costs and fees for weekend or holiday delivery services. In non-U.S. countries, DHL delivers 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday, with no option for delivery on national holidays.

However, DHL may ship your package to another courier service in your area that may deliver earlier or later, depending on their local hours. This may also vary if your address is residential as opposed to a commercial address. UPS, for example, may deliver as late as 7 PM in residential areas but may deliver as late as 9 PM for a commercial address.

How long will DHL hold a package?

If you miss your delivery on the second attempt, DHL will hold your package for 7 days at the local DHL sorting center and remind you after 3 days that they have your package.

You have a week to collect your package. If you can’t pick up your package, DHL will return it to the merchant or storefront. Afterward, you will have to contact them in case of any query or information.

What is my DHL tracking number, and how can I find it?

A tracking number is a combination of numbers and letters, and it has a unique combination generated by the tracking software. This is always different for domestic and international shipments. You will get your tracking number from the online seller or shop.

Connect with the seller or customer care if, in case, you have missed your shipment.

How to get the tracking information?

Tracking information appears within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the shipment. Once the shipment is ready and has reached the facility of DHL, you will receive the tracking code or ID to track your shipment.

Why is my tracking ID not working?

Always make sure that you have entered the correct tracking number. If your tracking number is still not working, connect with the shipper or shop. Always remember that there are different tracking codes for international and domestic shipments.

How to connect with DHL?

To connect with DHL, you can visit their website or use their email address. DHL has a dedicated customer support page on the website. Generate your query and connect with the team to resolve your issues.

How does the Upper Package Tracker help me?

Upper Package Tracker helps to track your package in no time. You need your tracking ID to get the complete information about your DHL package.