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When it comes to shipping any courier, local or international, DHL is the ideal service we have come across. DHL is one of the leading courier services in the global market. DHL courier shipments have been accurate. Founded in 1969 by Robert Lynn, Larry Hillblom, and Adrian Dalsey, it was initially for the local courier service, which later entered international air express. DHL currently offers its courier service to more than 220 countries and is one of the biggest courier services offering quality package delivery services.

DHL in Germany delivers around 59 million packages daily thanks to its vast network. From personal packages to professional items, DHL deals with all kinds of items to send across. You can even deliver physical, electronic items to hybrid ones. Many top eCommerce companies globally have a tie-up with DHL courier service. Other than regular courier service, DHL also deals with air freight, road freight, rail freight, ocean freight, and others.

The Green Sustainability Service

To keep green sustainability alive, DHL has taken steps to offer green logistics. That entails lowering the carbon footprint and establishing norms in society and governance. Over the years, DHL has reformed its logistics service and developed the first green logistics product to produce zero emissions. Currently, it provides the industry’s most complete portfolio of green logistics solutions. From ocean freight to air freight, DHL is looking forward to making green sustainability happen in the coming years.

Using sustainable aviation biofuels, DHL assists you in lowering the carbon footprint through air freight cargo across all trade routes. You can hasten SAF’s update and promote the shift to green and sustainable air freight shipping by using the Air Freight GoGreen Plus service. The main aim of offering sustainability services is to connect people and improve their lives. It directs the sense of duty, emphasizes ideals, concentrates our mission, and produces lasting value. To achieve our objective, we must make every aspect of our business sustainable.

The best part of DHL packaging is receiving all the guidance required for the packaging and shipment. Per DHL, it is vital to use high-quality cardboard boxes if the parcel item is quite delicate. Moreover, avoid using old boxes because they lose their rigid bodies.

This German-based courier and freight service is known for its reliability and quality. Using innovative services, DHL ensures it retains high-quality service for its services.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and DHL Work?

Upper Package Tracker is advanced tracking software for tracking packages worldwide. Upper is a simple and easy-to-use tracking tool.

The package tracker is generalized to track parcels from nearly 75+ courier services worldwide. This software is regularly updated to provide the most accurate tracking details. You can also check the DHL package from Upper.

To find your parcel’s update and its current location. You must enter the tracking number and click on the “Track my Package” button. Our system will automatically pick up your courier and provide tracking information.

You can try Upper Package Tracker for free to find your parcel’s most recent update.

Frequently Asked Questions

DHL Global Mail Tracking is a system that allows customers to locate their items while in transit. DHL controls all its collection and delivery services throughout the globe. Using the effective package or mail tracking system, customers can monitor their packages worldwide. Not just local, the tracker also allows you to track your item or parcel when it is flying across the border. The tracking software from DHL provides a less expensive and more convenient distribution experience. Customers can use this unique platform if they want another means to track their packages.

DHL, the leading courier service provider, has a strong global express network. Several airlines are included in its service, some of which they own entirely. As a result, DHL can respond to demands from throughout the world promptly and flexibly. Finding your courier using the tracker by DHL is relatively easy. You can use the tracking number that you received by mail or SMS. They offer a simple tracking option for packages sent for the parcel. Letters and numbers make up tracking numbers. Sometimes the tracking number is expanded with spaces and hyphens. Typically, DHL uses a 10-digit number that begins with 3S, JVGL, or JJD.

Does Upper offer better tracking than DHL?

Yes, Upper offers better tracking than DHL, as the DHL package tracker is limited to tracking DHL parcels, whereas Upper is a universal tracker and can track properties from nearly 75 courier services around the world.

Which places does DHL cover with its courier service?

DHL is a decade-old courier and freight company offering service to more than 220 countries. Being part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, there are multiple services under its arms. Some of these are DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, and a few others. The company also offers a real-time package tracking service to help you know where your package is.

DHL provides shipping services to all nations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Myanmar. Due to its German ownership, DHL is unaffected by American restrictions, allowing it to ship without hindrance or concern to Cuba and North Korea. Compared to other package and courier services,

So if you want to ship your parcel to the US, Cuba, North Korea, or any other country, you can do it quickly.

Is it possible to track a DHL package without using the tracking number?

It is possible to track your DHL package without the tracking number. To do this, you must visit the DHL website and enter the shipper’s reference number. The yellow box you will find on the right side of the screen needs to be filled out with the correct data. DHL has made the tracking system handy, thanks to its innovative systems.

How do I track my DHL package with Upper?

For tracking your DHL package with Upper, you must enter the tracking number and click the “track my package” button. The system will fetch the package details and show you the most recent tracking updates.

How long does DHL take to deliver an international package?

The delivery period for international packages entirely depends on the location. Delivery times abroad range from two weeks to a month. There may be occasional delays. For instance, if you select the economy delivery option, it will take longer than if you select the premium delivery option. If you have an urgent document to send, it is best to use the premium option. One major reason items get delayed is transportation issues that can affect the delivery timeline.

At what time does the DHL package usually arrive?

DHL makes deliveries Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. When the delivery date arrives, DHL will provide you with the timeslots of the item’s arrival. This is because you can be available and sign the parcel.

When your shipment has left the sorting facility and is within one mile of being delivered, you will receive an SMS notification.

How should I find my DHL package?

Finding your package with DHL is relatively easy. The company has advanced itself in terms of innovation and customer service. There are many cases where customers are unable to track their DHL packages. There are two different ways to find your DHL package. One is to get live tracking of the item using the tracking system. The other way is to connect with DHL customer care, through which you will get complete information about your item.

Why isn’t my DHL item moving?

DHL items may not move for different reasons. The first is that the regulatory bodies of customs may hold the item for some reason. If you deliver a banned item, it may go on hold. The other reason is that the DHL courier agent hasn’t picked up your item for delivery. It is best to investigate your item that is stalled.

Why do I get information about my shipment not going to the desired detention through DHL?

In many cases, DHL recycles the waybill numbers of the shipment as a part of operations. It occasionally leads to data entering our systems simultaneously for two shipments with the same waybill number. Although this information may be puzzling, you must keep patience, and your item will reach the desired location on the said date.

Why am I being asked to contact the DHL team after tracking the system?

This typically happens if the data provided is insufficient for you to trace the shipment. The address may be wrong, so we need more information or clarification. Connecting with customer service will enable the issue to be handled very quickly.

What if I miss my DHL delivery?

If you miss your DHL delivery on the said timeline for some reason, you will get the complete information on when the next delivery will happen. If you miss the second attempt, the delivery boy will leave a note for you to collect the parcel from the DHL sorting center.

Do I need to insure my shipment with DHL?

It is not compulsory, but doing the same will give you peace of mind. Freight forwarders carry limited liability for any loss during the transportation of customer goods. In the event there is damage to the product, the compensation will be calculated against the clause of the Standard Negligent Liability Clause.

How should I pack my goods?

It is important to pack your items in the right box, especially those that are fragile. You can check the Freight Packaging Tips, which can also be used for other packaging and shipping tips.

Why doesn’t my tracking number or ID work?

Usually, it doesn’t happen, but if you don’t find your item tracked or it doesn’t work, check the tracking number again. You might be writing the wrong tracking number. If the number is correct and still doesn’t work, connect with the shipper or online shop.

When will my eCommerce shipment be delivered?

It completely depends on the destination. If the shipment is local, then it will take 2-3 days. If the shipment is international, it will take 20 days.

Is it possible to change my delivery address with DHL?

Once the shipment is processed, there will be a modification of the item with DHL. You will need to connect with the merchant for the same.