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Dicom package tracker was founded in 1968 as a courier service. The company customers across the globe and provides facilities to many industries to meet their transportation and logistics needs. Dicom is fulfilling approximately 80000+ shipments on a daily basis across North America.

This courier company has taken the lead in business-to-business (B2B) transportation and logistics. For B2C, they have initiated the parcel, freight, and logistics services. The major USP of this company is to work on the tailored need of the customers and to do so, they have started following these solutions:

Regional Parcel

GLS regional parcel service is the best among all the offered services. Here, Dicom offers the fastest and geographically, the most extensive network services. Under the regional parcel, customers can use the fastest transit speed, later pick-up facility, and even early morning deliveries.

Integration of parcel and LTL is available enabling, faster transit time and higher flexibility at the time of delivery.

Package receiving from Dicom

To receive the package from Dicom, there are two ways: Dicom Parcel and Dicom Express. Dicom Express transports the packages by truck and, if required, via Air. They cover places like Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic.

Dicom Express offers express services to businesses that need to deliver big parcels. In addition to the above, Dicom offers cross-border goods delivery from Canada to the United States and vice-versa.

You can ship 76 pounds with Dicom Parcel or Express. And, if you want to ship more than 300 pounds, you can go for Dicom Freight. Dicom prohibits the delivery of perishable food items.

History of Dicom

Established in 1968, Dicom started by delivering services in Canada. However, General Logistics Systems owned Dicom, and you can see the presence of GLS when you check the Dicom webpage. However, the company still serves Canadians and will always be a part of its history.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Dicom Work?

If you are waiting for your package from Dicom, you can use the Upper Package Tracker. It eliminates the pressure of package misplacement or delay by giving accurate information about your Dicom package.

Using Upper Package Tracker is a breeze. You can simply use your Dicom tracking number and paste it into the search box and then select the Dicom from the drop-down menu and hit the search button.

This will show you the exact information about your Dicom Package. Dicom handles the package delivery with the best care. If you have doubts, use Upper Package Tracker to get accurate information. You can use their services free for 7 days before signing up for the paid version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my Dicom package without a tracking number?

If you don’t have the tracking number, don’t panic; go to “Dicom customer care” and select “Parcel” or “Freight” at the corner of the web page and select the procedure.

You can also find your package tracking number from the merchant’s website if you have ordered it online. This number will be under the tab “your orders.”

If you are the sender, this number will be under the ‘shipment history,’ and you can get this number after logging in to your Dicom account. If you still have any issues, check the real-time location with Upper Package Tracker.

Does Upper Package Tracker have the best tracking?

Yes, Upper Package Tracker has the best tracking and technology to give you the exact location of your package.

What facilities do Upper Package Tracker provides?

Here is the list of the important things you will get from Upper Package Tracker

  • Current location of the package
  • Location history
  • Reasons of delay
  • Estimated time of delivery
  • 24/7 help

Upper Package Tracker helps the delivery driver with the right directions to reach your location. It works both ways for the receiver and the delivery agent.

How late will Dicom send my package?

Dicom delivers the packages till 5.30 PM for residential deliveries, and for commercial deliveries, they deliver the packages till 3.30 PM.

How long does it take to send the package to the USA?

Shipments for the United States take approximately 3-4 days via truck delivery. Dicom Express shipments take 1-2 days if sent via air delivery. For some locations, you can opt for the 24 hours delivery, but you have to pay a little extra.

Does Dicom deliver out of Canada?

Yes, Dicom delivers the parcels outside Canada.

For how long will Dicom hold my package?

Dicom offers the “hold for pick-up” service on its website and as per its rules and regulation guide. The company will hold your package for a maximum of five working days.

Present your valid Photo ID proof and get your package without hassle.

How to track my Dicom package with Upper Package Tracker?

Upper Package Tracker is easier to use, a two-step process, and it’s easy compared to the Dicom package tracker.

Select the tracking number for the tracking and choose Dicom. Click on Search to start the process.

What if I don’t receive my Dicom package?

If you have missed the Dicom package, talk to Dicom customer service and resolve the issues. Customer care will explain to you the reasons for the delay. If you want to track the package, use the Upper Package Tracker.

What if Dicom delivers my package to the wrong address?

Sometimes, Dicom may deliver your package to the wrong address; if that is the case, contact Dicom Customer Care. They will track your package and will update you.

What if my Dicom package is lost or stolen?

In such a situation, file a complaint to Dicom customer care and present the tracking number for your package. Dicom offers compensation in case of theft or damage. You need to report them within 48 hours of the package delivery date.

What are the required things in case of theft or loss of my Dicom package?

If you are the merchant and your customer has missed or lost the package, you can file a claim with Dicom. You can even file a claim with Dicom if you have received a damaged package.

You will be required the following things:

  • Package tracking number
  • Cost proof of the damaged good in case of damage claim
  • Pictures of the damaged goods

What if I miss my Dicom Package delivery?

If you have missed your Dicom Package delivery, contact Customer Service at 1-888-463-4266 or email at [email protected].

If your package is stuck somewhere, connect with the Dicom terminals and pick up your package. This option is available if you are living in Quebec or Ontario.

When will I receive my Dicom Package?

Check the Dicom transit time calculator for your package’s estimated arrival time. You can also use the Upper Package Tracker to estimate delivery time. If you have placed your order on an online store, you might receive the information about the estimated time.

Why is my Dicom Package stuck?

Due to weather conditions or public holidays, your package might get stuck in the warehouse or terminals. This might happen if the package has no address or an incomplete address. Connect with the nearby terminal with the shipment booking receipt and learn about your package.