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DPD is the leading international parcel courier service with a solid network in most European nations. The DPD delivery service aims to create a sustainable courier in the e-commerce business. With its vital delivery services in the UK and other European countries, DPD ensures every parcel is delivered safely and within the given timelines. We provide shippers and customers with a flexible solution by fusing cutting-edge technology and local expertise into our service.

Through its brands DPD, Chronopost, and Jadlog, DPD delivers 8.4 million items globally every day for a total of 2.1 billion parcels annually. Moreover, 120,000 delivery experts working in nearly 50 countries back the company. Since they are the leading company in the industry of logistics, they are counted as one of the most dependable and reasonably priced delivery services, and they have access to huge ground and air networks.

La Poste runs DPD Group and caters to all types of customers, from businesses to individual clients. However, there are certain restrictions when it comes to product delivery. It includes furniture, white goods, tobacco, and others.

Different services under one roof

As a part of its fast and uninterrupted service at the global level, DPD offers multiple services under one roof. From DPD Express to Direct and Classic, each service has its own uniqueness.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and DPD Work?

We at Upper have introduced a package tracker to reduce the hassles of parcel delivery. The Upper Package Tracker is an easy-to-use tracking tool to find your package from any corner of the world. This tool lets you get the most updated delivery updates in your comfort zone.

It is a global tracking tool that can track domestic and international packages. The tracker is ideal for tracking shipments from over 75 top courier services. For tracking, you will have to put the tracking number in the box and hit the ‘track my package’ button. It will display the delivery status, like the estimated delivery date and the shipment history, like where the parcel was and its live location.

You can use Upper Package Tracker to access the delivery status of your parcel within a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deliver my item, which is around 31 kg and needs to be sent to Europe?

DPD offers its special Classic service, which delivers items weighing around 31 kg and having a maximum dimension of 175 cm x 300 cm. Some of the features you can enjoy with DPD Classic are:

  • On-time Notification
  • The European Pickup Network
  • Proof of Delivery and Individual Parcel Tracking
  • High-security monitoring and a closed transit system

I want to deliver my fragile item to an international country; how will DPD deliver it?

DPD has its own Air Classic service through which it delivers items to international countries. Air Classic provides the best delivery experience for your overseas customers, with complete traceability and notifications to your clients.

Does Upper offer better tracking than DPD?

Yes, Upper Package Tracker is a tracking tool for tracking parcels from multiple couriers, but the DPD package tracker is limited to DPD parcels.

What is DPD Fulfillment, and how will my e-commerce benefit?

With the DPD Fulfillment service, you will get order fulfillment and several other benefits. Currently, DPD Fulfillment stores maintain and effectively distribute the inventory of numerous businesses around the UK. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and a vast delivery network, we assist in streamlining your processes from manufacture to delivery, connecting you to your customers effortlessly. The order fulfillment services will enable you to focus on your core business operations. It will speed up your company’s growth compared to managing your order fulfillment operation. Some more benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Completely organized storage systems enable real-time tracking of items from the original order to the ultimate delivery point.
  • Complete stock transaction histories are auditable.
  • At the moment of dispatch, there is a bar code scanner to capture the serial numbers of expensive items.
  • A committed management team and proactive personnel can provide expert guidance and support for all your business needs.

Is it possible to track my parcel with DPD package tracking?

You can monitor your delivery items with Track & Trace. When you use the DPD service, you will receive a 14-digit parcel reference number. You can use the same in the tracking system and get real-time updates.

How to track DPD parcel with Upper package tracker?

For tracking your DPD parcel with Upper, you need to enter the DPD tracking number. Once you enter the tracking number and click on track my package, the tracking tool will display all the tracking updates related to your parcel.

Why haven’t I received my parcel? And what should I do now?

There are chances that your parcel may be at the merchant warehouse or in transit. In many cases, it takes customs a long time to pass the parcel for the further process. If you haven’t received your parcel on the said date, connect with the customer care of DPD.

How long does DPD hold the package?

DPD usually holds the item for 8 calendar days. The countdown begins as soon as the package is delivered to the store. DPD ensures that the thing isn’t too fit for long and is delivered on time.

When will my parcel be delivered?

In the Netherlands, the drivers deliver packages every weekday. However, depending on the country, daily delivery periods range from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. All international delivery drivers work Monday through Friday. There won’t be any deliveries over the bank holidays.

How can I sign for the DPD package?

In countries with COVID-19 restrictions, DPD doesn’t use the signing process for the package. You can verify the proof of delivery in two different methods instead:

You will receive a 4-digit PIN on your cell phone for the first method. When the messenger shows up, you will need to give them this code. The PIN code is then entered into the courier’s scanner. Set the package two meters away so you can pick it up. The courier guy will request to see a valid ID if you have not yet received a pin code. The last five digits of your ID will be used on their device as proof of delivery. If you fail to provide the identification number, your parcel won’t be sent to you, and the courier will return it to the sender.

Is it possible for someone else to pick up my parcel from the pickup parcel shop?

The delivery guy can cross-check the recipient’s name and other details with what is on the package. The individual must also present a copy or a photo of the recipient’s ID and their own.

Track & Trace shows my parcel has been delivered, but I have yet to receive it. Why is this an issue?

The Track & Trace may often have technical issues showing the item is delivered. Moreover, the parcel may have reached the warehouse but not yet reached the recipient. In this case, you can contact the customer care team by calling 085-0022222, and they will assist you.

Please provide your 14-digit parcel number in every correspondence so the customer care service executives can trace your packages immediately.

How can I pack my fragile item before sending it out for delivery with DPD?

  • Pack the items in a strong cardboard box that is square or rectangular.
  • Always keep this outer packing well-sealed.
  • Always use tape to seal the edges. The parcel’s contents must not peek through the wrapper.
  • One can purchase packing boxes made specifically for delivering products. These are more robust and provide security for the items within your package. Regardless of the packing or filler materials you select, ensure there is no damage before the delivery. Make sure that any (old) barcodes are removed and that the addresses are accurate and easily readable.

What if DPD loses my delivery package?

Although DPD has a robust delivery process in all areas, there are chances that items may end up lost. If DPD misplaces your shipment, you may file a claim. You will get a complete refund of your missing item. However, you have a set amount of time to submit your claim. You must log it as soon as possible, ideally within 14 days of the shipment date. You have 28 days to submit the official claim. Get the claim form from DPD. It carries a case-specific reference number. Save this number and then coordinate with DPD executives.

Please be aware that if you fail to report lost or damaged items, DPD will not be held accountable. The best course of action is to trace your package using Circuit so that you can respond quickly.

What is myDPD?

MyDPD provides complete control over how DPD delivers your packages. By using the Live Tracking feature on the MyDPD portal, you can trace every DPD package right up to the front door. With myDPD, you may modify your delivery up to 30 minutes before arrival. To get all features, sign up for myDPD.

At what time will my DPD package arrive?

Once the driver connects, you will get complete details about the precise delivery time. The DPD Package Tracker also allows you to get the full update. Using DPD tracking UK, you can obtain an expected arrival time. However, usually between 7:30 in the morning and 7:30 in the evening is common. Watch your phone after seeing the delivery date on Circuit to ensure you can pick it up on time.

Why is my DPD package listed as pending?

When DPD holds the package at its warehouse, it is marked as “pending.” When you are not home to receive the package, or the address is wrong, they act this way. It may also occur if you reject the delivery or if there is a customs issue.

Using its tracking system, you may always be aware of the whereabouts of your DPD package. Additionally, it will enable you to take the appropriate steps by its state, giving you a greater sense of control over the delivery and receipt of your shipment at every stage. DPD Package Tracker provides a complete delivery solution for private and commercial deliveries.