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Estes is one of the largest freight transportation companies in North America. The company offers a comprehensive suite of freight shipping services customized for each individual. Estes is committed to making freight shipping easier, and to do so, it provides many online tools. These applications and tools help fetch important information about your freight without hassle.

With the tagline of ‘ethical, honest, and committed,’ Estes runs its business without compromising on values. It’s been 90 years since Estes has been working in the freight transportation business. Estes believes in building strong relationships with the people they serve.

History of Estes

Estes was established and started in 1931 by the founder W.W. Estes. He started this venture with a used Chevrolet truck in a rural area of Virginia. Estes started transporting livestock and farm supplies from small towns to big cities. In the next five years, he hired more drivers and started an office in ‘Chase’ city.

This year, he named the business Estes Express Lines and expanded it further. In the past 90 years, it has become the largest freight carrier in the nation. With 270+ terminals, it has coverage in 50 states, including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more. Estes is a debt-free and financially stable company and won several awards.

Though a lot has changed in the shipping industry, Estes has remained committed to responsive freight solutions so that customers can focus on what matters most.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Estes Work?

When you are using Estes for your parcel delivery, you may want to keep an eye on the movement of your parcel. Upper Package Tracker offers additional features like live tracking, scheduled delivery, proof of delivery, and estimated time of arrival to help you stay updated on your packaging at any time of the day.

All you need to do is open Upper Package Tracker and mention your tracking number in their search bar. And within seconds, you will get all the information you need related to your package. Everything is mentioned, from the package’s current location to when it will reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions for Estes Delivery services.

What are the things Estes Lines deliver?

Estes delivers the product in commercial and residential areas, including consumer-to-consumer deliveries with their Final Mile home delivery service. Wholesale distributors and sellers can arrange the shipments with Estes.

Less than Loads Service (LTL)

Transportation of products that are less than ‘one truckload’ comes under the category of LTL. LTL shipments are usually less than 10,000 pounds.

Volume and Truckload (VTL)

VTL is an ideal solution for large shipments of more than 10,000 pounds or when the seller requires extra handling during the peak selling period.

Where do Estes Express Lines deliver?

Estes Express delivery delivers in 50 U.S states and including Alaska and Hawaii too. Estes also provides services for Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands. This service includes Antigua, Aruba, and the Bahamas.

Estes has modern warehouses and equipment to dock and undock the shipments at shipping ports. Hence, the buyer does not need equipment or a warehouse to accept large loads.

What are the specialties of Estes residential delivery?

Estes offers the following specialties in residential deliveries.

  • Entryway
  • Front door delivery
  • White glove delivery service
  • White glove with assembly
  • Placement in room

Can I track an Estes Package without a tracking number?

No, tracking an Estes package without a tracking number. Estes provides all the information about your package at every phase. They have created a professional portal for package trackers.

You can also use Upper Package Tracker to track the shipment without hassle. Get the real-time visibility of your Estes package in no time.

You can also check this through Estes by using the following numbers.

  • PRO number
  • Lading number
  • Pick-number
  • Purchase order number
  • Interline PRO number
  • Load Order number
  • Optional EXLA -I.D. number

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Estes?

Upper Package Tracker provides a direct update on the status of the Estes package. Upper Package Tracker works with all possible courier services worldwide and has access to the tracking portions of the logistics and supply chain management system.

How late does Estes express deliver the shipment?

The delivery time depends on the service selected at the time of shipment booking with Estes. Estes helps to get a guaranteed time of 5 PM or an earlier available slot as per your need.

How long does it take to deliver an international package via Estes?

Estes usually take 4-7 days to deliver an international package. Sometimes, it might take a little longer than expected, especially during peak seasons and public holidays.

If you want to estimate the Transit Time, then you can use the transit time calculator. Estes offers ‘Time Critical Guarantee’ Services for fast delivery.

How long will Estes hold my package?

You can schedule your pick-up with Estes by using your My Estes Account. My account page will take you directly to the pick-up request page once you complete the ‘login’ formalities.

How to sign up for an Estes Package?

Estes will ask for a sign at the time of package delivery. Always schedule your delivery for the time when you are available to avoid any hassle.

You must be present at the time of package delivery for the White Glove service. If you missed the delivery, follow the instructions given on the “missed you” note.

How to track an Estes package with Upper Package Tracker?

Use Upper Package Tracker, enter the tracking code, and select ‘Estes’ from the courier service selector. Now click on “Track my package” to find the real-time location.

What do I do If my package is not received from Estes?

You can look for the nearest center if your package is missing or not received as per the estimated time range. You can also connect with Estes Customer Care at 866-378-3748 Ext 2030.

What to do if Estes has lost my parcel?

You can file a claim for the lost package with your My Estes account. There is a claim form on the page. You can download the form, fill it and email or fax it.

When filing a claim with Estes Forwarding Worldwide shipment, use the EFW claim form available on the Claims Forms sections under DOMESTIC FORM.

When will Estes deliver my parcel?

You can discuss the delivery timing with the customer service executive while getting a quote for your parcel. Estes hours of operation include from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays. Estes does not deliver on weekends and holidays. The days of holidays depend on the country.

Why don’t I see my Estes package moving?

If you’ve tracked your Estes package and it is not moving, you should take the following steps:

  • For ensured scheduled delivery, call Customer Care at (804) 359-9307 ext. 2269.
  • Check if there is a holiday or bad weather conditions which can cause a delay in your package movement.
  • Sometimes, your package may be observing a normal layover event.

What benefits does Upper Package Tracker offer?

You can enjoy several advantages of Upper Package Tracker:

  • It offers you to choose a preferred delivery time.
  • It allows you to enjoy services like automated route planning for delivery drivers.
  • It helps you get precise driving directions for your package delivery.
  • It automatically alerts the customer about the ETA and delivery status.

Upper Package Tracker offers accurate and real-time tracking updates.

Estes is a world-class shipping service provider with a nine-decade-old history in shipment management. For international and local deliveries, you can consider their service as they deliver to more than 250+ places across the globe.

You can opt for specific services to meet your shipment needs and efficiently handle your business transportation needs with Estes.

Business Support from Estes is one of the finest in the industry, and they provide ‘value-added-services’ for their esteemed customers. If your package is missing or not delivered, you can contact them anytime with your bill or tracking number.

To track your package, you can also use the Upper Package Tracker service and get the real-time location of your package.