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Fastway Package Tracker

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Fastway has a unique approach to courier service, and its courier franchisees deliver cost-effective and reliable courier services. Fastway is backed up by the latest technology, making it a world-class system. This feature makes this courier company a great choice for small and big businesses.

History of Fastway Courier

Fastway was established in 1983, and the company’s main objective was to provide low-cost courier services between Hastings and Napier in New Zealand. Later in the year, they entered the franchise arena.

Fastway enjoyed phenomenal growth in Australia, and Fastway was awarded as the fastest-growing private company in 1988. Fastway thereafter embarked on an expansion program to offer a master franchise program.

In 2011, Fastway revitalized itself and renewed its focus on valued customers. To define the parcel journey, they introduced the underpinning key-value system. They began to manage services across Ireland and South Africa.

Franchise Structure of Fastway

Fastway courier provides services and opportunities to run a successful business. The business model has three different value-added models for people with different expertise.

Master Franchise

These franchises are owned and operated by individuals with the complete support of Fastway.

Regional Franchise

A regional franchise is designed to work in one territory, and Fastway helps to train the full sales support and admin staff.

Courier Franchise

This model works as a coal face of the business as this franchise manages the real customers and delivery services of the package.

Fastway offers customer-friendly domestic services in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It also serves in the UK. Your product will be picked up and sorted in the sorting hub. Check here to understand what they actually deliver.

After 30 years of delivering excellence, Fastway is determined to provide efficient and cost-effective services to its customers.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Fastway Work?

Being one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand, Fastway works its best to provide satisfactory delivery services to its customers.

Upper Package Tracker emerges as a helping hand and works as a perfect tracking partner for the company. When sending a parcel anywhere in Australia or worldwide, you want to keep track of your package.

Use Upper Package Tracker to get real-time details of your package. So, whether your parcel is in transit or with customs, you will know its location in seconds. It also offers automated route planning to the drivers for package delivery and gives customers an estimated time of arrival and delivery status.

If you are facing an issue while tracking your package with Fastway, use Upper Package Tracker to get real-time information about your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Fastway package be tracked without a tracking number?

It is impossible to track your package without a tracking number. You can connect with Fastway’s customer support department if you have lost your tracking number.

Their website contains a separate page for package tracking; check the information there and connect with the team to get it resolved.

If you have a tracking number, you can use the Upper Package Tracker to get the exact location of your package.

Can Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Fastway?

Both Upper Package Tracker and Fastway offer efficient tracking.

Upper Package Tracker package tracker uses the latest technology and efficient way to generate accurate information about your package.

How much delay can Fastway do?

Fastway has multiple franchises, and they have individual information with separate timetables. If there is any kind of delay, try to connect with the local franchise on this page. Click the ‘support’ button on the website and get help from the Fastway team.

How long does it usually take to deliver the international package with Fastway?

International shipping depends on many other factors, like public holidays, customs, and festive seasons. Fill out an available form on the website and check out the tentative dates for reaching the package.

How long will Fastway hold my package?

Generally, Fastway holds the packages for 5 days or more, depending on the location. To know more about your package, connect with the local franchise office and arrange a ‘time of pick up in case you have missed the delivery.

Holding time can be different for the different areas, so check with local customer care of Fastway and plan your pick-up accordingly.

How to make a sign for my Fastway Package?

Always keep your photo ID ready when your package arrives. Fastway delivery requires your signature for all the packages to confirm that the package is delivered to the right person.

If you want Fastway to leave your package in a designated area, don’t forget to fill out the “authority to leave” form in advance.

How to track your package with Upper Package Tracker?

Go to the Upper Package Tracker page, enter your tracking number in the given box and select the Fastway from the drop-down menu. Upper Package Tracker will fetch the current state of your parcel, and you can easily track your shipment.

You can find the tracking number on the label of your Fastway package. This will be a 12-digit alphanumeric code. To avoid any hassle, keep the tracking number with you so that you can easily track the parcel.

What to do if I have not received my package from Fastway?

The first thing is to track your package; Fastway can tell you this in just no time by checking the tracking number. Fastway can tell you this information in just a few seconds; if your package is stuck anywhere, you will get to know.

Connect with your local franchise or support to get the exact information. If it is an international seller, you will get a notification for shipping in the next 1-2 days.

If the package is domestic, you might receive a delivery message in the next 48 hours.

What if Fastway loses my package?

In case of package loss, you can always file a claim with Fastway. Even if you have received a damaged product, you can file a claim within 48 hours of receiving the product.

There is no fee required to file the claim; you need to provide the evidence for the same to prove your claim. In the case of goods, you can provide the supplier’s invoice for the claim. However, some products are not covered under “Fastway’s claim policy”. Check out the list of these products and conditions of carriage.

What if I miss Fastway delivery?

If you missed the delivery, fill out the re-delivery form and reschedule the delivery. If you want someone else to receive the package, fill out the “Authority to leave” form in advance. Do not opt for the signed delivery.

Fastway uses low-cost transportation; hence they can offer no-cost package rescheduling. Fastway holds the packages for 5 days, and you can receive them from their local franchise office as per your location.

Where is my Fastway Package?

Check the status of your Fastway package with the Upper Package Tracker and get the exact time of arrival. This tool is easy to use and accurately tells you about your package.

Where is the Fastway Tracking number?

Check the label; you will find the tracking number on it. This is a 12 digits number and also contains letters. These labels are pre-paid; record these numbers in advance so you can track your package later.

Why is my Fastway package stuck?

Your package is stuck because it has not reached the Ireland hub, and it will take 2- 3 days to reach there. Check with customer care if your shipment is stuck for more than 4-5 days.

What if my Fastway package is damaged?

If you have received a damaged package, you can complain and claim for it. Keep evidence ready with you and file the complaint within 48 hours. Go to the website of Fastway and file a claim to get the money for your damaged package.

Why is my Fastway package pending?

Sometimes, your package shows ‘pending’ status as it might be stuck somewhere in transit. If it is an international package, it might get stuck in customs and be delayed. In festive seasons and public holidays, the chances of this happening are higher.

Reach out to your nearest Fastway franchise office and explain the scenario. They will help you to track the package in no time.

Still facing issues? Track your package from Upper Package Tracker and stay worry-free.