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FedEx is an American multinational holding company offering transportation, eCommerce, and delivery services. Today, FedEx is best known for its air delivery services. It was the first to start overnight delivery as a flagship service.

FedEx Mailview is a convenient and affordable solution to deliver products internationally. FedEx picks your consolidated mail shipment to its facility, and the local postal authorities deliver it to the recipient. FedEx Mailview service offers additional visibility of your shipping but is not a tracking app

History of FedEx Mailview

Established in Arkansas in 1971 as Federal Express Corporation, FedEx grew rapidly and became a billion-dollar revenue company by 1983.

In 1997, FedEx was branded as FDX, a holding company, and in 2000, FDX Corporation rebranded into FedEx Corporation.

How do Upper Package Tracker and FedEx Mailview work?

FedEx Mailview is one of the best parcel delivery companies in America, offering the best services at the best price. It allows national and international shipping conveniently for Americans.

However, with convenient delivery services, you need efficient tracking too. Upper Package Tracker offers live tracking services for customers globally. We help you get up-to-date, precise tracking details. You can check where your parcel is exactly within seconds.

If you send a parcel with FedEx Mailview, you can try Upper Package Tracker Tracker for free to check your package status.

You need to mention your tracking number and click on “Track my package”; it will detect your courier’s location and give you the necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my parcel from FedEx Mailview?

After making an order, you should wait two to three days to get your tracking number. You will get a tracking number from FedEx, which will help you get all notifications about your package.

If you put the tracking number on the Upper Package Tracker website, you will get an update on the package.

How is Upper Package Tracker better than FedEx Mailview?

You can track your FedEx parcel with FedEx Mailview, but you don’t get real-time delivery notifications. It offers you precise time for successful delivery, reducing the re-delivery attempts.

How is Upper Package Tracker more beneficial for you?

There are numerous benefits that you can derive from Upper Package Tracker:

  • It offers round-the-clock tracking.
  • You can choose your preferred delivery time.
  • The delivery drivers get an automated route to reach the destination easily.
  • You receive automated notifications about the estimated time of arrival of the parcel.

What is the international delivery duration of FedEx Mailview?

The delivery time for premium services is 4 to 7 days and for standard service is 7 to 11 days for international parcels. However, the delivery times may differ depending on the country, national holidays, and operational backlog.

The service days of FedEx are from Monday to Friday. The company doesn’t deliver on weekends.

What if my package is submitted to customs for a long period?

The major cause of delay in customs is product declaration. Product declarations can sometimes be misunderstood as they don’t translate exactly into the same meaning as what is interpreted in the sender’s country.

Another common reason for customs delay is the ‘customs value declaration’, which may not be reasonable according to the commodity description. After tracking your parcel on Upper Package Tracker, if you don’t find it moving from customs, you should contact the FedEx Mailview team for help. Your FedEx sales executive will further help you out with the transaction.