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When Hong Kong was still a British colony, Royal Mail first established Hong Kong Post in 1841. When Britain handed over control of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Hong Kong opted to maintain Hong Kong Post in its existing configuration. Hong Kong Post has been shipping parcels for over 180 years and is in charge of sending everything from supplies to private packages to more than 200 nations worldwide.

Hong Kong International Small Packet is perfect if you want to deliver less than 2 kg of items. It is also known as the Hong Kong packet or Hong Kong Post Air Mail. Over 200 nations and regions worldwide are included in its service area.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Hong Kong Post Work?

Upper has introduced a software (Upper Package Tracker) for finding package at your fingertips. This is an easy-to-use tracking tool for a convenient delivery experience for customers.

This tracking software has helped to remove hassles related to parcel delivery. It allows you to get the most updated delivery status instantly. Moreover, the upper package tracker is ideal for tracking packages from top courier services. They can locate parcels from more than 75 courier providers across the world.

You can also find the Hong Kong Post parcel with the Upper Package Tracker. You must enter the Hong Kong Post tracking number and hit the button ‘track my package’. It will show all the details about your parcel including previous, current location and also the estimated arrival date.

You can also try Upper Package Tracker for free to access delivery updates about your parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my products using Hong Kong Post’s shipping service without utilizing the tracking number?

Hong Kong Post offers a tracking number, helping customers track the shipment in real-time. The tracking number for a typical Hong Kong Post package should be 13 digits long, beginning with the letter “R” and ending with “HK.” RC987654321HK. Moreover, most retailers and online shops will send you a confirmation email of your order along with your tracking number. They often send it to your mobile device as an SMS. If you have an account with the merchant or online shop and can’t find your tracking number, examine your most recent orders for the information. If everything else fails, get in touch with the retailer or online store you made your purchase from for further details.

Is Upper tracking services better than Hong Kong Post?

Yes, Upper provides a much better service than Hong Kong Post. The reason is that Upper is ideal for tracking parcels from multiple courier services, but Hong Kong Post Tracker is limited to Hong Kong parcels only.

What is Hong Kong Small Packet Tracking?

Hong Kong Post International Small Packet, also known as Hong Kong packet or Hong Kong Post Air Mail, is the most preferred option to ship items weighing less than 2 kg, much like China Post Small Packet and Singapore Post Packet. The service covers 200 nations and regions throughout the world. The overall days taken are 7–20, and the item will reach the said destination. It is currently heavily utilized by e-commerce vendors in China and Hong Kong on sites like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, and others because of its high efficiency and safety.

How many days does the Hong Kong Post deliver the item?

Depending on where you reside, Hong Kong Post delivery drivers finish their days at 5 or 6 pm local time on weekdays and at 1 pm on Saturdays and don’t deliver on Sundays or public holidays. Your local courier will determine delivery timeframes for overseas shipments. Delivery timings may occasionally change depending on whether the address is residential, rural, or business.

How can I deliver my package to China using Hong Kong Post?

If you need to deliver the package to China, you should locate a reputable agency approved by Hong Kong Post. If you live close to the agent, you can take your packages there to send them, or if you have a lot of packages to deliver, you can ask them to come to pick them up at your door. If you don’t live in the same city, you can choose to use one of the reputable domestic express services in China, such as Shun Feng Express, Yun Da Express, Shen Tong Express, Zhong Tong Express, Yuantong Express, and more, to send the packages to them.

How can I track a Hong Kong Post parcel with Upper tracker?

For tracking Hong Kong Post parcels with Upper you will need a tracking number. You must enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button. The tracker will show all the updates related to your Hong Kong parcel.

What is the average shipping time for the Hong Kong Post?

Hong Kong is quite an advanced country regarding logistics. There are direct flights every day to any city in the world. This benefit makes it possible to supply the tiny packet of Hong Kong practically daily. Most packages reach between 5 and 12 days, counting from the day the packets are on board. Only three days are required to travel to various nations, including the UK, the US, Canada, and Ireland. The anticipated shipping times to some of the significant countries or areas are listed below for your reference.

  • Asian countries: 3–7 working days.
  • 3–10 working days for England and Ireland
  • Australia, Canada, and the United States: 5 to 12 working days.
  • Countries in Western Europe: 7 to 21 Working Days

For how long does Hong Kong Post hold a package?

If you are not present at home and your package needs a signature, Hong Kong Post won’t be able to deliver the item. If Hong Kong Post is unable to deliver your package, they will hold onto it for 15 working days before returning it to the sender. It only applies to domestic delivery, though. Hold times for overseas deliveries will depend on your local courier because Hong Kong Post only handles customs clearance before handing off your shipment to your local courier.

How can I sign the Hong Kong Post package?

A signature is frequently required before giving the valuable recipient packages containing sensitive information. Your delivery person will inform you if your parcel needs a signature and will ask you to do so before handing it to you using a tablet pen and an electronic signature pad that your courier’s delivery driver will supply. If your box needs a signature and Hong Kong Post or your local courier tries to deliver it, you are not home. You will also need to pick it up from the closest post office the following day.

How can I keep track of the items sent from Hong Kong Post?

If no item number is supplied, no overseas postal administration will assist with tracking the package. It is best to send a copy of the front and back of the returned mail item’s envelope to the recipient and ask them to verify with their local postal service provider.

What to do if I don’t receive the package from Hong Kong Post?

It is best to track the package’s exact location using the package tracker from Hong Kong Post. You will get complete details about its current location. There are reasons like bad weather conditions, weekends, national holidays, or customs problems for the international shipping delay. Contact your local courier to determine whether your package is still out for delivery or if it needs to be picked up at the local courier’s nearest post office. Suppose the Hong Kong Package Tracker indicates that your package has been delivered but is not at your doorstep.

What happens if Hong Kong Post misplaces my package?

Most packages sent by Hong Kong Post are insured against loss during transit. Hong Kong Post will try to locate your delivery before paying you back for its value. Because of this, it is wise always to be truthful when listing the contents of a package for shipping. It happened when your item was in Hong Kong or had not yet arrived at its destination and was still in the care of Hong Kong Post.

How can I apply to change the old mail address to a new mail address?

Hong Kong Post offers assistance when you move from an old home or office to a new one. You can connect with customer service to know the process for the change in mail address so that you don’t miss any packages.

What if I don’t receive my Hong Kong Post package?

Unless your parcel needs a signature before its release, in the event that you are not available, Hong Kong Post will leave it at your door. They will return your box to the closest Hong Kong Post Office after leaving a note if it needs a signature. Before Hong Kong Post returns your parcel to the sender, you have 15 working days to pick it up and sign for it. The process is essentially the same for most post offices when receiving a package from abroad; only the hold times vary.

Where is my Hong Kong Post Delivery Item?

The best way to find your Hong Kong Post item is to use the tracking system provided by the post. Enter the tracking number and get a real-time update of the same. If you see that your package is pending, the courier has yet to deliver the same. For situations like bad weather, operational backlogs, or other occurrences beyond the courier’s control, items may arrive after the scheduled delivery date.

How can I pay for the delivery service to Hong Kong Post?

Customers can make in-person payments at any post office by cash, Electronic Payment Services (EPS), check, or cashier’s order by displaying the payment barcode or providing the license number.

Customers can reset the value on their postal franking machines by 11:00 am on the following working day for cash payments made before 3:00 pm.

What if I receive my item in damaged condition from Hong Kong Post?

Hong Kong Post will cover the expenses if the item is damaged during transit after you file a complaint with the company. If the item is damaged before or at the merchant’s place, Hong Kong Post is not responsible for the same.