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JP Post stands for Japan Post; this postal and courier service is a government-owned company and was established in 2003. This postal service offers delivery service, banking service, and life insurance. JP post is the largest employer in Japan, with 400,000 employees, and it has 24,700 post offices across Japan.

Japan Post runs the world’s largest postal saving system, and they have the largest holding of personal savings, approximately 224 trillion Yens. JP Post has good resources and delivery networks covering every corner of the country. Japan Post provides the fastest and most reliable services tailored to the customer’s needs.

This postal service company provides the following-

  • They provide basic postal services
  • They give banking and insurance services
  • They have established the corporate governance system

History of Japan Post

Japan Post was a government-owned corporation providing postal and parcel delivery amenities. In 2007, news of its privatization occurred, and Japan Post was split into three companies, proposing privatization in 2017. In 2020, the government-owned 57% of the shares and announced March 2028 as the targeted privatization date.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Japan Post Package Tracking Work?

If you have sent your shipment with Japan Post and it went missing in between or is delayed for any reason, this scenario might annoy you. To avoid such a mess, connect with Upper Package Tracker and get complete information about your JP Post Package. Go to the Upper Package Tracker website and open the package tracking page. Put your tracking ID there and select JP post from the drop-down menu. Click the tracking button, and your package information is on the screen.

You can try the Upper Package Tracker for free for 7 days. Upper Package Tracker is connected with many global courier companies across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Allowed to Send Alcoholic Beverages by International Mail?

Yes, you can send alcoholic beverages; the alcohol content should not exceed 24 percent by volume as an international mail. The conditions of mailing an alcoholic beverage vary from country to country. Please check the International mail conditions for your desired country.

Can I Send Cash Overseas with JP Post?

A maximum of 2 million yen can be sent via insured or registered mail. However, the maximum amount that can be mailed may vary depending on the country. Please Check International Mail Conditions.

How Long Does the JP Post Hold the Parcel?

If you are not at home while the delivery was attempted, JP Post will hold your parcel at the delivery post office for 15 days; you can contact them to schedule a redelivery or pick up the parcel within 15 days. Mails subject to customs duties are kept for a month.

Can I Change the Shipping Address?

You can request to change the address before the shipping arrangement at the post office in charge of international shipments. If the parcel has been shipped, we cannot meet your request. Please note that we may charge a handling fee in such a case.

My Parcel Has Been Held up at the Local Customs, Can JP Post Help?

We cannot do anything to persuade or pressure the customs; this is beyond JP Post’s control. However, you can submit an investigation request to check the current status of your parcel. We advise you to take necessary procedures at the post office where you shipped the package.