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The history of La Poste postal company is a long one. It began as a small postal service in France and has since grown into one of the largest postal services in the world.

Currently, La Poste can ship packages to 40 different countries across the globe. In France, the delivery speed is comparatively fast and easily trackable. One can get their package delivered within 2 days. In France, 60% of parcel deliveries are made solely by La Poste.

In order to provide its customers with the best possible service, La Poste has introduced Colissimo. Colissimo is a fast international delivery service that offers a wide range of products and services.

Additionally, Colissimo offers international shipping. You can use it to deliver a package to a La Poste store. After that, a courier will pick up the parcel and deliver it anywhere in France within two business days.

La Poste ships everything locally and internationally, from letters to cardboard boxes. They have small to big sizes of envelopes and cardboard boxes with built-in bubble wrap to pack and ship parcels quickly.

La Poste has developed a complete package tracking system that allows you to manage your deliveries in real-time. This system will allow you to know exactly when your orders are being delivered and how much time they need to be delivered

How Do Upper Package Tracker and La Poste Package Tracker Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is an all-in-one tracker that tracks packages from over 75 courier companies. Basically, Upper Package Tracker is a common platform to track and get updates for all your packages.

You can track your La Poste package using Upper Package Tracker hassle-free. All you need is a tracking number that you get via text message or Email. From the list of courier companies available, select “La Poste” and enter the tracking number in the space given. You get the latest updates on your package, whether it is shipped, out for delivery, or delivered. You will get an accurate status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whose tracking feature is better? Upper Package Tracker or La Poste Package Tracker?

Well, Upper and La Poste are both intended to provide accurate tracking. But, one of the main differences between Upper and La Poste is the number of courier facilities supported.

La Poste’s tracker is limited to tracking packages of La Poste only. But Upper supports all major courier facilities. In Upper, you can track packages of 75+ courier facilities. So, when it comes to compatibility, Upper is your one-stop solution for all major courier companies.

How to track my La Poste package in the Upper Package Tracker?

You can track your package from La Poste by visiting the Upper website. From the list of courier facilities, select “La Poste”. Find the tracking number you’ve got in your receipt, Email, or text message, enter it in the space given, and click on the “Track My Parcel” button.

It will show you the recent status of your package and the estimated time it will get delivered.

What time does La Poste deliver couriers?

La Poste couriers are operational between 9 AM to 6 PM. Working days of La Poste are Monday to Saturday except for public holidays. So, you can expect your courier during these working days and hours only. Although to get updates, you can use Upper Package Tracker to track your package and know its whereabouts.

What should I do if La Poste hasn’t delivered my package?

Your delivery might not arrive on time due to some unexpected conditions. You can try typing in your tracking number in the Upper Package Tracker app. If there has been a delay, it will be able to tell you where and why it happened.

Can I track the La Poste courier without a tracking number?

La Poste has been one of the biggest courier facilities across France for years. You will get your tracking number via Email or text message in a few hours. You can also find the tracking number on your receipt. There are very few chances of not getting the tracking number, except for some exceptions.

But if this happens, you can still track your package by entering the customer name, address, or order number.

Can Upper Package Tracker track international packages?

Yes, Upper is a platform built with the intention to provide tracking services across the globe and all major courier companies. So, you can visit the website of Upper Package Tracker and check whether your courier facility is available on the list or not.

What to do if I don’t receive the courier from La Poste on time?

Packages from La Poste are likely to get delivered on time. But sometimes it may happen that it gets delayed by a few hours or days due to some issue in shipping. So, you are recommended to wait for a few days.

If, in any exceptional situation, your package isn’t delivered, you can reach out to them on their Email or contact number. You can get contact details on their website.

What does the tracking number of La Poste look like?

The tracking number of La Poste consists of 15 characters, or 15 digits, or 14 digits and a capital letter. As for example: S012345678901234

The tracking number format can also range from 11 to 15 characters, including capital letters and numbers. As for example: 4D0123456789.

Why is my La Poste package not moving?

There are 2 possibilities that your package’s movement is inactive:

  • It hasn’t been shipped at all
  • It has been shipped but has stopped moving

The reason behind the first possibility can be an issue from the inventory side. Sometimes misplacement of your package or any other internal issue can lead to a delay in shipment.

However, if it was sent and the motion abruptly ceased. It can be because of bad weather, tracking errors, roadblocks, or vehicle problems. You can still use the Upper Package Tracker to get more insights into the real problem.

Will La Poste provide me proof of delivery?

When the delivery person visits your location to deliver the package, they will hand you a mobile phone or a tablet and ask you to sign digitally into it. Your digital signature will work as proof of delivery for both the delivery company and you.