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Loomis Express is a freight and packages shipping company serving within and outside Canada. The company was founded in 1905 with its headquarters in Brampton, Ontario.

TFI International acquired Loomis Express in 2011 with a current company size of 1,001-5,000 employees. Loomis works with TFI International companies to deliver excellent client service and products.

They provide express and economy delivery services within Canada and internationally to more than 220 countries. Their annual operating revenue is more than 4 billion dollars.

Loomis has an automated shipping platform for every business size as below:

  • Loomis Express Web ship is introduced for personal users and small business
  • Loomis Express Laser is an integrated shipping system for large businesses

Loomis specialises in package and courier delivery, transportation solutions, specialized transport, retail transport, and industrial shipments.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Loomis Express Work?

For a shipment to travel smoothly, delivery and tracking services must work together. There’s no denying that Loomis provides dependable delivery services. But to get the most precise tracking information, we also need a tracking tool.

Upper has introduced cutting-edge tracking software, to track both domestic and international goods. This is a straightforward, approachable tool that the user can use whenever it’s convenient. Over 75 courier firms across the world can track packages using Upper’s package tracker.

You may keep track of your package from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it is delivered to you. The upper tracker offers precise tracking information because it is updated often.

As a result of sharing the most recent real-time tracking update with you, it also guarantees on-time deliveries. Thus, customer trust is increased and the chances of missing a parcel delivery are decreased. Additionally, it provides information on your package’s shipment history, including its previous location, current location, and expected delivery date.

All you need is a tracking number to be able to track your package while you’re at home. In the box provided, enter the tracking number, then select the “track my parcel” option. From the moment the sender ships the package, the tracker will show all updates regarding it. You may also find out when your delivery is anticipated to arrive.

You can use the Upper Package Tracker now to trace your Loomis Express package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track a Loomis Express package without a tracking number?

No, it is not possible to track your Loomis Express package without a tracking number. You can find the tracking number either on the order receipt or the on the order confirmation email sent to you. If you still do not find the tracking number for your package, you can check with the merchant or the sender.

NOTE: You can use the reference number to track your package, but for that, you need to contact Loomis Express customer service.

Where is my Loomis Express tracking number?

You can find your tracking number on the order confirmation receipt or email. However, if you still cannot find it, you need to check with the sender for the shipment details, including a tracking number.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Loomis Express?

Yes, Upper Package Tracker is a tracking software to track shipments from multiple courier services, whereas Loomis Express Tracker is limited to tracking Loomis packages only.

What is the time for deliveries of Loomis Express packages?

Loomis usually delivers their packages anytime between 7 AM to 6 PM within Canada from Monday to Friday. However, they charge an additional fee of $23.00 per shipment for deliveries on Saturday,

They offer various delivery options to deliver the package on time for a better customer experience. They provide delivery options like end-of-day delivery and next-day delivery before 9 AM.

How much time does it take for international deliveries with Loomis Express?

The international delivery time depends on the distance between the origin and the destination country. Loomis Express provides an express delivery service for international deliveries and aims to deliver any parcel within 14 days.

For instance, if you send any parcel from the United States to Canada, it will take less time compared to a parcel shipped from Canada to Europe. To find more details about your package, like where the box was, where it is now, and when you may expect its delivery, you can use Upper Package Tracker.

How do I track the Loomis Express package with Upper?

For tracking your Loomis parcel with Upper, you can follow the below steps:

  • Enter the tracking number in the box
  • Click on the ‘track my parcel’ button
  • The system will display the entire journey of your package

How to sign for a Loomis Express package?

A signature is a must to ensure that the package is delivered safely. The delivery driver will let you know if a physical or digital signature is required for receiving the parcel.

In case you miss your parcel delivery and there is a need for a signature. The parcel will be held at your nearest Loomis Express service point for seven business days for you to collect. You can collect your parcel by showing a government-issued photo ID proof.

How long does Loomis Express hold the package?

After you miss the Loomis delivery, they will take off a note expressing that they have attempted to deliver. In addition, they will try to deliver once more on the following day. After two delivery attempts, they will hold the parcel for seven commerce days at no additional charge.

You can arrange to go collect your parcel within seven business days. Additionally, carry a government-issued ID whenever reaching to collect your parcel.

The best way to know about a parcel is to keep following your parcel with Upper Package Tracker to discover the genuine status and anticipated delivery time.

What if I do not receive my Loomis Express parcel?

To find out why your Loomis item did not arrive, you must contact Loomis Express Customer Service.

Moreover, Upper Package Tracker makes it easy to check the progress of your package using the tracking number. You can reveal information about your package, including its previous location, current location, and estimated arrival date.

What if I miss the parcel delivery by Loomis Express?

Loomis Express will make two delivery attempts; if you miss them, they will keep the parcel for seven business days. You can go and collect it from the nearest Loomis facility center.

You can keep an eye on packages with Upper Package Tracker to get the most up-to-date information.

What needs to be done if Loomis Express loses my package?

If Loomis loses your package, you must contact Loomis Customer Service to inform them. Communicating with them will help us start the claim process.

Why is the Loomis Express package not moving?

There are several reasons why a package may not move, including weather or traffic conditions. To find out the real reason for the delay, you can use the Upper Package Tracker.

If there is no activity for several days, please contact Loomis Express Customer Service directly.

What is my Loomis Express package pending?

If the package status is pending this means it hasn’t been shipped yet. Please be patient. However, if the status does not change for some time, you will need to contact Loomis Customer Service for package details.

Where is my Loomis Express package?

To find accurate and detailed tracking updates, you can use Upper Package Tracker. Enter your tracking number, click the ‘Track Package’ button, and the system will display an overall tracking update.

How do I contact Loomis Express Customer Service?

For immediate help, you can contact Loomis customer service on the below details:

  • Live Chat Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Customer Service (Within Canada): 1-855-256-6647
  • Customer Service (Outside Canada): 1-905-460-2530