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OnTrac is a reliable, quick, and efficient small package shipping company, rendering services in the Western US. The company specializes in package logistics using expedited ground facilities without including the cost of express shipping.

Working in the field for over 30 years, OnTrac offers quality package services with low fees. Their rates are 40% less than other carriers. It offers its package delivery services to more than 65 million customers from San Francisco to LA.

History of OnTrac

OnTrac was established in California in 1991 under the name California Overnight. It was set up by acquiring other small American and Canadian courier companies, which grew to several states. In 2020, the company covered 20% of the US population.

How do Upper Package Tracker and OnTrac Work?

OnTrac is a popular package delivery company in the United States, offering reliable and cost-effective services. The company is consistently expanding its reach. It means you can send your parcels to more places.

With efficient delivery services, you need flexible tracking too. Upper Package Tracker offers easy and efficient tracking services for customers. We help you get a real-time update on your package’s position. If you’re waiting for your parcel from OnTrac, you can track it on Upper Package Tracker for free.

All you need to do is enter the tracking number on the website or app of Upper Package Tracker and track your package within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does OnTrac take to deliver my parcel?

Usually, ground shipments are delivered by the end of the day. However, the delivery time differs, depending on the route’s other service needs.

Does OnTrac use USPS or UPS?

For the last five years, OnTrac has been working with USPS for its last-mile offering.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than OnTrac?

Upper Package Tracker offers similar tracking as OnTrac with better simplicity in one-click search. All you need to do is enter your tracking number, tap “Track my Package,” and get the desired information.

How long does OnTrac take to deliver my international package?

The international deliveries vary depending on the origin and destination countries. Most international parcels are delivered within 2 to 14 business days. You can check their international website to get more information. You can use Upper Package Tracker to know your parcel’s current status and the estimated time of arrival.

What happens if you don’t receive your OnTrac parcel?

When a recipient is unavailable at their location on our first delivery, we make a second delivery attempt. OnTrac offers delivery of the package the next day at no extra cost.

Can I pick up my parcel from OnTrac?

Yes, you can pick up your parcel from one of our offices. Just speak to our Customer Care agent at 800.334.5000 to make arrangements.

How long can OnTrac hold my parcel?

OnTrac will keep your parcel till it is marked non-deliverable. To get a tag of non-deliverable, the package should reach this stage:

  • Attempted deliveries three times
  • Parcel should be refused by the recipient
  • Cash on delivery remains uncollected

OnTrac will speak to the shipper if the parcel is non-deliverable. Additional fees are charged for more re-delivery or returns.

What happens if I lose my OnTrac parcel?

If you feel your package is lost, you should contact the customer service department of OnTrac about it. Try and locate your parcel using Upper Package Tracker to know its last location. If OnTrac has lost your package, you can contact the claims sections within 30 days and file a claim on [email protected]

When will my OnTrac parcel arrive?

The delivery time of the parcel depends on the type of OnTrac service used. Sunrise Delivery is their mid-day delivery service when the deliveries are made by noon or 2 pm on Saturday. Other services have different delivery times. Check the tracking status on Upper Package Tracker to know the estimated arrival time.

Does Upper Package Tracker cover my OnTrac parcel?

Yes, you can track your OnTrac parcel with Upper Package Tracker. It offers centralized delivery, end-to-end tracking, and the estimated time of arrival so that you don’t miss any details of your OnTrac parcel.

Why is my OnTrac package delayed?

OnTrac aims to provide on-time delivery, but sometimes packages are delayed because of truck breakdowns, accidents, bad weather conditions, traffic issues, natural disasters, staffing fluctuations, and backlog work.

Why is my OnTrac parcel not moving?

One of the reasons behind the delay may be the delivery driver hasn’t reached your location for delivery yet or your package may still be in transit, and the update will come as it reaches the location.

You can call on 800.334.5000 for all your concerns. You have 15 days to file a refund request if your shipment arrives late. You can email the spreadsheet to [email protected] with details of your tracking number, account number, and transportation details.

Do I need a tracking number to track my OnTrac package?

Yes, you cannot track your parcel without a tracking number. You will find the tracking number listed on the shipping confirmation email or SMS sent by the sender to you. If you don’t find it, please contact the online storeowner or sender for it.

Do I need to sign for my OnTrac parcel?

OnTrac should acquire a signature for No Release packages. If it needs an adult sign, OnTrac will check for your identification and ask for a sign on the paper or electronic device.

Why is my OnTrac parcel pending?

Your OnTrac package is pending because it has received an update from the sender or the courier company. Once the parcel has been out for delivery, the update will show on your tracking results. If your package has been pending for more time than expected, please contact the customer service team of OnTrac at 800.334.5000.