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PostNL is a Netherlands-based courier service with a rich history of delivering happiness for more than 200 years. It all started with bare feet, which were gradually replaced by horseback courier services. With the advent of time, the company has adopted modern transportation systems to emerge as one of the leading parcel delivery services in the Netherlands.

For a long time, PostNL was the only postal company in the Netherlands. Being a pioneer in the logistics and last-mile delivery industry, the company now covers all domestic locations in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it also facilitates international shipment delivery services in many European countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, etc.

A quick turnaround time in delivering the packages is a significant highlight of PostNL’s delivery service. The courier service delivers various types of goods, though the maximum weight of the objects should not exceed 30 kg. Besides the standard packages, PostNL offers delivery services for frozen and packaged foods. Delivering such products requires logistics swiftness, and PostNL has the cutting-edge technology and skilled manpower to ensure fast and hassle-free delivery of such items.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and PostNL Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is a universal tracking tool so that customers can track their parcels from anywhere in the world. The package tracker can track parcels from nearly 75+ courier companies across the globe. You can easily check the current updates of your PostNL packages through Upper.

To find your parcel, you will have to enter the tracking number and click on the “Track my package” button. The system will show the actual status of the parcel along with its current location.

To find your parcel’s update you can try Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can senders and receivers track the PostNL packages?

The sender, who can be a merchant or an individual, will receive a tracking number after placing a shipment order with PostNL. You need to follow the packaging guidelines to place your order successfully. Once a package is accepted for delivery, PostNL will give you a package tracking number. You can locate the package easily using this tracking number.

Typically, senders should share the package tracking number with the buyers so that buyers can also track the parcel’s location. Anyone can visit the PostNL website and enter the valid tracking number to track the orders. Alternatively, you can use a third-party website to track order status by entering the tracking ID.

Does Upper offer better tracking than PostNL?

Yes, Upper offer better tracking than PostNL as Upper is multi courier package tracker whereas PostNL is limited to PostNL parcels.

What is the estimated arrival date of my PostNL package?

You need to have a package tracking number to check the estimated arrival date and time of PostNL packages. You can procure the number from the merchant and use it for tracking your packages. The package tracker will give you an estimated delivery date. You can also check the probable delivery time, though the actual time may vary for many reasons.

How to track a PostNL package with Upper?

You have to enter the tracking number in the box and click on ‘track my package’ button. This will show all the updates about the parcel.

What is the PostNL parcel delivery hour?

PostNL offers delivery service for packages, registered mail, and invitation cards till 9:30 PM daily, except Sunday. The delivery time may vary depending on the products you want to send to a receiver. You can find a glance at delivery times for different PostNL products in the following section.

  • Funeral Cards: If the sender posts a funeral card on any weekday before 4:30 PM, PostNL will deliver the card to the receiver’s address the next day.
  • Letters: PostNL also offers a next-day delivery service for letters or postcards. The letters and postcards are typically delivered before 6 PM on the scheduled delivery date.
  • Healthcare Items: PostNL delivers healthcare products from Monday to Saturday. An order received before 5 PM on a Sunday will be delivered the next day.
  • Food and Supplements: The foods and supplements are typically delivered before evening on the same day.

So, the delivery hours vary according to the items you want to deliver through PostNL. In addition, the delivery schedule may change due to natural calamities, COVID-19 lockdown, and many other unforeseen reasons.

Does PostNL offer international delivery?

PostNL offers international delivery to various parts of the world. At the same time, it receives a package from international shipment partners and ensures a hassle-free last-mile delivery service in the Netherlands. If you want to send a package to an international location, you must follow the packaging and measure the weight guidelines.

How can you track your international packages?

The same package tracker tool will work for both domestic and international PostNL packages. You must enter the package tracker number correctly to check the parcel’s location in transit. International shipments undergo inspection by the customs department. Therefore, you may find that your package is not moving at times. In such cases, you must wait a couple of days and recheck your parcel’s location.

Do you need to sign PostNL packages?

Except for a few parcels containing confidential items, the receiver does not need to sign a PostNL parcel. Notably, PostNL does not judge the confidentiality of a parcel. However, the sender needs to determine confidentiality and ask the PostNL to collect a signature from the receiver at the delivery time to ensure safety.

For the safety of the packages, PostNL has also introduced a signature delivery service. If you choose the “Signature for Delivery” package, you will receive insurance coverage for the package. Furthermore, if PostNL delivery executives misplace the package, the sender will receive a reimbursement of 500 euros.

Do PostNL delivery executives leave parcels at the doorstep?

The packages are handled according to their nature. For example, PostNL delivers frozen food and other food items. The delivery executive does not leave such a package at your doorstep. Instead, he will reach your location and ring the doorbell. The delivery executive will come back with the parcel if you are non-responsive at your home’s doorstep.

Letters are usually dropped at the letterboxes, while other packages are left at the doorstep. Sometimes, the delivery executives also leave your package with your neighbor if you are not present at home. The executive will leave a note about your parcel’s location in such cases.

What should you do if you do not receive the PostNL package?

There is nothing to worry about if you have not received the PostNL package, as the company is committed to rendering hassle-free delivery service. However, you have not received a package for the following two reasons.

  • You were not present at your residence, and the delivery executive did not leave the package at your doorstep, judging its confidentiality.
  • The delivery executive may have failed to reach your location for various technical and non-technical reasons.

If PostNL fails to deliver a package on a particular day, it will attempt another delivery the next day. Therefore, if you were not found present at your delivery address, your parcel would be left in the PostNL inventory. Recipients or senders should call PostNL’s customer support department if the package is not received even after two days of the scheduled delivery.

How long does PostNL hold a package?

Typically, PostNL holds a parcel for seven days after unsuccessful delivery attempts. However, some packages contain products with short expiry periods. For example, pharmaceutical and food items may have a small expiry period. Therefore, such packages are not kept at the PostNL pickup point for seven days. Instead, the products are returned to the sender in the case of failed delivery attempts.

Will you get compensation for the lost items?

PostNL is committed to resolving delivery disputes quickly to ensure seamless customer satisfaction. The receiver should complain to the sender if they get a damaged package. The sender can ask for compensation in such cases. However, the matter will be thoroughly investigated before providing compensation. Damage to the items is unlikely because PostNL takes utmost care of the packages during transit.

If the PostNL delivery executive loses a parcel, both the sender and receiver can complain and raise a dispute. PostNL offers compensation in such cases at the earliest.

Why is my PostNL package untraceable?

Every PostNL parcel is traceable if you use the package tracking number correctly. Entering the wrong number will fetch the wrong result. Therefore, PostNL recommends you check the tracking number carefully before you hit the track button on the parcel tracking engine.

What should you do if you receive the wrong tracking number?

The senders send the package tracking numbers to the receivers. Therefore, the receivers should contact the senders if they have received a wrong tracking number. The sender can further call PostNL’s customer support to receive the correct tracking number. However, PostNL does not make such mistakes too often. Therefore, you are asked to check the tracking number twice before sending it to the receiver.

What do you see your package “pending” in transit?

Customs clearance is always a hassle in the case of international shipments. Therefore, PostNL may not receive the parcel at the scheduled time from its international logistics partner. The courier service notifies users of “pending” status in such cases.