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The leading courier service is Posten Norge, one of the leading postal services based in Oslo, Norway. The company aims to make the same-day delivery service in Norway the best one in the country. One of the company’s unique features is that it allows receivers/senders to decide when to pick up and deliver the same at their doorstep. Moreover, it primarily works through the mailbox, wherein the receiver can return the package by mailing the information. If the sender pays to get the package delivered to the doorstep, it will be done within a few working days. If the parcel size is large, the receiver can visit the nearest Posten location to get more assistance.

Posten has a vast delivery mail and small package market in Norway. However, the company also deals with international package delivery if the item is safe. The goal of Posten is to make the delivery system convenient and consumer-friendly.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Posten Work?

Upper Package Tracker is an advanced tracking software designed for tracking. You can now track parcels from the comfort of your home or office with a tracking number.

This tool supports tracking services for more than 75 posts around the globe. Upper is a simple, user-friendly tool and provides the most accurate tracking updates.

To check your parcel, you need to put the tracking number in the box and hit “track my package” button. The complete journey of your property, along with its current location, will be displayed.

To learn more about your package, use the Upper Package Tracker for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track my package without using a tracking number?

No, you cannot track your package without using the tracking number. You can also use SMS and email for package tracking purposes. Additionally, Posten has chatbots that can assist with your questions. You can also get in touch with the package’s sender if you don’t have a tracking number or have any issues with it.

How can I redirect the package from the pickup point to my home?

You can get the package delivered to your doorstep if you change your pickup point. We will notify you once the package arrives at your pickup location. By selecting the link in the message, you can decide whether to reroute the package or not. Use the option lower down the page to order redirection from where the package is picked up. Make sure to provide a complete home address.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Posten?

Yes, Upper offers much better tracking services than Posten.

Upper is designed to track parcels from more than 75 courier services worldwide. It also shows the update about your expected parcel arrival date. But, the Posten tracker can only check Posten parcels, and it does not show the delivery date updates.

Do you have the Locking and Security system in the mailbox?

Since we offer mailboxes for sending small packages, a lock can be installed on many of them to safeguard the information. The postman can thereafter deliver only narrow and thin letters; you must pick up all parcels at the Posten. There must be a balance between the benefits and drawbacks of locking the mailbox.

How will I know if my package has reached the pickup points?

If there isn’t enough room in the mailbox for a large parcel, you will get the notification through SMS. You will get information on when the pickup option is available at the designated location. Also, you will notice if the package takes longer to arrive in your mailbox.

How to track Posten parcel with Upper package tracker?

To track Posten parcel with Upper, enter the tracking number and click on the “track my package” button. The system will fetch the tracking updates and show you the result.

When will you deliver my package to my doorstep?

The doorstep delivery in Norway is available from Monday to Friday. In cities and towns, deliveries are made to your door between 17 and 21 on the day you specify. For other countries, delivery happens between 8 and 17. If you are not home, you can ask us to drop the package at your desired place. You will be regularly provided an update about the location of your item, so you can make your plans without missing the order.

How much later will my product be delivered?

Normal delivery hours for Posten are 8 am to 5 pm, but the pickup option is available at one of their red mailboxes at any time. Make sure you are ready to receive the package when it is delivered by using the package tracker by Posten to see the package’s location. If you don’t know where your package is, you risk missing the delivery. Posten keeps updating its recipient about the product’s arrival on a regular basis.

What is the timeline of the international package delivery with Posten?

Posten has good connectivity with different postal services globally for easy delivery of packages. Other delivery times may apply depending on the location the package is being transported to. Suppose the item is a letter and is subject to different rules than parcels larger than 2 g if it weighs less than 2 kg (about 4.4 lbs). Ensure you have all the required customs documentation when sending something abroad to prevent unwanted delays.

  • For Nordic Countries—0–4 days
  • Europe, 4-14 days
  • Rest of the world: 7–20 days

For how long does Posten hold the package?

Posten post office is allowed to hold the package only for 14 days. If you require more time, Posten may store your packages for over 15 days while keeping them safe for NOK 165. Posten will charge an extra NOK 27 if you require more time to pick up your shipment. You will be getting complete information about the package holding. If you don’t get any information, you can connect with the company for assistance. The customer service of Posten is really great to help out its customers.

How can I sign on to the Posten package?

Posten will send you an SMS when your shipment is prepared. If you want to receive a registered letter, you must present identification. When picking up a parcel at a Posten store, you must additionally present identification. The best thing you can do is to download the Posten app to receive notifications of your package and retrieval codes before picking up a package from one of the many red parcel boxes to make the process quick and secure.

How can I track my package with Posten?

Tracking packages with Posten is pretty simple. You just need to enter the tracking number received through SMS or email that will help you monitor your package. The parcel tracking system by Posten will then show you the package’s whereabouts instantly, anywhere in the world. You can use the package tracker tool without paying anything. The best thing about using the package tracker is you will get the current stage of the package.

What should I do if I don’t receive my package from Posten?

In many cases, the receiver may not receive the package from Posten. You can raise your complaint to the customer support team with your registered order number in such a case. You can even check the live package location using the tracking system.

What if Posten loses my package?

Posten has a liability policy covering lost or damaged registered packages. However, Posten takes no responsibility for damages or loss if the shipment is not registered with them. There are hardly any cases where Posten has lost the package because of the extra care taken during the shipment of the item.

How to find my Posten Package?

You must verify the shipping method to locate your Posten package. For assistance tracking your Posten shipment, go to the tracking help page, where you will get all the details of your item. Keep in mind that Posten only updates its shipment details once a box reaches one of the terminals, which could take 1-4 days depending on where the packages were dispatched from. It applies if the package was shipped through Posten.

How can I find my Posten Tracking Number?

Once you register with Posten, you will receive an SMS or email having your tracking number. The tracking number is 13 characters long and may make up your tracking number, all of which must be entered to trace the package. If you don’t receive the tracking number, connect with the sender if it was shipped via Posten or another shipping service.

What is the reason my Posten package is still pending?

In many cases, Posten does not trace packages between terminals. In the case of an international package, it will go through customs clearance before shipping. Depending on where the items have to be shipped and whether there are any issues with customs clearance, it may take a few hours to a few days. If you are using the package tracker of Posten, you will get an update regularly through SMS or mail. It is important to keep track of your SMS or mail to check if you received any new details about your product from Posten.