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Purolator is a leading Canadian-based courier company owned by two companies—primarily owned by Canada Post and partially owned by Rainmaker Investments Ltd. Besides running a courier company in Canada, Purolator also runs a freight forwarding company named Purolator International, based in the US.

Purolator is a century-old company established in the year 1967. Initially, the company began its journey under the name Trans Canada Courier. Later, in 1987, an Ontario, US-based company, Purolator, which produced air filters and oil, purchased the company without changing the name. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation for sending customers’ couriers and freight without delay. Currently, it delivers mail and packages weighing around 68 kg, i.e., 50 pounds. In the case of a heavier courier than the mentioned one, the company has the exclusive right to reject the courier. So ensure you have a limited weight of the courier.

Purolator currently has a strong courier delivery connection covering 210 countries, including the US and Canada. Purolator offers its package tracking system, allowing customers to get real-time package tracking updates. The main aim of Purolator is to revolutionize the courier transportation process using a cutting-edge solution.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Purolator Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is an advanced tracking software to track parcels from anywhere in the world. Upper is an easy-to-use tracking tool and helps to monitor parcels from dispatch till delivery.

The package tracker is generalised to track parcels from nearly 75+ courier services around the world. You can check the real-time updates of your Purolator package through Upper.

You will need to enter the tracking number and click on the “Track my package” button. The Upper will show the updates of your parcel along with its current location.

Worried about the whereabouts of your parcel, use Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you guarantee that my item has safe packaging?

Purolator ensures that each item shipped is wholly taken care of through good packaging. Purolator has special packaging for each type of shipment, be it documents, electronic items, or any other essential items. For documents, it has the Purolator Express Envelope, which comes in legal-sized cardboard shipping envelope form for crucial documents. The Express Pack is a sealable bag for water-resistant. It is the best option if you have any items that need extra care. Purolator Express Box is best if you have binders or oversized documents.

Is Upper better than Purolator package tracker?

Yes, Upper is much more better as compared to Purolator as it can track packages from multiple courier services around the globe. But, Purolator package tracker is limited to purolator parcels only.

Is it possible to track my Purolator packages without using the tracking number?

You can track your Purolator package without using the tracking number. On the Purolator track shipment page, use the pin or reference number given to you through mail or SMS to trace your package. This tracking system will provide a real-time location update for your package.

Does Purolator have its packaging and shipping options?

Yes, Purolator has its packaging and shipping options. Moreover, there is no cost for the Purolator Express Envelope, Purolator Express Pack, or Purolator Express Box. At its shipping centers all around Canada, you have the option to buy a range of different packaging options as well. In addition to the available options, there are other alternatives, including boxes, bubble mailers, and wraps.

How to track Purolator parcel with Upper Package Tracker?

To find your Purolator parcel with Upper, you need to enter the tracking number in the box and click on ‘track my package’ button. The system will show all the updates from shipment till delivery.

How to ship unpackaged items with Purolator?

Unpackaged goods, or those not enclosed in a solid shipping container, including corrugated boxes or wooden crates, are chargeable under special handling fees. These special packages are authorized for carriage only after proper inspection, and Purolator is certain these packages pose no threat to the company’s personnel, tools, or other shipments.

What is the last delivery time by Purolator?

Purolator can deliver the package by 9 pm. If you want your package delivered before 9 pm or early in the morning, you will need to pay extra.

Does Purolator offer a holiday delivery service?

Purolator offers special packages during holidays in Canada and other countries. However, you must provide complete details about the package, location, and delivery date.

How long can the Purolator hold the package?

In many cases, Purolator has the right to hold the package for 5 days. This only happens when there is a shortage of details. If you have anyone who can use the photo ID and other information, then Purolator can hand over the package.

How can I sign up for Purolator packages?

When you get the notification that your Purolator shipment is out for delivery, you can stay at home and wait for the delivery. If you cannot pick it up, you may pick it up at the specified address indicated on your attempted delivery slip. If you can’t stay at home to sign your shipment, you might choose SNR (signature not required).

What if I don’t receive my package from Purolator?

In such cases, you must be patient and wait for the package to arrive. There are chances that the shipment gets delayed due to bad weather conditions, wrong information, or any other reason. You can keep getting live data about your package using the tracking fees. If you haven’t recently visited the Purolator website, you should also look for any fresh changes on their package tracker.

The delivery person might not have delivered your package for various reasons. A car emergency might have occurred, or the driver might have multiple deliveries in different locations and not have enough time to deliver items. You will receive a notification saying if there is any delay.

What if Purolator ends up losing my package?

The seller will be able to claim your missing package. If you’ve shipped a box and yet to receive it from the receiver, you can still do the same. Although losing a parcel is uncommon with Purolator, you should contact the Purolator customer care center with your pin for more information and to fully comprehend the procedure.

What If I miss my delivery from Purolator?

If you miss your delivery from Purolator, you will receive a missed delivery slip directly to your mailbox. It will contain all information about when and where to pick up your parcel. If you are not available in the city, you can ask someone to pick on your behalf.

What are the reasons behind my non-moving package from Purolator?

You must keep your patience if your Purolator status reads “pending.” The package will move when the team creates the delivery schedule. Once done, it will be delivered to the intended location. Your package may be delayed when dispatched, and your tracking still shows pending due to technical issues.

What items are restricted under shipping?

There are certain items like hazardous products and items that are beyond the weight limit. You need to provide an approval letter between the shipper and Purolator before shipping any items on Purolator’s list of forbidden goods. Animals, money, weapons, and other objects are prohibited.

Why does my Purolator Package show pending?

If you receive a “pending” message, it signifies that delivery of your package is still waiting. If the process is too long, get in touch with the Purolator team. There is a chance that the shipping courier is under delivery, which Purolator is yet to prepare.

There are numerous reasons why a delivery you expected could still be at the original facility. For instance, there are cases when the postal service men miss sending your delivery because they are overworked.

Can I connect with Purolator customer service anytime?

Purolator has a virtual assistant to answer all your queries. Additionally, you can make requests like modifying the delivery address or delivering a box to a place that will be easier for recipients to pick up.

You have access to the virtual assistant around-the-clock. If the virtual assistant cannot answer your question, it will help point you in the direction of the assistant to help you.