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RR Donnelley (RRD) is a well-known global parcel delivery service that operates internationally. Initially, it was started as a multi-channel business, though the brand became famous as a parcel delivery service. In 2020, the company was acquired by TForce Worldwide. RR Donnelley offers fast and reliable package delivery services through land transportation, air freight, and ocean shipping.

The company is also known for offering cost-effective international delivery. It deploys state-of-the-art technology to ensure fast, safe, and effortless delivery. RR Donnelley currently offers freight delivery in more than 220 countries worldwide. Nevertheless, it is a leading last-mile delivery service in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

You can easily monitor your RR Donnelley parcels by using the tracking number on our website. The package tracker works for both domestic and international couriers. It is the most convenient way to check the estimated delivery date and time.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and RR Donnelley Package Tracker Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is a useful tracking tool to monitor your parcel. We at Upper have the benefit of tracking both domestic and international shipments.

The package tracker helps to track your parcel from store to door. This tool is updated on a regular basis to provide the most accurate tracking information.

Every detail like where the package was, where it is now, and when you can expect delivery can be traced. This will help for on-time deliveries thus retaining more customers.

In order to find the journey of your parcel, you can use the upper package tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my RR Donnelley packages?

Tracking RR Donnelley parcels is simple if you have the package tracking number. The courier company gives a tracking number after receiving an order from the sender or merchant. The merchant is responsible for sharing the tracking ID with the buyers.

Receivers can enter the tracking number into the package tracker search engine at the RR Donnelley official website and retrieve package delivery information. You can find your package’s current location and an estimated delivery time. Instead of using the RR Donnelley official website, you can track a package through the third-party packager tracker websites. You can track packages individually if you expect multiple packages to arrive at your location. Alternatively, many trackers offer multiple package tracking by entering multiple tracking IDs.

What is the RR Donnelley package tracking number format?

RRD maintains similar formats for all domestic and international package tracking numbers. The tracking ID typically possesses both numeric and alphanumeric characters. You can verify the tracking number’s authenticity by entering the tracking ID into a package tracker system. The number is authentic if you get package-related information. The website will show you an error message in the case of a wrong number.

Does Upper offer better tracking than RR Donnelley package tracker?

Yes, Upper is better as compared to RR Donnelley. Because, at Upper we offer to track parcels from more than 75 courier services but RR Donnelley package tracker can only track RR Donnelley shipments.

Where does RRD ship the packages?

RR Donnelley is one of the leading international courier services in the USA; thus, you will find the company’s delivery service all over the USA. Besides the USA, the company offers courier services in Mexico and Canada. Nevertheless, it delivers parcels across 200 countries around the world. The company’s persistent efforts in implementing a technology-driven logistics solution make it a trusted operator in this field.

How long does RR Donnelley take to deliver the packages?

The package delivery time depends on the delivery location. Nerveless also depends on the delivery service or packages the sender has selected. Packages that are scheduled to be shipped in the USA will have a short delivery fulfillment period. The time could be higher for other countries, and you can find details in this regard in the following section.

  • In the USA, RR Donnelley usually takes around five business days to deliver a parcel.
  • The delivery time could vary between 15 and 20 business days for the delivery locations outside the USA.

Receivers can check the exact or estimated delivery date using their package tracking numbers. Enter the number on a package tracker search engine, and you will receive all the necessary information regarding your package’s location, estimated arrival, etc.

How to track RR Donnelley parcels with Upper?

For tracking RR Donnelley parcels with Upper you need the tracking number. You have to enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button to get all the tracking updates from starting to end.

Is RRD shipping more expensive than others?

RRD shipping costs depend on many factors, and the delivery location is the most significant factor. Sending a package anywhere within the USA will not cause a heavy pocket pinch for the senders. But, sending the packages to an international destination is an issue of high expense. The best thing is that RRD offers multiple delivery packages with different facilities. Therefore, you can choose a super-fast delivery service by buying a high-value package. Overall, the RRD provides delivery services at the standard rate unless you choose a high-value delivery service to obtain a faster delivery.

Can I track my RRD parcels without a tracking number?

You can check RRD parcels without a tracking number, a unique service only a few courier services offer. Instead of a tracking number, you can use an LD number to track your order. Receivers or senders can further use the Purchase Order number (PRO number) to track their parcels. You can obtain real-time information on your package using these numbers.

What is the usual delivery time for an international parcel?

Merchants can send packages to their buyers through the RR Donnelley delivery service in various international locations. The company usually commits 15-20 business days to complete the shipment, though some parcels may require a higher delivery time. For example, some packages get delayed clearance from the customs department. Moreover, the delivery time also depends on the last-mile delivery partner of RR Donnelley in a particular country.

What happens when a delivery attempt fails?

A delivery attempt may fail depending on many factors. RR Donnelley has a dedicated and professional logistics team. Nevertheless, the company deploys advanced logistics tools to ensure the quickest and safest delivery. But the company may rarely fail to deliver a parcel on a scheduled date. In such cases, the company updates the delivery date and time. The receivers can check the revised delivery information using their package tracker number.

Delivery attempts fail in many cases due to the receiver’s unavailability at the scheduled location. In such cases, the delivery gets automatically scheduled for the next day. On the other hand, some logistics partners keep the items in their inventory after a missed delivery attempt. Therefore, they schedule the next delivery date when the receiver contacts them.

If a failed delivery occurs, the receiver should contact the RR Donnelley customer service department. You can resolve the issue and schedule an upcoming delivery date according to your convenience.

Do I need to sign receipts for receiving packages from the RRD executives?

In most cases, no signature is required to hand the package to the receiver. Moreover, anyone can receive such packages on behalf of the receiver.

Some packages contain confidential items, and thus the senders request to hand those packages only to the receiver. The courier executive may ask you to sign a receipt in such cases. Some last-mile delivery partners of RRD also ask the receiver to show a government-issued identity card before handing the packages.

Why haven’t I received my RRD parcel yet?

You may not have received the package due to a failed delivery attempt. A failed delivery attempt refers to the unavailability of the receiver at the delivery location. However, the delivery executives may sometimes fail to deliver a parcel on a scheduled date. In some cases, unavoidable circumstances may occur, leading to a failed delivery attempt. For example, a natural calamity can be due to a failed delivery. Delivery can also fail due to state-imposed COVID-19 restrictions or lockdowns.

What should I do if the RRD executive loses my parcel?

RRD has a robust logistics channel to ensure a safe and hassle-free delivery service. Therefore, both senders and receivers find little to complain about the company’s delivery service. However, even the most veteran executive may make mistakes. Consequently, you should contact our customer support service if your parcel is lost. Following the steps mentioned below will help you to procure compensation from RR Donnelley.

  • When you call customer support to complain about a missing item, you should keep your tracking ID ready with you. Nevertheless, the customer care executive may ask you for the shipper’s and receiver’s details.
  • You can also visit RR Donnelley’s website and raise a dispute there. You will be asked to fill in an online form. Make sure you fill in the details correctly for swift and hassle-free compensation.

When can I expect my RRD parcel to arrive at my address?

The exact arrival time depends on the last-mile delivery service, and RR Donnelley works in partnership with multiple last-mile delivery services. The delivery services follow their shipping policies, though most are committed to delivering packages as swiftly as possible. Last-mile delivery operators take 1-2 business days to deliver a parcel after receiving it from RR Donnelley. Some delivery services may specify an exact time, while others may not specify a time.

Why is my RR Donnelley parcel not moving?

Your parcel may not be moving from the warehouse for many reasons. Natural calamity, bad weather, COVID-19 restrictions, and many other reasons could be there. The receivers are recommended to wait a couple of days and check the package status using the tracking number. If your package is still not moving from the warehouse, you can call RR Donnelley customer support and complain. The company will take the necessary actions based on the complaint received.