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SEKO is a logistics company that has a specialization in providing supply chain solutions. It is the leading logistics solution that regulates the flow of shipping packages and offers clear visibility of the supply chain to its clients. Back in 1976, in Chicago, US, SEKO started operations with an aim to build a strong reputation globally.

Since then, SEKO has gained flexibility in providing logistics solutions by enabling on-demand service and support to meet the customers’ expectations. Other than that, it also looks after customer relationships, responsiveness, and consistency. It consists of a business model for a flat management structure. It further gives them the ability to deliver solutions that can match their requirements.

SEKO logistics is committed to increasing the efficiency level by understanding the client’s requirements. It not only offers efficient logistics solutions but also gives better customer satisfaction.

History of SEKO

SEKO was founded in 1976 from a single Chicago office. Since then, the company has advanced and grown competitively as a unique and flexible provider of top-notch logistic services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track my SEKO packages without a tracking number?

Yes, but you need a valid reference number from SEKO logistics. If you didn’t receive a tracking number somehow, you should get in touch with the SEKO logistics team. Or else, use the reference number associated with your SEKO package.

What if I miss collecting my SEKO packages?

In case you are unavailable at the delivery time, you will receive a message from SEKO regarding the attempted delivery. Later, they will also make another delivery attempt on the very next day. If not delivered on the next day, they will send your package to the nearest hub.

How to track my shipment from SEKO?

To track your shipment, you can either visit the official website of SEKO logistics or get the benefit of the Upper package tracker. You can enter your tracking ID or tracking number and hit the find button to know the updated status of your parcel.

From where can I track SEKO packages on Upper?

Tracking SEKO packages on Upper is so easy as the user only requires the right tracking number. Here are the steps to track the packages on the Upper package tracker.

1. Visit the Upper package tracker.

2. Enter your tracking number.

3. Select “SEKO Omniparcel” from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on the “Track my package” button.

What are the delivery options available at SEKO logistics?

At SEKO logistics, you can find an array of logistics solutions and delivery options for package delivery. Some of them are stated below.

  • Final mile delivery – SEKO logistics team works round the clock to make the final mile delivery in a timely manner.
  • Home delivery services – It accepts appointments via an automation process and gives you additional services like setup, removal of dust, and more.
  • Special service – SEKO also has a special service option for oversized trucks. It also includes cold chain logistics services.
  • Expedited freight – The logistics company offers a shipping process for long-haul overnight deliveries within 2 days.

Where does SEKO logistics deliver packages?

SEKO is currently serving in more than 200 countries, including the United States. It has covered major countries and territories in order to expand its network. The US-based company provides transportation and shipping via international express delivery to European countries. SEKO has plans to explore its network by serving more countries in the future.