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StarTrack, a business by Australia Post, is one of the leading freight, logistics, and parcel delivery services. The company boasts a vast logistics network throughout Australia. Nevertheless, it also offers parcel delivery services to more than 190 countries across the globe.

StarTrack was originally founded in 1974 and used to serve customers as a distribution service network in Sydney. In 2003, Australia Post acquired StarTrack. Furthermore, the Australian airExpress retail division merged with StarTrack in 2011.

StarTrack‘s headquarters are located in Strawberry Hills, and the company possesses more than 55 depots. In addition, StarTrack offers air-freighter service with Qantas Freight, which uses the dedicated Qantas Freighter aircraft for domestic delivery via the air. Overall, StarTrack assures a quick and hassle-free package delivery to the customers.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and StarTrack Work?

We at Upper have introduced a package tracker to track your parcel being at home or office. This tracker provides you all the updates right from pre-shipment till the final delivery.

Upper Package Tracker is a simple and user-friendly tool to find parcel. This tracker can be used to track parcels from nearly 75+ courier services around the globe. You can also check the real-time updates of your StarTrack package through upper.

You only need to put the courier tracking number and hit ‘track my package’ button. Upper will display all the information related to the parcel from its origin till live location.

If you are also concerned about your package arrival, you can use Upper Package Tracker to find the expected date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my StarTrack package?

You must procure the StarTrack package tracking number to track the packages. When you hand over a packed item, the company will give you a receipt with the tracking number. You need to visit the StarTrack website and use the tracking number to track the packages. The sender should also share the tracking number with the receiver so that the receiver can also track the package. Besides the official StarTrack website, you can find many websites where you can track your StarTrack package with the tracking number.

What is the operating time of StarTrack in Australia?

StarTrack operates between 8 AM and 6 PM according to the local time. The company offers last-mile delivery services on the weekends and holidays. However, weekend or holiday delivery is available only for domestic services. The delivery has been made to the address the sender gave to the company. Before visiting the receiver’s address, StarTrack delivery executives call the receiver before making the delivery.

Does Upper offer better tracking than StarTrack Package Tracker?

Upper and StarTrack package tracker both are used to provide tracking details about the parcel. But, Upper is much more better as it can track parcels from multiple couriers but StarTrack package tracker can only track parcels from StarTrack.

Who can sign a StarTrack parcel?

Anyone at the receiver’s place can receive the parcel by signing a receipt document. However, some parcels contain confidential information, and the sender asks for such parcels to be handed over to the actual receiver. StarTrack provides delivery of the airlock parcel to the actual receiver after obtaining his or her signature on the receipt.

How do I track StarTrack parcel with Upper Package Tracker?

For tracking a StarTrack parcel with Upper, you will need the StarTrack tracking number. You need to enter the tracking number in the box and click on ‘track my package’ button. All the tracking updates will be available for you.

Why have I received an attempted delivery that StarTrack failed?

An attempted delivery failure refers to the following cases.

  • The delivery executive reached the receiver’s address, though no one was present in the home or office.
  • Delivery can also fail due to the wrong address provided by the sender. In such cases, the order goes back to the sender.

If a failed delivery is due to no one’s presence in the house, the StarTrack executive will leave a “Sorry We Missed You” card on your doorstep or letterbox. The courier service automatically schedules the delivery for the next day. So, you should ensure that you remain available at the delivery address to receive the order.

Can receivers schedule a delivery time?

StarTrack, a leading last-mile delivery service in Australia, is known for providing top-notch customer satisfaction. Customers can ask the courier service to schedule a particular delivery time. However, the company does not guarantee delivery availability at a specific time as requested by the client.

StarTrack tries its best to deliver the parcel at the time requested by the receiver. But, the time may vary depending on various scenarios. The company has to handle a high volume of deliveries daily, and thus it may not be able to accommodate all requests for a scheduled delivery time.

However, StarTrack has brought two exclusive services for clients. A sender with a premium membership can provide the exact delivery time facility to the receiver. Similarly, StarTrack’s Next Flight service ensures hassle-free parcel delivery according to the receiver’s time preference.

What should you do if you do not receive a parcel?

StarTrack is a trusted last-mile parcel delivery service in Australia, and many merchants trust this delivery service for the timely delivery of goods to their customers. Despite an exceptional reputation, StarTrack’s delivery failures may sometimes happen for technical and non-technical reasons. Receivers can use the online StarTrack package tracker tool to find the actual location of the package. If you notice that your parcel is not moved from a particular location for a long time, you must contact StarTrack customer support. The customer support executives will take the necessary measures to ensure your parcel’s seamless delivery.

Why has Australia Post made my StarTrack delivery?

StarTrack is a business now owned by Australia Post, and the receiver will see Australia Post’s labels on the delivery packages. Moreover, Australia Post has the iconic blue delivery vans, which carry the parcels to the receiver’s doorstep. You will find the parcel delivered by StarTrack comes in that blue van.

Who will deliver my parcel—StarTrack or Australia Post?

StarTrack has merged with Australia Post; thus, Australia Post delivers the parcels. However, there is no difference between these two delivery services, as StarTrack is a part of Australia Post.

Why is my order shifted to the StarTrack depot instead of my nearest post office?

There could be many reasons behind keeping the parcels at the different warehouses after an unsuccessful delivery attempt. The company works according to its convenience and the availability of the warehouse spaces. Moreover, the post office restricts the parcel’s size and weight. Therefore, your parcel will go to the StarTrack depot if it does not meet the criteria for post office storage.

Another possibility is that people may see their packages at the StarTrack depots after unsuccessful deliveries. When StarTrack fails to deliver a parcel, it informs the sender or merchant. As a result, the merchant may ask the parcel to be kept at StarTrack’s depot before the next attempt to reach the receiver’s place for a successful delivery.

Where should I contact if I receive a damaged item?

StarTrack recommends the receivers call its customer support department to lodge complaints regarding the damaged items and other delivery-related issues. An investigation has been issued based on a complaint received by our customer support executives. The receiver will receive compensation if their complaint is genuine. StarTrack is a reliable last-mile delivery service; receivers can expect the matter to be resolved quickly.

Can I get my parcel redirected or redelivered?

At times, people need to visit a place for emergency reasons. Therefore, they cannot accept the delivery from StarTrack on an expected date. Typically, StarTrack delivery executives return the parcel to the StarTrack depot. The receiver can contact the courier service and redirect the delivery to an alternative address. The process can start with submitting a request after filling up an online form at the StarTrack website.

It is noteworthy that not all parcels can be redirected. For example, some parcels may contain fragile materials, and StarTrack does not risk delivering such items to another address as requested by the receiver. Similarly, a packaged food item cannot be redirected to another address.

Does StarTrack return the parcel to the sender in the case of a failed delivery attempt?

StarTrack does not immediately return a package to the sender after the first delivery attempt in most cases. Instead, the package will remain with the courier service for the next ten business days before it is resent to the sender. Therefore, the receiver can contact you anytime during these ten business days and schedule a delivery. The receiver can also ask to redirect the parcel to another delivery address that is not far from the receiver’s original address. Notably, the redirecting requests will be reviewed by StarTrack’s logistics team before approval. Therefore, there is a chance that one may reject such a request if it does not match the company’s criteria.

Why do I still receive the “Sorry We Missed You” card despite my presence at home?

The delivery person may have knocked on the front door many times, though he did not get a response. In such cases, he will leave a “Sorry We Miss You” card on the doorstep. Therefore, the receiver is recommended to stay alert for doorbell knocks and rings to receive the package without a hassle.

Can I collect the parcel from the StarTrack depot?

The receiver can easily track the package after a failed delivery. If you notice the package’s presence at the StarTrack depot, you have two options in hand.

  • The receiver can ask for redelivery on a particular date within ten business days after the failed delivery attempt.
  • The other option is to visit the StarTrack depot physically and pick up the item. In such cases, you need to call StarTrack and schedule a time for picking up your parcel from the depot.

Can I collect my package from the StarTrack depot on public holidays?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive the package from the StarTrack depot on a public holiday in Australia. Nevertheless, the depot also remains closed on the weekends. Therefore, you should only schedule a visit to the StarTrack depot on business days to pick up your item.