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TForce Freight is a reputed and trustworthy last-mile transportation and logistics service in the USA and Canada. The company brings its transportation intelligence and experience to cater to a customized courier solution for clients. The specialization of this company is the same-day and next-day delivery.

Developing a core team is the key to success in the logistics and transportation industry, and TForce Logistics has done precisely that. The company strives to provide young and vibrant people to build successful careers in the logistics industry. On the other hand, the core team participates in vital decision-making processes to build future strategies.

TForce Logistics deploys the latest technologies and puts persistent effort into developing teams to meet clients requirements, seeking last-mile delivery service. The company is also a part of the TFI International Group, leading transportation, and logistics service in North America. This logistics network has more than 22,000 trailers and more than 6700 tractors.

Overall, TForce Logistics intends to deliver innovative and integrated last-mile delivery services to businesses that seek an effortless supply chain.

Where Does TForce Logistics Offer Its Services?

TForce Logistics has a presence in two countries at present. In the USA, the company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company’s service covers all metropolitan areas across the United States. Same-day and next-day deliveries are the most highlighted features of the company’s last-mile delivery service.

Besides the USA, the company also operates in Canada, where the company’s headquarters are situated in Toronto. According to the company’s estimation, it delivers over 100 million shipments annually in the North American region. At present, TForce Logistics is a leading same-day delivery service in Canada.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and TForce Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is a global tracking software so customers can monitor their parcels from anywhere in the world. This tool is updated regularly to provide the most accurate tracking information.

The package tracker can track parcels from both domestic and international shipments. You can keep an eye on your parcel from the warehouse to its final delivery at your door. Upper provides tracking services for nearly 75+ courier companies across the globe. You can quickly check the live updates of your TForce packages through Upper.

To find the tracking update, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button. The system will automatically fetch courier details and show you the entire parcel details.

You can try Upper Package Tracker for free to find your parcel’s update like current location and expected delivery date.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions in mind regarding the services of TForce Logistics. Some of those frequently asked questions have been answered in the following section.

What Is a TForce Tracking Number?

The sender typically provides a tracking number for the receiver. A buyer will get the TForce Logistics tracking number if the company is the sender’s last-mile delivery partner. Currently, TForce Logistics offers last-mile delivery services in different parts of the USA and Canada. A person can easily track the order’s current location using the TForce tracking number.

Does Upper offer better tracking services than TForce?

Yes, Upper provides much better tracking services than TForce.

This is because the Upper package tracker can track parcels from multiple courier services worldwide, whereas the TForce tracker can only track TForce properties.

How Can a Person Track TForce Logistics Packages?

TForce Logistics does not offer a tracking system or application, though one can use many third-party platforms. Tracking a final mile order with TForce Logistics can be done by following the below steps.

  • First, you need to procure the tracking number from the sender. Typically, the sender or seller sends the tracking number via email and SMS.
  • You must visit a third-party courier tracking website and enter your TForce Logistics tracking number.
  • Users will find the track button after entering their tracking number. You need to click on that tracking button and wait for the result.
  • The platform will provide real-time information on your package’s location. You can view the map to see the location of the package.

Can I Track TForce Logistics Packages without a Tracking Number?

Unfortunately, tracking a parcel without a tracking number is not possible. When the sender confirms the shipment of a package with TForce Logistics, the company issues a unique tracking number to the sender. Receivers or buyers can obtain the unique package tracking number from the sender. Most senders send the tracking number to the buyers as soon as they procure it from the courier company.

How do I track a TForce package with Upper tracker?

To track a TForce package with Upper, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button. The system will fetch the courier details and show you the entire tracking details.

Should I Contact TForce Logistics Customer Care If I Don’t Receive the Tracking Number?

TForce Logistics gives the tracking number to your sender when an order is ready for shipment. Therefore, you need to contact the sender to obtain the tracking number instead of getting customer support from TForce Logistics. However, TForce Logistics has a dedicated customer support department to address and resolve customer grievances. Both sender and receiver can contact customer care if they have any grievances regarding TForce Logistics’ last-mile delivery service.

Why Is My Last-Mile TForce Logistics Package Tracking Not Working?

There could be several reasons your TForce Logistics package tracking is not working. In the following section, you can find some of those reasons.

  • Wrong Tracking Number: The tracking number you have entered may be erroneous. You need to submit the number correctly.
  • Sender’s Mistake: Sometimes, mistakes may happen at the sender’s end. The receiver obtains the wrong tracking number due to an error. Contact your sender to resolve the issue with TForce Logistics’ package tracking number.
  • Package Not Registered Yet: Registering packages takes time, and you cannot track a box that has not been registered yet.

Can I Track My Package Live on the Map?

TForce Logistics does not offer live package tracking on Google Maps. You can check the package’s current location based on recent updates. The courier service frequently updates the package location to give the receiver an estimated arrival time.

How Long Does TForce Logistics Take to Complete a Package Delivery?

TForce Logistics is committed to fulfilling last-mile delivery at a rapid speed. The company has two options for last-mile delivery: same-day delivery and next-day delivery. However, it does not commit to a specific time for delivering the package. Same-day and next-day deliveries will occur between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Does TForce Logistics Offer International Package Delivery?

At present, TForce Logistics only delivers international packages in North America. A package from the USA will reach Canada the next day. However, one should remember that same-day and next-day deliveries are only available in the USA and Canada with TForce Logistics. You can send a package to Mexico from the USA, though it will not be a same-day or next-day delivery.

What Happens When a Receiver Fails to Receive a Package?

Receivers can use the package tracking number to check the package delivery status. However, receivers may not be able to accept delivery in specific scenarios. TForce Logistics will take the package to the local freight service center in such cases. The company will attempt to deliver the package the next day again.

The receiver may fail to receive the package the next day. In such cases, TForce Logistics has the policy to attempt to redeliver orders up to three times. If you fail to receive a package three times, the company will initiate the process of returning the box to the sender.

Do I Need to Show Any Documents for Receiving a Package from TForce Logistics?

Yes. The receiver should show a government-issued ID card to the delivery executive before receiving a package. It is done to ensure that the package reaches the receiver correctly. Additionally, the delivery executive will provide you with a receipt; you need to sign it and return it to the delivery person.

The package will be handed to you after these formalities. A family member can also receive the package on your behalf. In such cases, the family member’s signature will be collected on the receipt paper.

What Happens When You Do Not Receive the Package?

TForce Logistics is a reliable logistics and transportation company, and mistakes rarely happen with package deliveries. Errors may occur in a few rare cases, and the company is committed to resolving package delivery issues quickly.

The receiver can use the package tracking number to check the delivery status. Sometimes, same-day delivery may be scheduled for the next day for unforeseen reasons. In such cases, you can quickly get the package delivery updated using the package tracking number.

You can also call customer support if you do not receive a package. The customer support executive listens to your concerns and assures you that they will resolve the problem quickly.

What Happens If TForce Logistics Loses My Package?

A lost package may occur in a few rare cases due to technical problems or the delivery executive’s fault. TForce Logistics offers compensation to the receiver in such cases, and you can lodge a claim in the following ways:

First, you need to contact the OS & D (Over, Short, and Damage) Manager at TForce Logistics to lodge your complaint. The OS & D Manager will ask you to submit a claim form. You can submit the form online and send it to the manager. Ensure you correctly enter the package tracking number, shipper name, and recipient name.

A receiver can still lodge a claim with TForce Logistics even if the shipper agrees to provide a refund to the receiver.

Why Is My TForce Logistics Package Showing “Pending” Status?

You will get the “pending” status when delivery information has yet to be uploaded by TForce Logistics. The delivery service has to perform various tasks before assigning a package delivery to an executive. For example, it scans the package, notes crucial data, schedules delivery, etc. You should check the package status after a few hours when you get the pending status.

What If I Receive a Damaged Product in the Package?

TForce Logistics delivers the packages to the receiver and takes no responsibility for the product’s quality. You must contact the merchant if you have received a damaged or low-quality product.

How do I contact TForce Customer Service?

You can contact TForce Customer Service on phone using 8553962639(For United States) and 8003877787(For Canada).