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Established in 1972, United Delivery Service (UDS) is Chicago’s leading parcel carrier service with over 40 years of delivery experience. The company has 14 distribution centers, which help reach more than 19 million consumers in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin through same-day and next-day delivery services.

UDS is committed to providing a fast, reliable, and affordable last-mile delivery service for its eCommerce clients. The company has introduced flexible shipping options to reduce shipping costs. At the same time, flexible options improve client satisfaction due to the availability of various customization options.

United Delivery Service (UDS) uses cutting-edge transport and tracking systems to ensure an effortless delivery service. The deployment of video surveillance and controlled access helps the company to provide a secure transportation and delivery service.

Employees working at this courier service are highly trained and professional. They are tech-savvy, polite, and self-motivated, ensuring same-day or next-day delivery at lightning speed. You can use our website to track your UDS delivery packages for free.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and UDS Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is a tracking software to track parcels at your convenience. You can check the real-time updates of your UDS package through upper.

Upper is an easy-to-use tool for a better customer experience. This tracker can be used to track parcels from nearly 75+ courier services around the world.

You have to enter the tracking number and hit ‘track my package’ button. Then upper will show the updates of your parcel along with its current location.

If you are also concerned about tracking your parcel, use Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UDS offer a same-day delivery service?

UDS is a trusted name in the last-mile delivery service industry in the USA. The company has become famous for offering same-day and next-day delivery services. The same-day delivery service depends on when the company receives the order. Customers can obtain a next-day delivery service if UDS cannot fulfill the delivery on the same day.

Does Upper offer better tracking than UDS package tracking?

Yes, Upper offer better tracking than UDS package tracking. With UDS, you can track parcels limited to UDL services only whereas with Upper you can track packages from multiple courier services across the world.

What is the operating time and day of UDS?

United Delivery Service operates from 10 AM to 8 PM every day. The company even operates on a few holidays to ensure a quick and hassle-free last-mile delivery service for its eCommerce clients. While individual deliveries happen till 8 PM daily, UDS offers delivery to commercial places till 6 PM. However, the delivery times may vary according to the preference and suitability of the parcel receivers.

How can I track UDS delivery without a tracking number?

The receivers cannot track the delivery status of a shipment without a tracking number. You need to procure the tracking number from the merchant or seller. As soon as the seller hands us the package, UDS gives him a unique tracking number. The merchant or sender can forward the tracking number to the package receiver via email, mobile text message, etc.

How to track an UDS package with Upper Package Tracker?

You have to enter the tracking number provided by UDS in the “Tracking Number” box and click on the “Track my Package” button. The tracking information with all the movements will be displayed. Moreover, you can also track your parcel from the UDS website.

What should I do if I don’t receive the UDS tracking number?

Tracking numbers are generated automatically upon receiving the package from the seller or sender. However, UDS does not forward the tracking number to the receiver. The courier service will hand over the tracking number to the seller, who will deliver it to the buyer. So, you must contact your seller or merchant if you have not received the UDS tracking number. Moreover, sellers have different methods of communicating with buyers and providing them with tracking IDs. For example, some merchants may send the number via email, while others may send it via SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.

How can you track a package using the tracking number?

Tracking a UDS package using the UDS tracking number is simple. The receivers can visit the official UDS website and enter a tracking ID to track a package. Alternatively, you will also find many third-party websites that accurately track UDS packages. Nowadays, people find it convenient to use a smartphone to track orders and packages. So, you can also download and install a few tracking applications to track the packages.

What should I do if I encounter errors after entering my tracking number?

Encountering errors after entering the tracking number is rare, though it may happen in a few cases. There are some situations when you may encounter errors in the UDS package tracking.

  • Wrong Tracking Number: In a few cases, senders may make a mistake and send you the wrong tracking number. Entering an incorrect tracking number will fetch an erroneous result. You need to contact the seller to obtain the correct tracking number.
  • The Tracking Feature Is Not Available Yet: When the UDS delivery service provides a tracking number, it does not immediately enable the tracking feature. Typically, it may take some time to provide the tracking feature. Therefore, you can track your package after some time.
  • You Have Entered An Incorrect Number: In a few cases, users may enter the wrong tracking number. As a result, they get erroneous results. You should check the tracking ID and enter it carefully before clicking the track button.

Besides the mentioned issues, tracking problems can happen due to server-related errors. You may find the UDS server is down due to maintenance, and you will not be able to track your package in such cases. You have to wait for the server glitch to get resolved. Alternatively, you can use a third-party UDS package tracker if the official UDS website is down due to maintenance.

Can merchants send packages outside the USA through the UDS delivery service?

Unfortunately, UDS does not operate internationally. Therefore, merchants cannot send a package through this courier service outside the country. However, merchants can use the UDS delivery service to ship the package to an international courier service’s office in the United States Midwest. Many sellers do not find an international shipment delivery service near them. The sellers can send their packages to the international courier partner’s office using the same-day delivery service of UDS.

What happens when I fail to receive a delivery?

If you fail to receive our delivery, your package delivery will be automatically scheduled for the next day. You can contact UDS and schedule the delivery according to your convenience. Certain packages do not require the receiver’s signature. The delivery executive may drop the package at your doorstep in such cases.

Will the delivery executive call me before arriving at my place?

Our delivery executive always calls the receiver before reaching the destination. However, technical glitches may happen at times. For example, the delivery executive may have tried calling you, but your phone was not reachable at that time. There could also be a network problem with the delivery person’s cell phone network.

Therefore, receivers are recommended to track the package on the scheduled day of delivery. Tracking a package using the tracking number is an easy way to monitor the delivery person’s current location from your house or office. The tracker tool also provides an estimated delivery time, and you should wait until that estimated time to receive a package.

How long does a package stay with UDS if I fail to receive it?

The United Delivery Service will automatically schedule your package’s delivery for the next day if you have missed a delivery. If you still miss the delivery the next day, the courier service will keep the package in its inventory and contact you for a scheduled delivery. However, the service may not be available for all sorts of products. For example, keeping food items in the inventory for a long time is impossible. Therefore, the package will be returned to the seller in such cases.

How can the receiver pay the delivery fee to the UDS?

The receiver does not need to pay for the delivery when obtaining the delivery from a UDS executive. You may have already paid the delivery charge to your seller while purchasing the product. Sometimes, sellers do not charge a delivery fee to the buyers. In such cases, you do not need to pay UDS, as your seller has already paid for the delivery to the company.

Receivers are allowed to offer tips to the delivery executives for their faster and safe delivery commitments. However, tipping is not mandatory, so you can tip a delivery person based on your experience and desire.

Why is my UDS package not moving?

Your package may be halted due to public holidays, COvid-19 lockdowns, and other reasons. If sellers find the packages do not move for two to three days, they can contact the UDS customer support team for a detailed inquiry. United Delivery Service is a trusted last-mile delivery partner, and the company is committed to rendering satisfactory service to its clients.

What should I do if UDS loses my package?

UDS is a trusted last-mile delivery partner that has earned an excellent reputation by offering top-class services. Therefore, missing package incidents rarely happen with this delivery service. If you encounter such a service lapse, you should contact the UDS customer support team to lodge your complaint. The company will conduct a prompt investigation and compensate the clients in such cases.

Do I need to sign before receiving a package?

Sometimes, the receivers need to sign off before receiving the package. The receiver’s signature has been taken for security reasons to deliver a package containing confidential items. But, a signature is not required for most consumer goods and non-confidential items.