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Ukrposhta is the only national postal operator in Ukraine, with its headquarters in Kyiv. This postal company was founded in 1947 when Ukraine became a member of the Universal Postal Union and the Soviet Union.

Ukrposhta accepts, sorts, analyzes, transports, delivers, and takes care of all postal needs throughout the nation. It focuses on postal services, logistics, finance, and e-commerce by providing 50 different services for individuals and businesses.

Currently, Ukrposhta has:

  • more than 11,500 post offices in Ukraine
  • more than 73,000 employees, which include postmen, operators of postal services, and sorting operators

In 2021, Ukrposhta processed and delivered 4.7 million kg of packages worldwide, which is 27% more than in 2020. They mostly sent parcels to the United States, Great Britain, EU countries, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

As of the 2021 financial report, the company has UAH 131 million of net profit and UAH 8.1 billion of net income. The net income of the company increased by 23% as compared to 2020.

The additional features that Ukrposhta offers are:

  • Post-pay delivery (paying for the goods on receiving)
  • Checking before handing over (checking the content of the parcel before paying)
  • Convenient features (SMS about delivery)

Recently, Ukrposhta has started to work with the mobile e-commerce platform Wish, which has added an opportunity for Ukrainians to sell their products in the United States, EU countries, and Australia. They ship to 230 countries from personal packages to commercial packages both domestically and internationally.

How do Upper Route Planner and Ukrposhta work?

A route planner is a tool where you can track all your packages on a single platform.

We at Upper provide the most up-to-date tracking update for customers across the world. The route optimization helps the delivery drivers to make the delivery on time.

The real-time notifications of the Upper Route Planner help the customers to be present when their parcel arrives. Moreover, the live tracking feature helps to know the exact time for successful delivery, thus reducing the chances of re-delivery.

To know the latest tracking update of your parcel, you can try it free for 7 days.

All you need to do is enter the tracking number and click on the “track my package” button. The system will show you all the updates right from the time it is shipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track a package from Ukrposhta?

To track your parcel from the Ukrposhta website, just enter the tracking number (ID of 13 characters) on the search box and click on the “Track” button.

The package tracking via Upper Route Planner helps to find the actual updates right from shipment to delivery.

Is a tracking number needed to track a parcel from Ukrposhta?

Yes, you will need a tracking number in order to track your parcel from Ukrposhta. The parcel information is sent via SMS to your mobile phone or through an order confirmation email. But, if you have an online account, you can find it in the recent purchase history.

However, if you do not find the tracking details, you will have to contact your merchant or storefront to know more about the parcel.

Where can I find the Ukrposhta tracking number?

You can find the tracking number in different places:

  • Physical storefront you may find it in your purchase receipt
  • Few merchants and online storefronts send details via email or via SMS on the phone
  • For online accounts, you can check the recent purchase history

How do I track a package with Upper?

You will only need a tracking number from the merchant or storefront to track a package with Upper. Upper will find your courier details and the location of your package on its own.

You need to enter the tracking number, and the Upper Route Planner will automatically show you the details of the courier and the current status.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Ukrposhta?

We at Upper understand the importance of parcels being trackable and safe. That is why we have made it simple to find your package with <Upper Route Planner only through the tracking number. Now you can know where your parcel is irrespective of the courier service provider.

How late does Ukrposhta deliver?

The Ukrposhta delivery times for the customers differ by region or zone. The delivery timeline from the day parcel is submitted for shipment can be like this:

  • Within regional center (Kyiv)- 3 days
  • Within the region and between regional centers- 4 days
  • Between district centers of the different regions- 5 days
  • Between different regions of Ukraine- 6 days

How is the timeline for delivery of an international package with Ukrposhta?

International package delivery time depends on the mode of transport used, like for:

  • Packages sent by air may take between 14 to 20 working days.
  • Packages shipped through ship or road may take 25 to 30 business days.

NOTE: Working (business) days defined by Ukrposhta do not count national holidays or the days affected due to operational backlogs or bad weather conditions.

How long does it takes to ship from Ukraine to the USA?

The Ukrposhta parcels from Ukraine to the USA take around 7 to 12 working days.

Why is there no movement in the mail?

Sometimes the Ukrposhta packages get delayed due to weekends, weather conditions, customs, backlogs, or national holidays. If you find that the package is stuck in one location for a long time within Ukraine or before reaching the destination country you can contact Ukrposhta.

But, if the parcel has reached the destination country and is stuck you will have to contact the local courier to find the whereabouts of the parcel.

What is the hold time as per Ukrposhta?

The hold time for your package may depend on the type of package and the amount of space available at the post office. So it is better to contact the local postal service for more information.

In case, they are not able to deliver your parcel or you are not able to pick it up there will be separate charges for sending it back to the sender. Please note that for international shipments the holding time and returning fees will depend on the local courier.

Where is my Ukrposhta package?

You can find the exact location of your parcel by simply entering the tracking number on the Upper Package Tracker.

But, if the expected delivery date has passed and it is still in movement then it is quite possible that the delay is due to weather, customs, or any backlogs.

How to sign for the Ukrposhta package?

A Signature is important for high-value packages that may contain sensitive information or some insurance. It acts as security for those who received the parcel in case of any loss or damage.

If your package requires a signature, the delivery driver will carry a tablet for an electronic signature or a pen and paper for a physical signature.

What to do if I do not receive my Ukrposhta package?

If the estimated delivery date has passed, you can enter the tracking number into Upper Package Tracker to find the exact status.

  • If it is showing in movement, that means it might be delayed due to any holiday, weather event, or backlog. So you can connect with Ukrpostha for more information.
  • If it is showing delivered, you can check if a signature is required to receive the parcel. So you can visit the nearest courier office to pick it up.

What happens if Ukrposhta loses my package?

In case of a lost package, you need to check the Upper package tracker to see where the last update was recorded.

  • If the package is outside the country, then it is the liability of Ukrposhta. You have to file a claim for loss or damage to find what best can be done.
  • If the package has reached the destination country, then it is a liability to the local courier.

Why is the status of the Ukrposhta package is pending?

The packages with pending status mean they are either waiting to be picked up or waiting to be scanned and shipped. If you have ordered on weekends or some national holiday, then also the pending time can be longer.

If the pending status does not update for longer, you can contact Ukrposhta.

At what time will the Ukrposhta parcel deliver?

The delivery time for domestic deliveries may vary by region or address (for example: living in a rural area or city). Internationally, it depends on the delivery route of the driver, weather, or traffic.

What happens if the parcel delivery by Ukrposhta is missed?

If you miss the delivery by Ukrposhta, they will leave a note at your door. If your package needs a signature, you will have to go and collect it from the nearest post office.

But, if you miss the delivery for international shipping, what happens to the package will depend on the local courier.

How do I contact Ukrposhta?

You can contact Ukrposhta for any queries, requests, or claims: