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Yanwen is a leading company based in China providing cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions. Founded in 1998, Yanwen provides over 200 door-to-door logistics services, with its headquarter based in Beijing.

Yanwen is the first company to get both international express and international commercial licenses for mail. They operate both nationally and internationally using air, rail, sea, and road as transport modes.

Additionally, Yanwen Logistics serves as an intermediary between sellers and the postal companies (of a destination country). Yanwen tracking offers fast, reliable, and effective services for the sellers to satisfy their logistics needs. Its main role is to pick up the package from the seller, deliver it across China, and hand it to the postal services of the destination country.

Yanwen is expanding to cover more than 50 cities with up to 300 pickup vehicles. The company specializes in local and international delivery across 214 countries with multi-logistics partners. They are mainly responsible for shipping registered mail in China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, and Belgium.

As of 2021, Yanwen is expected to deliver an average of 3.2 million parcels daily (both domestic and internationally). They work in partnership with the transport companies like DHL, Royal Mail, Canada Post, and TNT.

Yanwen parcel offers three delivery services which are Yanwen Express, Yanwen Economic, and Yanwen Special Line depending on the type of package, its characteristics (size and weight), the urgency of shipment, and its destination.

How do Upper Route Planner and Yanwen Work?

Whenever we place any order we are concerned about its delivery time for both domestic and international parcels. We believe that international shipments should be more accurate and timely.

The Upper Route Planner shows the most up-to-date tracking information for the Yanwen customers. This also provides accurate driving directions for delivery through automated route planning. It is software used across the world to check the package details from any courier service.

The feature of live tracking helps the customers to know the actual time for the delivery of their parcel. To find the live location of your parcel, you can use Upper Package Tracker for free now.

You simply need the parcel tracking number to use the upper route planner. All you have to do is enter the tracking number on the package tracker and the system will automatically fetch the details of the courier service and show you the real-time tracking updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my package from the Yanwen post?

You can track your Yanwen packages through the Yanwen website or the Package Tracker.

Yanwen parcel tracking is easy with Upper Package Tracker, as it is an international tracking tool with accurate shipment information. We provide you with the most powerful tracking system for any courier services regardless of the destination country.

Can Yanwen Package be tracked without a tracking number?

No, the Yanwen package can not be tracked without a Yanwen tracking number. You will need a tracking number from the online storefront or the merchant. Sometimes the online storefronts and merchants send you the details of order confirmation and tracking to your mobile phone via SMS.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Yanwen?

Both, Upper and Yanwen equally provide you the accurate tracking information of the parcel. The extra feature that Upper Route Planner offers you is live-tracking. This enables us to get real-time updates of the parcel till it is delivered.

Where is my Yanwen tracking number?

There are a few places where you can find your Yanwen tracking number:

  • If you made any purchase from a physical storefront or merchant, it could be on the purchase receipt
  • If you made any online purchase the merchants send you an order confirmation email with your tracking information
  • Sometimes the storefronts and merchants send you the order confirmation and tracking details via SMS

NOTE: If you still do not find your tracking number you can contact Yanwen customer service as it might be possible that the parcel is not yet shipped.

How to track the Yanwen package with Upper?

To track your Yanwen Package with Upper Package Tracker, you only need the Yanwen tracking number. You can enter the tracking number into Upper Package Tracker and we will show you the tracking update along with the courier carrying your parcel.

Is Yanwen delivery services reliable?

Since 1998 when Yanwen came into existence, Chinese merchants like to use this courier because of its optimal logistics solutions. Additionally, Yanwen also has partnerships with DHL, China Post, and UPS Express services to offer their delivery services.

Is my Yanwen tracking number fake?

Yanwen parcel tracking number consists of 13 alphanumeric digits with two capital letters in the beginning followed by a 9-digit number and ending with two capital letters (generally YP).

To find out if your tracking number is fake, you need to paste your tracking number on the Upper Package Tracker and it will show the status of the parcel.

How long does it take to deliver internationally with Yanwen?

Yanwen express service helps to decrease the travel time to the destination country. But, the part of travel time depends on the speed of your local courier. Packages shipping international can take anywhere between 6 to 25 business days. The Yanwen parcels may also get delayed due to several reasons like weather conditions, operational backlogs, weekends, or any holidays in China.

How quickly does Yanwen deliver parcels to the USA?

The usual delivery time for international destinations is somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks. On average, the delivery time (for USA Yanwen) is around 16- 35 days depending on whether the shipping method is a regular post, express, air, or ocean freight. However, in case of exceptional events like unfavorable weather conditions or any holidays, it may go up to 35-60 days.

How fast does Yanwen shipping take to Canada?

The Yanwen packages shipped from China to Canada can take around 14 to 30 days. Once the Yanwen parcel arrives in Canada, it is handed over to Canada Post to deliver to the final destination.

To keep track of your Yanwen parcel after it arrives in Canada, you can check on Upper Package Tracker as it is a universal tracking tool.

When will my Yanwen shipment arrive in the UK?

The Yanwen post ship packages from China to the United Kingdom will usually take around 12 to 30 days. After the parcel arrives in the UK it is taken care of by Royal Mail for the final delivery.

You can track your Yanwen parcel right from dispatch to delivery using Upper Package Tracker.

What if I have not received my package from Yanwen?

If the estimated date of delivery has passed, but still you did not receive your parcel. You can check the last seen status of such packages at Upper Route Planner.

Sometimes the packages get delayed by a day or two due to weather conditions, or some backlogs. Moreover, if the delivery date was a weekend or national holiday then it might be possible that the Yanwen facility is not running on those days.

Additionally, if the parcel shows delivered but you did not receive it, then it is the responsibility of the local courier companies. This means you will have to contact your local courier to report a loss or damage and know more information about the claim.

What if Yanwen loses my package?

In this scenario, there can be two conditions:

If Yanwen loses your package while in China or travelling to the destination country, the liability will be of Yanwen Post. You will have to submit a claim with Yanwen so that they either reimburse the amount of the package or try to find your package. You can contact Yanwen via call or email.

But, if the package has reached its destination country and they lost you will have to contact your local courier to find the claim options for loss or damage.

What time will the Yanwen package arrive?

The domestic delivery time for Yanwen varies from region to region due to several time zones. Also, the delivery time may differ depending upon the type of address if it is commercial or residential.

However, if your package has arrived in the destination country, then the package will arrive based on your local couriers’ delivery time.

What if I miss Yanwen package delivery?

Yanwen usually leaves the package at your door if you miss the package delivery. But, if the parcel requires a signature they will send the package back to the Yanwen post office. The package holding time may vary from the post office to post office. If you do not pick up your parcel within the given time frame, it will be sent back to the seller.

However, for international shipping, the local courier will leave the package at your door unless a signature is required.

How to sign for the Yanwen?

When some valuable items or sensitive information is shipped, then a signature is required while receiving it. For the signed package service, the courier driver will have a tablet to get your electronic signature or some may have a physical pen or paper.

What are the options provided for Yanwen express delivery?

Yanwen Express delivery option that delivers Yanwen posts are Yanwen Express, Yanwen Economic Air Mail, and Yanwen Special Line.

Why is the Yanwen package not moving?

The packages can be shown as not moving due to bad weather, weekend, or if it’s a national holiday in the country as the Yanwen shipping services may not be working on these days.

Why is Yanwen’s package pending?

The package status can show as pending if ordered on a weekend, on some national holiday, or in case of a bad weather event. It can also show pending if Yanwen has not yet scanned to ship or not picked up the package for delivery.

However, if the package is showing pending for longer you can contact the storefront or the merchant to check if the item is picked up by Yanwen or not. If your package was picked and is still pending, you can contact Yanwen’s customer care to know more about it.

How do I contact Yanwen?

For any queries or questions regarding your parcel, you can contact Yanwen on the customer care hotline number or via email.

Yanwen hotline numbers:

+86 400 108 5656 (calls within China)

+ 86 755 8251 2889 (calls outside China)

Yanwen email address: [email protected]