All Star Media Solutions

Key Results

  • 74%

    Reduction in planning time

  • Double

    Increase in operational efficiency

  • 36%

    Cost savings

  • 12 hours

    Saved weekly

  • 48%

    Increase in driver productivity

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing outdoor advertising agency, All Star Media Solutions, led by Founder & CEO Bill Amodeo, was facing mounting logistical hurdles in effectively executing campaigns across multiple locations.

Bill’s team was using Route4Me for route planning. However, a sudden and drastic price increase under new management prompted a reevaluation of their routing solution.

“The price hike was unsustainable for us,” Bill pointed out. “We needed a cost-effective alternative that could still meet our specific needs.”

Without proper routing, it was taking a lot of time to plan things out with multiple locations to visit. It could take a few days to plan for just 50 locations where we needed to place posters.

Nathaniel pool
Bill Amodeo

Founder & CEO, All Star Media Solutions

The Solution

In their search for an efficient and cost-effective routing solution, All Star Media Solutions conducted extensive research and demos with multiple providers.

Upper quickly emerged as the frontrunner, thanks to its attractive features and commitment to addressing their unique business needs.

What truly set Upper apart was its flexibility and willingness to work closely with All Star Media. “Upper’s team was flexible and willing to work with us and help us out,” Bill explains.

“Whenever we faced minor issues, they quickly made the relevant tweaks and addressed the problems.”

streamlined route planning

All Star Media implemented Upper’s routing and route optimization capabilities, tailoring the solution to their specific requirements for outdoor advertising campaigns. The ability to efficiently plan routes, accounting for multiple locations, closures, and traffic patterns, was a huge advantage.

“We do outdoor distribution of print, and we had to visit multiple sites and locations for that,” Bill elaborates. “That’s why we needed the quickest route to reach the desired locations. Upper’s routing system works efficiently, making it easy to go from point A to B and various other locations effectively.”

The demo given by Upper’s support team was really good. They guided me through the process, and it was really helpful. The pricing was also budget-friendly.

Bill Amodeo
Bill Amodeo

Founder & CEO, All Star Media Solutions

Furthermore, Upper’s proof of delivery feature, allowing photo uploads at each location, provided the transparency and accountability All Star Media needed to build trust with clients.

Giving reports to the clients was important to us. With Upper’s proof of delivery feature, we could click photos of the location and poster to show clients as proof that we did what we were asked to do.

Bill Amodeo
Bill Amodeo

Founder & CEO, All Star Media Solutions

The Impact

Implementing Upper’s route planning solution had a transformative effect on All Star Media Solutions Inc. Almost immediately, the company experienced significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and client satisfaction.

One of the most noticeable outcomes was the significant time savings. The time required for route planning was reduced by 74%, from two days to just four hours. This dramatic reduction allowed the team to focus more on their core activities rather than spending excessive time on logistics.

Moreover, the team saved 12 hours each week, which they could reallocate to other critical tasks, Bill added.

Performance Metrics

Metrics Before Upper After Upper
Number of Routes Planned Daily 2 8
Driver Downtime 3 hours per day 1 hour per day
Fuel Efficiency 12mpg 15mpg
Customer Complaints 5 per month 1 per month
Route Changes Difficult to manage Easily managed
Double Backing Instances per Route 5 1

By using Upper, All Star Media Solutions not only overcame their previous challenges but also achieved substantial improvements across various performance metrics. The positive impact on their operations underscores the value and effectiveness of Upper’s route planning solution.

Upper has completely transformed the way we operate. The efficiency and cost savings we’ve achieved are remarkable, and the support from their team has been exceptional. Our clients now receive timely, transparent services, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Bill Amodeo
Bill Amodeo

Founder & CEO, All Star Media Solutions Inc.