Heffron Services

Key Results

  • 90%

    Reduction in
    planning time

  • 100%

    Digitization of
    operational processes

  • 83%

    Decrease in
    service completion Disputes

The Challenge

Founded in 1998, Keystone Services, a family-owned business in Iowa, specializes in dust control for rural roads. Their growth, however, brought unforeseen operational challenges.

As the business expanded, managing thousands of rural customers across a wide area became increasingly complex.

Each season, the task of manually plotting over 2,000 customer locations on paper maps consumed over 400 staff hours. This process, crucial for route planning, lacked digitized data, making it difficult to optimize routes based on truck capacity and leading to inefficient routing. The staff had to rely on visual estimates for each driver, which often resulted in suboptimal routes.

Driver management presented another set of challenges. Route plans were given as paper manifests with verbal instructions, making any changes to routes or schedules a cumbersome and error-prone process. Communication about refill locations was inconsistent, often leading to errors with refill trucks going to the wrong locations.

Administrative tasks were equally taxing. The only record of customer service requests was handwritten on paper order forms. After completing a job, administrative staff had to manually enter data into QuickBooks, a process prone to errors and inefficiencies. This lack of digitization also meant there was no reliable way to confirm service completion, leading to customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

In essence, Keystone Services faced a critical need to modernize its operations to maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction in its growing business.

Managing over 2,000 rural locations manually was a logistical nightmare. Inefficiencies in routing and the absence of digital tracking caused chaos. We urgently needed a solution to streamline our operations.

Kelsey H
Kelsey H

Vice President, Keystone Services

The Solution

Faced with mounting inefficiencies, Keystone Services embraced Upper Route Planner to revolutionize its service management. Upper’s advanced routing algorithms and automation tools transformed their chaotic, paper-based processes into a streamlined, digital operation.

Streamlining Route Planning with Capacity-Based Optimization

Upper’s load-based route optimization was a game-changer for Keystone. It allowed for planning routes that considered truck capacity limits and necessary refill stops, maximizing efficiency. This approach significantly cut down their route planning time from hours to mere minutes.

Kelly, from Keystone Services, shared, “With Upper, we’ve moved beyond guesswork in route planning. Now, we assign stops based on actual field data, which has been a massive efficiency boost.”

streamlined route planning

Digitizing Dispatch for Enhanced Organization

Upper’s solution digitized Keystone’s dispatch process, replacing paper manifests with a dynamic mobile app interface. This change enabled drivers to receive optimized routes with detailed turn-by-turn guidance and customer information. When needed, in transit routes could now be modified ensuring seamless communication and operational flexibility.

Upper has organized our dispatch process like never before. The chaos of manual routing is now a thing of the past.

Kelsey H
Kelsey H

Vice President, Keystone Services

Boosting Customer Service with Real-Time Tracking

Implementing Upper’s live driver tracking significantly improved Keystone’s customer service. Real-time ETAs provided to customers, and on-arrival notifications via the app have minimized disputes and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Real time kelsey

Thanks to Upper, we’ve virtually eliminated customer disputes about service completion. The real-time updates and confirmations have been invaluable.

Kelsey H
Kelsey H

Vice President, Keystone Services

Enhancing Record-Keeping and Communication

Upper’s platform also revolutionized Keystone’s record-keeping and customer communication. Digital spraying records replaced manual logs, ensuring accuracy and transparency. The ability to send customer notifications about service completion further streamlined their operations.

Kelsey added, “The digital records and automated notifications have not only saved us time but also significantly improved our customer relations.”

The Impact

Upper Route Planner emerged as a transformative solution for Keystone Services, revolutionizing their operations and addressing critical challenges. The shift from manual, labor-intensive processes to Upper’s automated and optimized routing system unlocked a new level of operational excellence. This allowed them to take on more clients, expanding their business.

The introduction of Upper’s intelligent route planning and optimization significantly streamlined Keystone’s workflow, eliminating the inefficiencies of manual route planning. This change not only saved considerable time but also enhanced the overall coordination and accuracy of their operations.

Keystone Services experienced a remarkable improvement in productivity. The optimized routes and digital dispatching system reduced unnecessary travel and refueling stops, allowing drivers to service more roads efficiently.

Additionally, the implementation of Upper’s system greatly improved customer service. Automated notifications and digital records provided clarity and transparency, reducing customer disputes and enhancing satisfaction.

The transition to Upper’s user-friendly and efficient system marked a pivotal moment for Keystone Services, enabling them to harness the full potential of digital transformation in their delivery operations.

Performance Metrics

Metrics Before Upper After Upper
Route Planning Time Over 400 hours/season Less than 50 hours/season
Vehicle Utilization 70% 97%
Driver Productivity 85% 100%
Billing Disputes 12-15 0
Fuel Costs $5,000/week $4,000/week

This transformation has positioned Keystone Services at the forefront of operational excellence in their industry. The integration of Upper Route Planner into their daily operations has not only streamlined their processes but also significantly enhanced their service quality, setting a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It’s truly remarkable to see the transformation Upper has brought to our operations. The leap from manual to automated processes has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Kelsey H
Kelsey H

Vice President, Keystone Services