Driving route planners

Are you tired of dealing with inefficient routes and struggling to streamline your delivery process? Don’t worry! In this blog, we bring you the ultimate solution: driving route planners.

These invaluable tools can revolutionize your routing operations, increase efficiency, and ensure on-time deliveries that leave your customers satisfied.

Therefore, choosing the best driving route planner is essential for businesses looking to simplify their routing operations and increase operational efficiency.

Herein we explore the world of best driving route planners and reveal the finest options out there. Take a look and know how these planners help in route planning, route optimization, scheduling, and more.

10 Best Driving Route Planners


Best Multi-Stop Driving Route Planner

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planning, Live driver tracking, Proof of delivery

About Upper

Upper is the best driving route planner on the market. It provides an intuitive and effective solution to streamline routing operations for delivery & pickup businesses, logistics companies, and service-based businesses.

It also allows businesses to import hundreds of addresses in just a click, making setup simple and straightforward.

Upper’s route planning algorithm assesses factors like service time, time window, and customer preferences. Additionally, it considers various distance and time constraints to create efficient multi-stop routes tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Import CSV or Excel files to add hundreds of stops at once
  • Plan and optimize routes based on time or distance preferences
  • Generate optimized routes for multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Include multiple stops per route for efficient multi-stop planning
  • Assign service time and time windows for on-time deliveries
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries to meet critical deadlines
  • Calculate accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) for better customer communication
  • Export routes to GPS devices or navigation apps for seamless driver guidance
  • Schedule routes in advance and dispatch them to drivers
  • Collect proof of delivery with photos, notes, and e-signatures
  • Send automated customer notifications via email or text
  • Live driver tracking feature to track driver locations and progress
  • Make last-minute changes and updates to route
  • Swap routes between drivers in case of emergencies
  • With the reverse route feature, there is no need to re-plan the entire route again
  • Simply drag & drop any stop and update your timeline automatically
  • With the multi-selector tool, make quick modifications even after routes are optimized
  • Curbside delivery option to make pickups and deliveries smoother
  • Integrate with third-party platforms and software
  • Get highly detailed reports and analytics to improve business operations
  • Dedicated driver app for route management and updates
  • Comprehensive support via email, chat, and telephone

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Curve quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker


Best Routing Software for Delivery Management

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Last mile geofencing, GPS-enabled route tracking, Voice-guided navigation

About Route4Me

Route4Me is a cloud-based route planner solution that makes it easier for businesses to create, manage, and optimize routes. With Route4Me, users can plan routes, keep track of drivers in real-time, and access detailed reports for better insights.

With this easy-to-use route planning software, businesses can upload customer information, such as location and preferred visit times. Route4Me uses global mapping data to create routes that are tailored to specific requirements. Here are the top Route4Me alternatives.


  • Route4Me is available as a native mobile app for iOS and Android, so users can easily plan routes, make notes, take pictures, and track progress on the go.
  • The software has powerful reporting and data visualization technology that enables users to analyze key metrics such as delivery times, route efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • It lets dispatchers and managers keep track of where drivers are in real time so they can know exactly what the current status of each delivery is.
  • The scheduling calendar lets users manage time-sensitive deliveries by choosing the exact date and time to visit the customers.

Cameron B.

It is user-friendly both on the admin and user sides. It has cut our dispatch/scheduling workload down by more than half, which allows us to focus on other important items.


  • Several customers have reported instances where Route4Me directed them to the wrong addresses or failed to route stops correctly.
  • Users have had trouble with the routing algorithm’s accuracy, especially when multiple stops are on the same street.
  • Route4Me’s customer service was not good. Users have said that it’s hard to get in touch with a representative and get helpful assistance.
  • Users have reported performance problems when dealing with a high volume of stops (above 500/1000 stops).

Kyle W.

The routing isn’t great, with the wrong locations and routes that don’t make sense. Not a lot of great features, and you are not able to turn features on and off. Terrible customer support; the best way to get a response is by submitting a ticket; forget about talking to anyone, and most of the time, I’m just told we can’t help, but that’s a good idea we will submit for consideration. The functionality is poor and is meant for small companies with minimal stops. Once we had a lot of stops and multiple trucks, the quality went down big time, and the price skyrocketed.


Best for Field Force Productivity

Starting price

$43/month per vehicle

Free trial

Upto 50 deliveries

Key features

Territory management, Barcoding/RFID, Emergency dispatch

About TourSolver

TourSolver is a comprehensive routing and schedule optimization software offered by Nomadic Group. It incorporates geographical intelligence into operational and strategic planning, giving businesses a powerful tool to create efficient route schedules.

The software offers a variety of functionalities, including geo marking, scheduling for field service management, logistics & transport route optimization, and a map library. For logistics coordinators and planners, it provides real-time plan execution, providing a fast return on investment.


  • It’s convenient to create optimized routes as the software manages various constraints related to field staff working hours, skills, customer visit frequencies, and vehicle capacities.
  • It’s easy to handle unexpected issues or emergencies using a Gantt chart that enables users to amend or adjust route sequences quickly.
  • The software helps businesses assess the effectiveness of route planning through a built-in simulator that continuously measures route mileage, times, and costs.

Andy M.

I like that it allows certain amounts of time for each job and plots them on a Gantt chart.


  • There are some challenges when trying to add additional stops to an existing map.
  • There are instances where the tool seems unfinished or lacking in certain areas. For example, lists cannot be alphabetized, and there are multiple places to make changes when a user is modified, leading to a less streamlined user experience.
  • It can be frustrating to customize certain aspects of the software. Specifically, the font size for street names is too small, making it difficult to read.
  • The configuration process is challenging, and the software may require a higher level of expertise and resources to fully utilize its capabilities effectively.

Paul N.

I cannot add stops; street names are very small; I can’t seem to increase the font. Can’t move stops around.

Badger Maps

Best for Field Sales Management

Starting price

$49/month per user

Free trial

7 days

Key features

Route optimization, CRM integration, Team route creation

About Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a comprehensive driving route planner designed to enhance the efficiency of field sales representatives. Leveraging capabilities like route optimization, schedule planning, lead generation, and CRM integration equips sales teams to manage their territory efficiently.

Sales managers can boost overall sales results by making data-driven adjustments. It is possible through the insights they obtain from Badger Maps about the activities and performance of their representatives. In case if you are looking for some alternatives to Badger Maps, refer to this blog on Badger Maps alternatives.


  • By integrating Google Maps, CRM data, route optimization, and lead generation, Badger Maps enables salespeople to manage their territories better.
  • Badger Maps offers salespeople on-the-go access to their maps, routes, customer details, and scheduling using mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Badger Maps provides a simple and user-friendly mapping tool to assist salespeople in planning their routes quickly and effectively.

Brian K.

The mapping function is easy to use and helps maximize time in the field. Also, the ability to use lasso is a nice feature.


  • Some users have experienced issues with slow loading times and inaccurate location information on Badger Maps.
  • There are problems with the software’s ability to reliably store and retrieve notes. Losing critical information due to note-keeping issues has been a recurring problem for some users.
  • The settings and filters in Badger Maps are kind of confusing and limited. The software’s inability to offer customizable color coding conflicts with some users’ preferences and hinders their ability to organize and categorize data effectively.
  • Some users have found the initial setup process for Badger Maps to be complicated and overwhelming.
  • The pricing of Badger Maps has been a concern for some users. The perceived high cost of the software has led them to consider alternative solutions.

Steve D.

Badger has had a poor ability to reliably keep notes that I have entered. I have been frustrated by losing key info on numerous occasions. I stopped reporting the issue because it kept happening so often.


Best Software for Last-Mile Delivery Services

Starting price

$54/month per vehicle

Free trial


Key features

360 driver app, GPS tracking, Customer notifications

About WorkWave

WorkWave Route Manager is a cloud-based route planning and optimization software that helps delivery businesses streamline their routing operations. Users can use this software to create profiles, manage orders, plan routes, and dispatch those routes to drivers.

Additionally, it has the capability to track vehicles using GPS, send customer notifications, and even assess performance using analytics. WorkWave is a potent tool utilized by businesses of all sizes in the logistics, transportation, and home delivery industries. Take a quick look at the top Route Manager alternatives.


  • With GPS integration, the software provides complete real-time visibility of vehicle locations.
  • Using this route manager, businesses can update route plans and delivery instructions and share them with on-field drivers instantly.
  • WorkWave Route Manager offers a 360 driver app that allows drivers to view routes in real-time and track successful deliveries using barcode scanning.

Nathan B.

Having the ability to track and add to my daily routes in real time is an asset to our operation. Also, being able to track where my fleet is at all times is convenient.


  • WorkWave Route Manager does not support multiday routes, which can be a limitation for businesses that require planning routes spanning multiple days.
  • Users have reported that searching for past routes within the software is time-consuming, making it challenging to retrieve and review previous route information.
  • It’s difficult to categorize and organize routes based on specific criteria or preferences as the software lacks the functionality to put labels on routes.
  • Some users have expressed frustration that their request for any particular feature is not addressed or implemented in subsequent updates.
  • The reports generated do not provide comprehensive analytical insights, requiring users to perform additional manual work for in-depth analysis.

Rafael D R.

It does not have multi-day routes. Searching for past routes is a pain. There is no way to put labels on the routes. If you ask for a feature, you will never get it.


Best Web-Based Route Planner

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Geocoding, Multi-stop routing, Bulk address upload

About RouteXL

RouteXL is a driving route planner designed for effective and optimal multi-stop routes. Its multi-stop route planning feature considers a variety of elements, including the availability of the fleet and drivers, fuel consumption, traffic conditions, and other delivery constraints.

Bulk address uploading makes it easier to upload numerous addresses, while QR code scanning enables the easy sharing of routes with others. After the route has been determined, it is shown on the map, and the directions can be printed or exported to navigational tools and applications. You can also explore top RouteXL alternatives for your business.


  • Adding addresses to the route planner is simple, with the functionality to easily import addresses from a variety of applications, spreadsheets, or emails.
  • Even for users with little technical knowledge, adding stops and optimizing routes is a simple procedure.
  • Users can easily distribute route information to drivers or team members by using QR codes to share routes with others.

Jared B.

Free! How can you beat that? Also, the software has the ability to add multiple stops and locations. It also has the ability to save previous routes and add details to each stop.


  • Importing a large number of addresses (say 100) can take a few minutes to import and find a route.
  • RouteXL does not have any iOS or Android apps, preventing users from planning routes directly on their mobile devices.
  • RouteXL has been criticized for its outdated user interface. While the design is navigable and functional, it may not provide a modern and seamless user experience.
  • While the software allows drivers to re-plan routes based on skipped stops, they cannot directly add new stops in the middle of an existing route.

Verified User in Fund-Raising

I didn’t think that the tutorial was very good at explaining how it works; there isn’t much training on how to use it.


Best Cloud-Based Driving Route Optimization Solution

Starting price

$24/Pay As You Go

Free trial

7 days

Key features

Reloading and importing contacts, Multi-routing, Saving and exporting routes

About MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is a versatile driving route planning software suitable for businesses of all sizes, from massive fleets to individual operators. The platform provides a number of features that improve delivery effectiveness. These features include the ability to create multi-stop routes, manage territories, provide turn-by-turn directions, and export routes to Excel or GPS devices.

Using this route planner app, users can easily set service times, import contacts from multiple sources, and modify routes as necessary. In addition, MyRouteOnline provides a dedicated navigation app for drivers to track deliveries and receive updates about stops. Here’s the list of MyRouteOnline alternatives for you in case you are looking for a less incisive option.


  • Users can easily upload and map multiple locations thanks to the user-friendly interface of MyRouteOnline.
  • MyRouteOnline offers exceptional customer service. Users have praised the support team for their responsiveness and assistance.
  • The software allows importing data directly from Google Sheets, making it more convenient for businesses to plan routes.

Sebastian F.

Flexible software integrates well with our workflow.


  • According to some users, MyRouteOnline’s routing algorithm doesn’t always generate the quickest route.
  • There have been instances in which the software has failed to reliably find certain addresses on the map, resulting in inaccurate or incomplete routes.
  • Users have found it annoying that they can only choose and move one stop at a time when using the drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange stops.


What I liked least was that some of the routes were NOT the quickest. I had to “re-route” it myself. It was also not able to find some of the addresses on the map. So it gave me an empty lot.


Best for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Starting price

$49 USD/month per vehicle

Free trial

7 days

Key features

Delivery tracking link, Proof of delivery, Delivery analytics

About Routific

Routific is a cloud-based driving route planner designed to help small and medium-sized businesses. With automated route planning, interactive maps, and API integrations, Routific simplifies the complex process of managing delivery operations.

It allows users to easily import customer data, adjust routes, and dispatch those routes to drivers through the mobile app. Routific also offers driver tracking, delivery analytics, and customer communication features to enhance delivery performance and customer satisfaction.


  • Easily visualize and organize deliveries more efficiently using Routific’s interactive map. It allows users to view and manage optimized delivery routes easily.
  • Conveniently access maps, routes, and stop information using the driver’s mobile app.
  • Getting a record of successful deliveries is possible thanks to Routific’s capability to capture customer signatures and photos using the driver app.

Hallel C.

The routing is great, and the support of the company is amazing – highly recommended.


  • Difficulty accessing information for nearby stops due to the small size of the timeline, hindering access to necessary details.
  • The driver’s app has the limitation of uploading only one image, restricting the flexibility of uploading multiple photos for comprehensive documentation.
  • Users have expressed a desire for additional options for client messaging or the ability to communicate directly through the Routific app.

Nora M.

It would be nice to have some more options for client messaging or the ability to communicate through the app.


Best for Field Service Businesses

Starting price

$35.10/month per driver

Free trial

30 days

Key features

Weekly planning, Multi-day long-haul routes, Breadcrumbs

About OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a web-based route planning and scheduling software for delivery and field service businesses. With this software, businesses can automate route planning, taking into account various constraints, such as driver/technician skills, working times, vehicle capacity limits, and different vehicle types.

OptimoRoute offers an array of powerful features, including route optimization, driver and vehicle management, live tracking and ETA calculations, a mobile app for drivers, and API integration with other systems. Here are some of the best alternatives to OptimoRoute.


  • OptimoRoute offers API integration, allowing businesses to easily sync the software with their existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, POS, and FSM.
  • OptimoRoute provides an accurate, real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on genuine travel times and actual geographic distances.
  • The software enables digital documentation, allowing employees to capture digital signatures, photos, and notes for a simplified claim resolution.
  • Using the mobile app, drivers and technicians can easily access their schedules, navigate while on the road, and track their location and job completion

Anne W.

Efficient routing is vital to my small business, and OptimoRoute is essential to it.


  • The price per user of OptimoRoute may be a deterrent for businesses with tight profit margins.
  • OptimoRoute does not always provide routes with stops in the most strategic order. This requires manual updates and adjustments to ensure the most efficient route planning.
  • OptimoRoute does not effectively incorporate live traffic data, which means dynamic routing based on real-time traffic conditions is not up to mark.

Alvin Lee S.

The price per user; I’d like to use this to hire more drivers, but it doesn’t make financial sense given my profit margins.

Speedy Route

Best for Basic Routing Requirements

Starting price


Free trial

Add up to 10 stops for free

Key features

Timeboxing, Fuel management and mileage tracking, Drag, and drop scheduling

About Speedy Route

Speedy Route is a versatile route optimization software designed for delivery drivers, salespeople, and individuals with multiple stops. It efficiently calculates the best route to visit all locations and return to the starting point.

Speedy Route provides detailed driving directions between stops and can accommodate both single and multiple delivery vehicles. It maximizes efficiency by determining the optimal route based on the number of available vehicles, streamlining delivery operations, and improving productivity.


  • Speedy Route offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and utilize its features.
  • The route planner allows you to set specific arrival times for each stop, accommodating time-sensitive deliveries or appointments.
  • The site provides the option to export your route to a GPS device, allowing for seamless navigation.

Nancy H.

I love using this site, as it is easy and fast to use. I drive to many properties and need to know the best and fastest route, which this site gives me.


  • Speedy Route lacks a dedicated mobile app, limiting its accessibility and convenience for users who prefer route planning on the go.
  • The software does not provide advanced routing capabilities for complex logistic operations.
  • Some users have reported a subpar user interface experience, suggesting that the software has room for improvement in terms of its visual design and ease of use.

Chad B.

The trial worked great with under 20 addresses, but once I tried the full version with 50 addresses, the routing result was terrible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a driving route planner?

    A driving route planner is software or an online program that assists you in choosing the most efficient route between multiple locations. It optimizes the route and offers turn-by-turn navigation while considering factors like distance, traffic, and time constraints.

  • Why should I use a driving route planner?

    A driving route planner can help you save time, fuel costs, and miles traveled. It assists you in avoiding traffic congestion, scheduling the most efficient routes, and ensuring on-time arrivals. Whether you’re a delivery driver, a salesperson, or simply running errands, a driving route planner can simplify your travel and increase efficiency.

  • What are the key features to look for in a driving route planner?

    The following features should be taken into account when looking for a driving route planner:

    • Route optimization
    • Address import/export options
    • Turn-by-turn directions
    • Choose route planners with unlimited stop support
    • Real-time traffic updates
    • Compatibility with GPS devices or mobile applications
    • Customization flexibility
  • How does a driving route planner optimize routes?

    Algorithms are used by a driving route planner to assess a variety of variables, including travel times, traffic patterns, and delivery priority. It adjusts the sequence of stops to plan the most efficient route, cutting down on both distance and travel time.

  • Is there a free route planner available?

    Yes, there are a number of free route planners that can aid in effective route planning. Google Maps route planner, Waze, and Apple Maps are among the best free route planners. The free route planning tool includes basic route planning features and can be a cost-effective option for individuals and small businesses.

  • Can Google Maps be used as a route planner?

    Yes, Google Maps offers a route planning feature that allows you to map out your road trips and find the most efficient routes. In order to meet your specific requirements, it offers customizable options, turn-by-turn directions, and real-time traffic updates.

  • Can I use a driving route planner for multiple stops and deliveries?

    Yes, driving route planners are made to handle multiple deliveries and stops. When using an advanced route planner, like Upper, you can efficiently plan complicated itineraries since the software can optimize routes with any number of stops.

  • How reliable are driving route planners in terms of accuracy and efficiency?

    Driving route planners rely on precise mapping information and real-time traffic data to deliver accurate results. Although they aim for accuracy, there may occasionally be discrepancies or unexpected road conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to cross-reference the route with your personal expertise or use supplementary navigational aids for confirmation.

  • How user-friendly are driving route planners for beginners?

    The majority of driving route planners strive to be user-friendly, with simple interfaces and clear instructions. They usually provide detailed instructions for inputting destinations and generating optimal routes. Route planners with good documentation, tutorials, and customer support options are best for beginners.

  • What are some tips for maximizing the benefits of driving route planners?

    Here are some vital tips to maximize the benefits of driving route planners:

    • Ensure that your destination addresses are accurate and up-to-date.
    • Group nearby stops to minimize backtracking.
    • Regularly update your route planner with current traffic information.
    • Take advantage of customization options to prioritize stops or add specific constraints.
    • Familiarize yourself with the features and settings of your chosen route planner to make the most of its capabilities.
    • Regularly review and update your routes based on changes in schedules or conditions.


Driving route planners are becoming essential tools for individuals as well as businesses, allowing them to improve efficiency, reduce travel times, and simplify routes. To efficiently manage routes in light of the increasing demand for prompt deliveries and the high-competitive business landscape, we must harness the power of driving route planners.

Among the best driving route planners available, Upper stands out as an exceptional choice. Its advanced features, intuitive interface, and comprehensive capabilities make it a reliable and user-friendly solution.

So, don’t settle for inefficient and time-consuming routes. and simplify your route planning process, save valuable time & resources, and enjoy a stress-free driving experience.

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