7 Best Driving Route Planners For Your Business in 2023

The route planning and optimization software market can grow by 11.4% CAGR from 2018 to 2023. The rising demand is expected to reach $5.07 billion by 2023.

But only a few of the delivery route planning and optimization software is user-friendly and ideal for your delivery driver’s use. 

Only a few can integrate into your existing delivery business ecosystem and assist you in transforming the workflow.

Our team has filtered out a list of the best driving route planners suitable for your delivery business, irrespective of the business industry and size, and they can easily fit into your ecosystem.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Best Driving Route Planner

1. Upper Route Planner

  • Great for: Optimization and planning for multiple routes and stops
  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Contractors and delivery businesses

Upper Route Planner tops our list as it is the best driving route planner compared to others. It offers quality features at a reasonable price, making it stand out from the rest on the list. 

You can dispatch, schedule, and manage your delivery workforce with powerful software that delivers an optimized delivery path and helps you save your time and effort.

  • Real-time updates

    It analyzes real-time traffic and weather updates to deliver precise and accrued routes to handle multi-order deliveries. The software is accessible through Android and iOS devices, making it easy to integrate into your business ecosystem, and the delivery workforce can adapt to the new change.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    The user-friendly interface makes accessing a wide range of functionalities that lessen the complexities of your delivery business. You can get real-time updates about the delivery driver’s location to be shared with the customers for better transparency.

  • Ideal for different industries

    The software is ideal for delivery industries like pharmacy, food, retail, and courier and handles business operations of different scales.

    You can increase the delivery business’ effectiveness and productivity by integrating a smooth and professional delivery route planner.

The best features offered by Upper Route Planner are:

  • One-click driver dispatch
  • 500 addresses import
  • Optimize route and save 40% of cost
  • Enhance the productivity of the workforce by 40%
  • Easy sync with PC, Android, and iOS devices
  • Easy to optimize, dispatch, upload, use, and route bulk delivery orders

  • Mobile app for drivers
  • Create time and cost-effective routes
  • Create multiple routes for different drivers
  • Create reports and take proof of delivery
  • No street view
  • 7-day trial

Switch to the Upper’s Driving Route Planner

Looking for a driving route planner? Use Upper to generate unlimited route plans including stops up to 500. Experience how route optimization is made easier.

2. Route4Me

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Businesses looking for unlimited route planning 

Route4me is a high-quality route planning and optimization software that can help you dispatch multiple products with the help of its built-in navigation. You can get the shortest delivery paths to ensure drivers work efficiently.

It offers centralized operations control and helps delivery businesses create a strong communication link between the management and the on-ground team.

The tool can deliver route optimization results in 10 seconds to help you save your time and effort. You can access the set delivery schedule of the drivers and make desired changes for better results. It offers you real-time information about the location of the drivers that can be useful to help them bypass different obstacles in the delivery process.

  • Unlimited route planning
  • Quick GPS connect
  • Excellent route optimization
  • You can’t delete stops
  • No warning for similar addresses

3. TourSolver

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Medium and large-scale delivery businesses

A quality driving route planner designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. It has powerful built-in tools that can help you handle terminology, vehicle profiles, client preferences, and other aspects to ensure a quality delivery experience.

It has a simulator that can help you access time, cost, and mileage to deliver optimized routes. You can export schedules and agent itineraries in different document forms like PDF, Excel, and iCalendar.

TourSolver is available on Android and iOS applications, making it easier to access and utilize. You can avail of the software’s monthly subscription and the quality support provided by the vendor.

TourSolver lets your business plan a delivery route and incorporates configurations according to delivery descriptions and routes. The UI/UX of the software is smooth, and you won’t face lags or bugs while using the delivery route planner.

  • Large range of functionalities
  • Can help you save operational cost
  • Excellent route optimization and easy-to-use
  • Costly subscription
  • Hard to configure
  • Feasible for large organizations

4. WorkWave

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Businesses who want to provide their delivery drivers great customer support to use the application

WorkWave is an effective route planning and optimization software ideal for your delivery business to increase efficiency and ensure that the delivery drivers achieve desired results.

The powerful planner can automatically schedule the order deliveries based on the availability of the drivers. The software helps you notify the drivers and the customers about the changes in the delivery schedule. You get centralized access to view and manage the delivery operations and ensure no bottleneck.

Your management and on-ground workforce can collaborate effectively on different situations to help you increase business productivity and solve the issues within no time.

The drivers can check their schedule within a few clicks and ensure they never delay or miss a delivery until and unless an unavoidable situation arises. You can quickly save time, effort, and operational costs and achieve the desired KPI results.

You can provide real-time updates and ETAs of the deliveries to the customers for an enhanced customer experience that can help you build strong relationships. The drag-and-drop feature of the tool makes the scheduling process efficient. 

WorkWave offers dispatch-approved route plans, a driver app, time window planning, API, order management integration, route planning and optimization, and a calendar-based scheduler. You can try the free version of the software that can give an idea about the quality of a paid and free route planning software.

  • Great technical support
  • User-friendly access
  • Shows ETAs
  • API with easy integration
  • Costly subscription
  • Multiple locations take time to get added
  • Has consistent glitches

5. MyRouteOnline

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Businesses who want simplified route planning results

You can convert addresses into simplified route plans from Excel sheets using MyRouteOnline. The software offers quality route planning and optimization results that can help you streamline business operations.

You can create multiple or a single route within a few clicks, with maximum stops and duration like Google Maps. You can use a map like Google Maps that offers different driving instructions to ensure that the drivers achieve the daily target.

The quality of the software is amazing, and you can explore the wide range of features using the dashboard to help you achieve maximum efficiency. It can export your routes to Excel, reload and save routes online, and help you get a print of the map with your territories and routes.

The support offered by the tool is great, and you can bypass different technical difficulties in no time.

  • Quick and user-friendly interface
  • Organize multi-stop
  • Effective route planning
  • Cannot edit address
  • You need to reformat the Excel sheet

6. Routific

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Contractors who want reliable third-party integrations

The right route planning software for quick and reliable third-party integrations can help you optimize routes for your delivery drivers. You can use the free software version on your mobile device and explore its benefits.

You can extract excellent trip planning solutions from the application. You can explore the reporting system of the application that can replace the requirement for a fuel cost calculator and a dedicated trip cost calculator by providing well-vetted data on the truck routes.

You can use the route elevation information to optimize the business performance and achieve your business goals with Routific.

  • Provide great integration with other third-party apps
  • Can deliver precise and accurate results
  • Robust and intuitive interface
  • Has multiple inefficiencies
  • You can send only an email or SMS as customer notifications

7. OptimoRoute

  • Available on: Web, Android & iOS devices
  • Best for: Businesses looking for a quality and user-friendly interface

OptimoRoute is a professional route planning tool that you can use to plan your driver’s road trip and provide them with the optimal route for delivering a quality customer experience. You can add multiple or unlimited stops and create optimized routes.

It is one of the professional paid route planners that can assist with driving directions and planning delivery routes. You can also extract truck-specific routes to help you provide the shortest route to your truck drivers.

You can save fuel costs and provide the fastest route with turn-by-turn navigation for quality results.

You can create an efficient route using the route management app to simplify your fleet management solution within a few clicks. The blend of great features and reasonable pricing helps it stand out from the rest of the route optimization tools.

  • The delivery route management app
  • A quality UI/UX design
  • The efficient route planner is fast and reliable
  • The complexities of the delivery process are not handled effectively
  • There might be issues with the GPS locations

These top tools offer different pros and cons based on their features and pricing options. Now it’s your time to finalize one based on your requirements, goals, and budget.

Why Do You Need A Driving Route Planner?

Many businesses rely on manual delivery business management, and a few use Google Maps to handle the delivery operations. 

But these methods are ineffective in the modern age where demand is rising, and you can’t compromise on the delivery service quality.

A quality route planner can help your business:

  • Increase business efficiency

    56% of the customers won’t purchase from a brand if they encounter an inefficient delivery experience.

    A professional route planner can help you streamline your delivery operations and increase efficiency to deliver the best delivery experience for your customers.

  • Get optimized delivery routes

    You can get optimized delivery paths within a few clicks with real-time analysis of traffic and weather updates. A route planner can also automate the scheduling process that can help you save time and effort in your last-mile delivery management.

  • Integrate automation

    You can replace the redundant process and chances of errors in manual management with the help of powerful route planning and optimization software. You can create a solid communication link between your management and delivery drivers to collaborate effectively and bypass different dynamic problems.

  • Centralization

    You get centralized control to ensure your business operations can tackle hurdles effectively. You can get real-time updates about the location of the delivery drivers that can be shared with the customers for a quality experience.

  • Increase business profits

    With enhanced business results and an optimized ecosystem, you can scale your business and increase business profits and revenue. You, delivery drivers, can cover more delivery orders daily, boosting the team’s productivity.

These benefits can become a reality for your business if you have integrated a dedicated driving route planner into your business ecosystem.


You can choose different route optimization software, but Upper Route Planner is the best option you have in the market based on the features and cost-effective pricing. You get a robust and reliable delivery management solution that can handle most of the complexities in your delivery business and assist you in streamlining the operations with finesse.

Google Maps is the best free route planner app compared to other free route planners in the industry. Although it is not designed to handle the complexities of the delivery business, the features and free access make it a great choice. You can get a speedy route, create routes, manage road trips, and turn-by-turn directions. Google Maps route planner can be considered a multi-stop route planner because it can deliver multiple stops compared to other route planners, which lack this feature.

The core reason for avoiding Google Maps as your dedicated route planning software is that it is not professional software for a delivery business. Compared to a professional delivery route planning and optimization software, it has multiple setbacks, like you don’t get the wide range of features that can help you improve your delivery operations.

The basic criteria for selecting a professional delivery route planner are its features and the pricing in contrast to the features. It should fulfill your requirements and goals to help unlock greater business success.

You can climb the ladder of delivery business success if you have the right ecosystem to manage the industry’s rising demand. The high demand for professional and quality delivery services matches the customer experience.

Make a Final Decision

Based on the features, pricing, and impact, the software that can transform your delivery business is Upper Route Planner.

Its software can help you enhance your delivery business and ensure you don’t fall behind your competitors.

The software is equipped to help you

  • Save route planning time by 95%.
  • Improve the workforce’s productivity by 40%.
  • Export up to 500 delivery addresses.

It’s not a free route planning tool but you can access the to witness the transformation yourself.

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