6 Essential Snow Plow Route Apps for Swift Snow Clearing

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Snow plow route apps are an essential tool for snow removal businesses, ensuring safe navigation for smooth operations.
  • By optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, these apps contribute to significant savings in operational costs.
  • Features like in-app messaging help ensure seamless communication between dispatcher and driver, ensuring things run smoothly.
  • Integrating a snow plow route app into your winter routine early can help you minimize disruptions and streamline snow removal operations.

During the demanding winter months, efficient snow removal becomes a critical aspect for businesses. Navigating snowy roads often feels like a complex puzzle, leading to frustration and significant operational delays. However, prioritizing safety is an absolute necessity.

Interestingly, the snow removal market is growing at a CAGR of 5.8% and is expected to reach USD 109.69 billion by 2029, showcasing the increasing need for innovative solutions.

This winter, the key to mastering snow removal isn’t just traditional equipment. Rather, it is making the most of technology, particularly through a Snow Plow Route App

These apps aren’t just a technological convenience; they’re the key to mastering winter’s challenges. Aligned with the thriving snow removal market, they’re the go-to tool for conquering winter’s maze with ease.

With these handy apps, drivers can navigate through obstacles with greater confidence and safety. So, it’s time to embrace the ideal snow plowing app to run an organized and efficient snow removal business.

Understanding Route Planning for Snow Removal Business

Route planning is a process that includes creating the most efficient routes for snow plow operators to clear roads during the winter. Multiple factors, including weather, traffic flow, nearby hospitals or schools, and geographical features like hills and bridges, influence it.

The goal is to maximize the utilization of resources, minimize response time, and guarantee the well-being and accessibility of roadways for the public.

Are you ready to level up your snow management game?

So, winter-proof your routes with these top-notch apps that ensure stress-free snow removal and road safety!

Best Snow Plow Route Apps for Smarter Snow Management

Curious about the best snow plow route planners for smooth navigation through snow-covered areas? Here are the top six apps:

1. Upper

Upper is a multi-stop route planner app designed to plan and optimize routes with just a few clicks. It stands out from the other apps due to its seamless route optimization and other advanced features. This route planner efficiently manages your team of drivers and tracks operations in real-time. 

Upper stands out as the top choice for snow plows due to its instant route planning capabilities. Its super-efficient routes help boost productivity and save time.

Additionally, if you’re managing a business independently, our Upper Solo application is designed to streamline your operations seamlessly.


  • Allows the import of CSV or Excel files to add hundreds of stops within seconds. 
  • Empowers route optimization based on time and distance, streamlining efficiency.
  • Enables proactive route scheduling and swift dispatch to drivers for seamless operations.
  • Gain real-time insights into drivers’ progress through live driver tracking.
  • Get highly detailed reports and analytics to improve business operations.
  • Send automated customer notifications with accurate ETAs via email or text, ensuring impeccable service.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and telephone for uninterrupted assistance.

Pricing: Starting at $119/month for up to 3 users

2. Droppath Route Planner

Droppath Route Planner

Droppath Route Planner simplifies the challenges of snow plow routes. It’s designed to streamline snow clearing, customer visits, and operational tasks in the snow plowing business

Droppath offers route optimization, live tracking, and seamless integration with popular navigation tools. Its user-friendly interface facilitates simple destination marking and efficient route history management. 


  • Incorporate addresses from diverse sources—contacts, previous routes, current location, or importing a CSV file.
  • Allows to organize data and contact information according to your preferences or visit sequence.
  • One-tap access to Google Maps or Waze for detailed turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Save route histories, duplicate or add destinations from previous routes effortlessly.

Pricing: Ask the vendor for pricing based on your request

3. Plowz & Mowz

Plowz & Mowz

Plowz and Mowz is an on-demand snow removal app for small businesses. Services can be booked either through the app or online. Plowz and Mowz has partnered with local snow removal experts to offer top-tier customer service.

The price of plowing snow fluctuates based on the location and dimensions of the property. However, you can request a price quotation by providing some details, such as your zip code, driveway size, and any add-on services. 


  • The real-time ETA includes updates regarding the job status from the provider assigned.
  • Paying additional fees will enable you to request specialized services like salting, car clearing, or shoveling.
  • An insured partner means providing general liability insurance for snow removal business professionals.
  • The image of a completed job allows you to upload photos of the tasks completed directly to the app.

Pricing: Need to fill out a quotation with details (available on the website)

4. Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner is a modern route optimization platform. It is not just a navigation tool but an essential tool for better snow plowing routes. This app saves time and resources for snow plowers navigating through snow-covered terrain.

The web version helps fleet managers create routes, track progress, and share live locations with customers. The mobile route planner schedules routes and collects job completion data. 


  • Allows unlimited route creation and optimization for plowing snow.
  • Enables adding specific instructions for each snow-clearing stop for streamlined operations.
  • Seamless integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce streamline planning and execution.
  • Analyze end-trip details so that you can track performance on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Pricing: Contact the vendor for price

5. Jobber


Jobber is the ultimate companion for snow plowing businesses, especially when organizing tasks. It allows business owners to schedule jobs, dispatch crew members, invoice, and collect payments simultaneously.

Some of its features include on-demand job dispatching, bulk scheduling, multi-calendar views, and route optimization. Jobber assigns the snow plow jobs to the team instantly upon request. This app enables accessing job details and snow removal contracts from anywhere. 


  • Offers a 24/7 client hub for requesting snow removal services.
  • Automated texts and emails to notify the customers about any payment or feedback.
  • QuickBooks integration saves time on bookkeeping, reporting, and financial management.
  • There are multiple convenient payment methods for paying snow plow invoices.

Pricing: Customizable pricing plans

6. The Service Program

The Service Program

The snow removal software from The Service Program allows snow removal businesses to streamline their operations. This is a business management system designed to make it accessible to smaller companies.

This software is used by a wide range of industries to streamline their operations. This app offers multiple functions and has an easy-to-use interface. Plus, it seamlessly integrates accounts with QuickBooks.


  • Route optimization allows the efficient optimization of snow removal routes using interactive maps. 
  • Take pictures of work completion and get the customer’s signature effortlessly.
  • The customer portal enables structured and organized communication among the team members. 
  • Effortless integration with QuickBooks significantly streamlines accounting processes.

Pricing: Starting at $74.95/month for a single user

Thus, with optimal routes and advanced functionalities, here you go to elevate your snow removal operations!

Key Features to Look for in Snow Plow Route App

With numerous route planner apps available, it’s challenging to identify the features that truly enhance snow plows. So, let us check out the key features that bring maximum value to the snow removal business in the field:

1. Route optimization

This feature isn’t industry-specific; it is the silent hero revolutionizing various sectors. 

“Route optimization can save hours of route planning time and optimize routes for the snow removal business.”

By determining the optimal routes, you ensure smooth employee access to job locations while keeping their safety in mind. It crafts the most efficient snow removal routes by using live traffic and weather updates.

This highlights the benefits of route optimization, emphasizing its impact on operational effectiveness. Plus, preparing a master route before a storm saves hours and facilitates quicker responses after heavy snowfall.

Overall, this feature drives cost savings while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring satisfied customers, and boosting company success.

2. Scheduling and dispatching

This feature is the backbone of organized and timely services. It helps businesses allocate tasks, assign specific routes to drivers, and ensure everything works on time. 

For instance, imagine a scenario where snow removal services need to reach clients after a snowfall. The scheduling and dispatching features let businesses streamline their activities, making sure that each driver knows their route, tasks, and timelines they need to stick to.

3. Vehicle monitoring

Proficient snow removal software should facilitate vehicle monitoring. This feature gives a clear picture of the movement of work vehicles, saving valuable time. It also helps to track and monitor your snow plowing team out in the field for snow removal. 

Some routing software offers advanced features, such as real-time visibility by enabling GPS tracking. Knowing the location of snow plowers is also important for your team’s safety.

4. In-app communication

Communication through in-app messaging is crucial for the snow removal business. It bridges the gap between dispatchers and delivery drivers and offers a dedicated channel for efficient and direct communication within the team.

Dispatchers can instantly send updates, instructions, or critical notifications directly to drivers within the app. Whether a sudden change in a route or an urgent message regarding weather forecasts, this feature keeps operations running smoothly. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, facilitating seamless coordination. 

Hence, choosing a snow plow app with these features not only simplifies management but also helps to plan routes for a smooth winter operation.


Here is a breakdown of how to create an effective snow removal route: data collection and analysis, weather monitoring, route designing, priority setting, and, last but not least, route optimization.

The snow plow route app benefits businesses in multiple ways, such as: 1. Cutting operating and fuel costs through optimized routes. 2. Improved traffic flow for quicker emergency responses. 3. Decreased vehicle wear and maintenance costs. 4. Support for eco-friendly winter maintenance via reduced fuel consumption.

Yes, many apps integrate weather forecasting services, offering users live updates on the weather. It also offers predictive analysis, allowing users to anticipate weather changes and make informed decisions, ensuring smoother and safer operations.

Yes, many apps incorporate real-time road closure updates, enabling users to avoid blocked areas or closed roads due to storms. Furthermore, they provide up-to-date information, allowing for swift adjustments and ensuring uninterrupted snow plow services even during severe weather conditions.

The future of snow plow route optimization holds exciting developments in the form of artificial intelligence for data collection, predictive analytics for anticipating weather conditions, autonomous snow plow vehicles to automate snow removal, and drone technology for surveillance and mapping of snow-covered areas

Unlocking Snow Route Efficiency with the Right App

Route planning and optimization of snow plow route software become crucial for efficient snow clearance. The six apps discussed in this guide are game-changers for strategic snow management and optimizing routes. 

Remember, meticulous preparation is key to a successful snow removal business.

The earlier one integrates Upper or any preferred app into their snow removal business, the better they can minimize disruptions and streamline snow removal routing operations. It empowers businesses with routing planning, optimization, live tracking, customizable routes, and real-time adaptability, ensuring smoother snow-clearing routines.

With Upper’s , now is the time to turn those snow storms into your personal victory lap.

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