Why Do You Need to Integrate WooCommerce With Delivery Route Planner?

In the shift towards creating a solid online presence, many businesses have shifted to WooCommerce to increase their online sales and grab the opportunity in the digital space. Over 4.4 million websites are based on WooCommerce.

Staggering, right?

But the surge in eCommerce and online delivery services has created multiple hurdles for business owners to handle the operations.

Businesses with complete automation in their online ecosystem achieve better results and higher business revenue.

If you use WooCommerce to handle your eCommerce store, you can also automate your order and delivery management to unlock better business growth.

To streamline your eCommerce operations and achieve new business heights, you just need to integrate WooCommerce with a delivery route planner.

But how to integrate WooCommerce with a delivery planner? Which delivery route planner to use for integration?

There are multiple questions that we’ll address in this article. But before we jump towards the core part, let’s understand multiple basic concepts surrounding the topic.

WooCommerce Stats

WooCommerce is a leading WordPress plugin tool to create an eCommerce website and can be easily installed on WordPress. It has multiple features that make the eCommerce building process easier and faster.

It’s one of the reasons why 93.7% of WordPress eCommerce stores choose WooCommerce for managing their business operations and website management.

With advanced features like inventory management and centralized eCommerce store management, among others, it makes selling products less complicated compared to other online means.

You can include different online payments, create discount coupons or gift cards, generate daily sales reports, and manage the stocks of your products by accessing its powerful dashboard.

One of the standout features that WooCommerce offers its users is to send automatic recovery emails to clients to minimize the cart abandonment rate.

Managing your eCommerce couldn’t be easier; with over 980 WooCommerce plugins available in the WordPress directory, managing your eCommerce couldn’t be easier. The WooCommerce plugin hit the record number of 123 million downloads, and these numbers can rise because of the quality and features it offers to the business owners.

WooCommerce has improved its functionalities over the past few years; it has helped businesses enhance the productivity of getting orders and fulfilling them with finesse.

It offers multiple API integrations with third-party applications and software to enable the business to create a robust business ecosystem to run their business operations with real-time updates from their WooCommerce online store.

The same integration can help you automate your deliveries and boost your customer experience.

Let’s dive deep to understand how WooCommerce can help your business to automate your deliveries.

How Can WooCommerce Help You Automate Your Deliveries?

You can add WooCommerce orders as delivery tasks in your route planner that can help you automate the delivery process.

Using API integration provided by the route planner, you sync the confirmed orders from WooCommerce and kickstart your delivery route planning process.

You can also use Zapier to integrate route planner with WooCommerce to easy the integration process.

The details of the orders will be scheduled in the route planner, and your workforce will be automatically informed about the delivery details to avoid delays or failed deliveries.

If you choose a professional delivery route planner, the API integration with WooCommerce will be hassle-free, and you won’t require a coder to perform an integration.

Choosing a professional route planner can help you integrate the software with WooCommerce within a few steps, and your orders can be converted into delivery tasks with no manual involvement.

The integration process can help you get the delivery reports and invoice details within a few clicks. The automation in your order deliveries can minimize the workload on your workforce and increase their productivity for better and enhanced results.

We’ll help you finalize the pitch-perfect delivery route planner for your business requirements but let’s understand why you need to automate your order fulfillment process by integrating WooCommerce and a delivery route planner.

Why is it Important to Integrate WooCommerce With a Delivery Route Planner?

You need to integrate WooCommerce stores with a delivery route planner because it assists your business in getting multiple benefits that can help you achieve your business goals. Have a look.

1. Robust online ecosystem

You can create a robust synchronous ecosystem that can help you minimize the inefficiencies and maximize the productivity of your business operations. If you run your online store and delivery route planner separately, you must manually update the order details and place them in the delivery queue.

The process requires human intervention, resulting in errors and inefficiency, leading to misplaced or delayed deliveries. It can harm the customer experience and result in business losses.

But bridging both the platforms can help you update the customers’ order details with the delivery route planner in real-time, erasing the hiccups.

Once the order is placed, the route planner can give your workforce optimized routes to complete the successful delivery of the order.

2. Streamline logistics

Your business logistics operation can be streamlined, and the order details can be quickly updated in the delivery schedule of the delivery route planner. It can help you to manage deliveries and scale your business.

Streamline logistics

You get the freedom to handle the rise in delivery demands because of an automated link between your WooCommerce store and the delivery route planner. You can manage order fulfillment’s front and back-end operations with finances to help you stand out from the rest and scale your business operations to new heights.

3. A bird’s eye view

You can get a holistic view of the business operations from order management to delivery within a few clicks. The real-time data updates can help your team increase the efficiency of the business and simplify the complexities involved in handling a modern-day eCommerce schedule.

The integration can assist you in managing your resource better, minimizing the delivery time, organizing order data, and delivering a quality customer experience for better results.

You can manage the order fulfillment process and check real-time updates of your business operations. Using your online store, you can communicate with your team and deliver real-time delivery details to your customers.

4. Decreased dependencies on third-party delivery partners

Multiple businesses cannot handle the complexities of the delivery process and manage an online store simultaneously. It requires a great connection between the two business branches to deliver a combined quality experience to the customers. 

So, businesses choose to outsource their delivery process to third-party operators to minimize their workload and focus on increasing the traffic and the conversion rate on their WooCommerce store.

But the integration between WooCommerce and a dedicated delivery route planner can help your business maximize business efficiency and deliver quality results for your customers.

Your team can handle multiple business aspects of the complete order fulfillment journey with no dependencies on third-party delivery partners for the delivery process. It can help you handle your delivery customers’ experience and ensure there’s no compromise in the delivery journey.

5. Minimal redundancies and real-time updates

Integrating your WooCommerce online store with a professional delivery route planner can help online sellers enhance the delivery experience by minimizing the errors and latencies in the delivery process.

Minimal redundancies and real-time updates

It can quickly update the order details to avoid delivery delays and inconsistencies in the business workflow. You can streamline the process and achieve better business results to help you stand out from the rest.

Now that we know that integrating your WooCommerce store with a delivery route planner is necessary, it’s time you kickstart the process and perform the required operations.

How to Integrate WooCommerce With a Delivery Route Planner?

You need to choose a dedicated delivery route planner to perform the integration task. To help you get a clear view, we have selected Upper Route Planner as a delivery route planning software.

Upper Route Planner allows easy Zapier integration that you can use to automate your business workflows. Zapier is a platform that allows connecting different third-party applications within a few clicks. You can connect Upper Route Planner with your WooCommerce using Zapier.

To kickstart the integration process, you need to check the Popular page on the Upper Route Planner website. Then try out adding new WooCommerce orders as delivery tasks in the Upper Route Planner.

Create a Zapier account to kickstart your integration process of WooCommerce with Upper Route Planner. The first step is selecting the job role and the company size.

Select the WooCommerce platform to get personalized delivery workflow recommendations from Zapier to streamline your order fulfillment process.

Your Zapier profile is ready to create a workflow known as “Zaps” that can help you streamline your delivery process and help you scale your business.

You can trigger zaps when a new order is received; there is a change in the order status, addition in the items, or a new customer signs up.

That’s not it.

With Upper Route Planner as your dedicated route planner, you also get an option to use the route planner API for integration. 

Create your account on the platform and access the features page to access the APIs that can be integrated into your WooCommerce online store’s backend.

Just copy and past the APIs, and you’ll be able to connect your customer’s orders with your delivery ecosystem in real-time with no hiccups.

Now, it is time you select a route planning software to kickstart your integration with the WooCommerce store.

Need a Route Planner?

Try Upper Route Planner, trusted by hundreds of businesses to meet their logistics requirements. Plan routes & manage multiple deliveries on time now Upper


Yes, you can see automatic updates in the delivery orders once a customer places an order on your WooCommerce platform. The integration enables real-time automation that streamlines the business flow. You can unlock your business goals faster and it becomes easier for your workforce to complete their assigned tasks with robust automation present in your business ecosystem.

There are multiple delivery route planners available in the market, but if you want to choose one, you won’t find a better option than Upper Route Planner. It has a powerful dashboard that enables you to get a bird’s eye view of the delivery operations and increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Yes, integrating the WooCommerce online store with a delivery route planner can help you automate and bridge two different business segments and minimize the chances of errors and delivery delays.

Route scheduling is important to avoid delayed or failed deliveries and keep your logistic operations on track. You can use a powerful route planning tool to ensure quick and easy route scheduling. It helps the workforce know the different changes and updates in the delivery details and ensures they plan their day’s work accordingly.

You can optimize your delivery route by using dedicated route planning software that can help you streamline your delivery operations and get the short and most optimized delivery path within a few clicks. A route planner analyzes different elements like real-time traffic and weather conditions that cannot be tracked using manual route optimization techniques.

Upper Route Planner is Your Go-To Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is an end-to-end agile route planning software that can help businesses integrate with multiple third-party applications and platforms, including WooCommerce streamline your business flow.

You can get highly accurate and shortest route plans within a few clicks to help you manage multi-order deliveries with finesse.

It has an intuitive and easy-to-use UI/UX that helps easily navigate different features and dashboards.

  • It minimizes the route planning time by 95% and cuts down the complexities of delivery operations.
  • It enhances the workforce’s productivity by 40% to extract better results.
  • It can export up to 500 delivery addresses to Excel sheets.

Get access to the process, and maximize your business operations with seamless WooCommerce and Upper Route Planner integration.

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