Explained: Postcode Based Route Planning Problem & its Solution

The courier services industry is flourishing as more people are turning towards online shopping. Whether it is ordering food, lifestyle products, flowers, medical supplies or any home service, 36% customers were reported to place an order with same-day delivery in 2021. 

If you are running a delivery business with orders piling up and lack of efficient or cost-effective methods, errors are bound to happen. But there is a way to turn this hassle of managing deliveries into a super smooth journey. Though there are free route planners, many companies have stepped up and begun adopting route planning software to reduce manual work and make faster deliveries.

So, if you want to adopt postcode based route planning, you may need to think twice! Read on to find out its drawbacks and how you can resolve them with a smart route planner.

What are the Issues with Postcode Based Route Planning?

Finding routes for multiple stops, driving for hours, and reaching delivery destinations on time can be a task for drivers due to many reasons. Let’s look at the issues with postcode based route planning so you can optimize and automate routes through a delivery planning method.

1. No guarantee of finding an optimal route

Knowing a specific postal code doesn’t help with speedy route planning. And as many delivery companies agree, drivers won’t know if they can avoid traffic on a particular day. For any reason, if a driver isn’t working and the delivery routes are to be given to an alternate one, the last-minute change can be stressful.

You may think that google maps is a quick and handy route planner, but it may not always give an efficient route. As opposed to a route planning software, postcode routes bring unpredictability for delivery drivers. So, you can’t always be sure that your drivers will be reaching their destination without any mishaps.

2. Unequal distribution of work 

When drivers are solely assigned postcode based routes, there are lower chances of two different drivers getting an equal number of orders to be delivered. On a particular day, one driver may be given more stops to cover under a postcode than others. This can create an imbalance in the day-to-day workload distributed between all the drivers. 

Unequal distribution of work in postcode based route planning

So, a driver who needs a break due to more orders and the other one with a lack of orders will suffer due to this inequality. Moreover, as a business owner, you may have to face the repercussions of dividing work unequally.

3. No time predictability for drivers 

Postcode routes make it unpredictable to anticipate how much time a driver will spend on the road and delivering orders. As drivers usually receive their delivery routes with less time at hand, they may not be able to find efficient routes. 

No time predictability for drivers in postcode based route planning

It may make their day unpredictable if on a specific day they’re assigned a postcode with more stops than usual. As a result, they will have to work more hours due to being unaware of the time required to finish their jobs beforehand. 

How is Route Planning Software Better Than Postcode Based Route Planning?

Route optimization is crucial, especially for last-mile deliveries for many reasons. Route planners let you assign deliveries to drivers by automatically calculating the most efficient route between stops. So, drivers can reach point A to point Z and deliver multiple parcels effectively, rather than going around the same area with just a postcode at hand. 

A route optimization software has algorithms that allow planning delivery routes efficiently and synchronizing your logistics and transportation for a smooth delivery process. You can create routes with a variety of combinations to make delivery experiences faster and better. 

The advanced technology used in these software eliminates the risk of human errors, gives predictable and accurate plans, and helps automate the logistic ecosystem. Routes optimized this way help distribute equal work between different drivers without any manual work, unlike postcode-based route planning. 

Moreover, you can supervise every driver in your fleet to ensure timely adherence to delivery operations under the rules and regulations of your company. In case there are any challenges, you can monitor their performance through the reports and analytics feature, and guide them toward a solution.

Upper Route Planner can Help Save Hours and Give Multifold Profits in Your Business

Are you running a food delivery business and need to cover hundreds of stops with a few drivers? Or do you have a flower shop that needs immediate deliveries? In any case, you need to ensure all your orders are dispatched with the least paperwork. The faster you bring orders to a customer’s doorsteps, the more their chances of staying loyal to your service. 

Upper route planner is all you need to plan multi-stop routes for delivery drivers in a few minutes. Here’s how it can help you multiply revenue and save hours of route planning:

1. Faster route generation 

Upper’s powerful optimization algorithm lets you have a hassle-free planning and delivery process. Cutting down 95% of your route planning time, it automatically creates optimal routes that you can share with drivers in just a click.

2. Helps optimize multiple routes on-the-go

Are you managing multiple driver schedules for food delivery, cleaning services, or furniture delivery? Now you can effortlessly schedule same-day delivery routes at once. It also helps create efficient routes that can be divided among your drivers in advance. 

3. More order completions 

Got an overload of orders but don’t have enough time to deliver them faster? Not a problem anymore. When your drivers have optimal routes and can deliver orders faster, they’ll have extra time to deliver a few more orders. Thanks to Upper, it gives the accommodation for additional stops with each route.

4. Improve profitability with cost-efficiency

You cannot generate more revenue when there’s a lot of fuel being wasted whenever there’s a surge in demand. But if you have software that gives the best-optimized routes, your fuel costs are meant to go down. As a result, you can provide a better experience to your customers and boost profits at the same time. 

Wish to know how you can plan routes and make your delivery operations more convenient? Take the 7-day free trial with Upper now!

Stay Ahead of Time and Let Upper Plan Your Delivery Routes

Ditch the old way of postcode based route planning and get into the advanced world of making superfast deliveries. Add multiple stops by importing the excel file and dispatch routes in a few clicks using Upper.


Postcode based route planning is a system whereby delivery drivers receive postcodes of a particular area. In this process, they use only the postcodes to find addresses and finish their deliveries.

A route planning and optimization software caters to the delivery segment of any business. The route planning software caters to:

  • Medical shop
  • Meal prep business
  • Flower delivery
  • eCommerce
  • Cleaning services
  • Plumbing business and many more

With the help of powerful tools integrated with your company, you can streamline a lot of processes without manual paperwork. Such a software is a boon for delivery services as it helps scale a business and create a loyal customer-base.

As per the stops you add in the route planner, the software plans out the order for drivers for ease of delivery. It also examines weather conditions, traffic, and delivery timelines to plan and optimize routes in a structured way for your business.


Postcode based route planning seems like a cakewalk, but there are so many minute details and planning hours that go before, during and after delivery. The outdated methods of route planning could result in disorder and hamper growth. And with the type of growth the courier industry is experiencing, it must adapt to technological advancements to achieve its business goals. 

You need route optimization software to effortlessly manage multiple orders, logistics, delivery operations, and meeting customer expectations. Upper Route Planner is among the most reliable software that is here to make your delivery service remarkable. It comes with a number of features like one-click dispatch, route scheduling, proof of delivery, API integration, and others. This route planning software is all you need to make order delivery faster. Start optimizing routes and save hours of planning with a free 7-day trial now

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