Upper Introduces Live Tracking Feature to its Users for Driver Monitoring

Keeping track of your drivers being away from your office area is a useful feature to have in the competitive market. Well, you guessed it, here we are talking about a live tracker which assists you in closely monitoring the ongoing field service activities. 

It not only gives you updates regarding the driver’s location but also provides the actual ETA as per the actual start time. As a result, you will have peace of mind knowing that your driver is on the way or returning to the depot after delivering the package. 

The good thing is the live tracking option is not only for popular brands, you can simply use it from your tablet or smartphone regardless of your business size. Understanding the needs of delivery business owners and simplifying the delivery process, Upper brings you a real-time live tracking feature to find the driver’s exact location.

As Upper continues extending its features list, let us check out why a live tracker can be worthy for your business. 

What is a Live Tracker?

It is the advanced technology that allows the admin user to keep track of their on-field technicians or drivers. Basically, it gives you updates regarding the position of the driver at regular intervals. Most route planners enabling you to see a live location don’t actually send something like real-time information. 

Whereas Upper’s live tracker keeps you in the loop until the end of the delivery process. The newly-added features work on the GPS-enabled app on the smartphone. This means drivers can navigate routes through the mobile app, and at the same time, you can track them from anywhere.

How to Enable Driver Live Tracking on Upper?

Using the live tracking feature for your delivery operations is the best way to locate your drivers. Live tracking runs on any personal devices for the administrative user so that they can receive real-time data. In this process, Upper makes sure you get a clear view of the driver’s exact location on the map, pending deliveries, actual route taken by the driver, speed limit alert, and much more.

Upper’s live tracking feature is based on the GPS, which means your drivers need to install the ‘Upper for Driver’ app on their iOS or Android phones. Here is how you can start using the live tracking option. 

  1. Log in to the Upper Route Planner as the admin user.
  1. Enable the live tracking option from the “App Config” as shown below. 
  • Admin portal > “Users/Drivers”> Driver Options > Driver App Config > Navigation > enable live tracking
  1. Go to the “Analytics” tab.
  2. Choose live driver tracking (last option) and select your route plan.

Why is it Essential for Your Delivery Business?

During the multiple ongoing projects, live tracking becomes a handy option to see the driver’s movement and performance. You can actually see whether the driver took the optimized route or a completely different path in your browser. As an admin user, you can keep an eye on every driver for your multiple projects. This means you can focus on developing new business strategies instead of frequent call-ups with your delivery team.

Boosts operational efficiencies

Once you have enabled the live tracker, it would be easier for you to identify delivery delays and manage the fleets as well. This feature would help you spot drivers if anyhow customers are unable to reach them. In such cases, you can assure your clients regarding the delivery status. Managing routes and drivers will further help you boost delivery efficiencies.

Lessens communication gaps

Whenever your driver is out for delivery, chances are that they may not be able to reach you, or their location will be unknown. It can be resolved with the help of a live tracker which assists you in finding the driver’s location. Not only does it give you the driver’s current position on the map, but also displays the number of pending delivery stops.

Upper’s Live Tracker – Your Timekeeper for On-field Activities

Upper collects drivers’ locations from their GPS-enabled apps and displays them on the admin portal. It continuously keeps track of drivers no matter if they are delivering packages or returning to the warehouse. It allows dispatch managers to view the actual position of the driver. In fact, the manager can also check if the driver is idle from its web portal.

Here are some of the main features of Upper’s live tracking that will make your job easier.

Setting speed limit

With the Upper’s live tracker, now you can set the vehicle’s speed from the admin portal. The tracker will show if the delivery vehicles are running as per the speed limit or not. However, if the driver crosses the speed limit, it will notify you on the live tracker. The speed limit can be set as per your current distance units (miles or km).

Current driver status

Upper’s live tracking is not just limited to finding the driver’s location as you can see the current status, skipped or completed stops, vehicle type, and shift schedule. This feature allows the dispatch manager to learn whether the driver has completed the delivery task or not. The driver’s status shows if they are on the way, returning to the depot, or being idle.

Optimized route and driver’s actual route

Since it’s hard to know if the driver is following the optimized path or not, Upper has made it simpler by enabling the “Footprint” option. The footprint option offers a better view of how your driver reached the delivery spot. Clicking on the footprint button, the tracker shows the optimized routes and the driver’s actual travel path. 

Actual ETA

The live tracker contains significant information about the delivery ETA (estimated time of arrival). You can check out the ETA and the actual ETA just below the driver’s name. ETA refers to the time based on the optimized routes and scheduled delivery. Whereas, the actual ETA is the result of the driver’s start time.

Track Your Drivers from Anywhere

Using phone calls for driver’s status? Get the live location of your driver on the Upper Route Planner. Stay updated by accessing drivers for more than one route simultaneously.

Some Notable Benefits of Using a Live Tracker

The live tracking option has multiple benefits as it eases the business owner’s job. Here is what you get using the live tracker.

1. Offers real-time data

Once you have enabled the live tracking option, you can check where exactly the driver has landed. It provides accurate data at regular intervals in such a way that you don’t have to make contact to know their delivery progress. Ultimately, it saves your time and keeps you posted.

2. Displays multiple drivers’ locations

Upper’s new feature is capable of displaying multiple drivers’ locations at the same time. Either you can filter out the driver’s name or view the list of your on-duty drivers on the tracker itself. Also, you can simply hover on the location pin to find other necessary information as well.

3. Speed monitoring

The Upper’s live tracker has the ability to display the current speed of the driver’s vehicle. You can even set the speed limit prior to the delivery starting time. The tracker will show the speed as well as the speed alert warnings if the driver breaches the speed limit. It helps you closely monitor the driving speed.


Yes, as an admin, you can check your drivers’ location anytime from the admin portal. On the Upper’s live tracker, you can explore multiple drivers’ locations along with all the necessary information.

Since Upper’s live tracking option is based on GPS, it requires an application running on the driver’s smartphone. Therefore, whenever your drivers are out for delivery, they need to carry the app on their personal devices. Thus, your drivers should download the “Upper for Driver” app before starting the delivery task.

Follow the below steps to enable your driver’s footprints (the actual route).

  1. Log in to the Upper web app.
  2. Open the driver live tracker from the “Analytics” tab.
  3. Select the route plan and driver’s name.
  4. Find the “Footprint” button on the right side of the driver’s search bar.
  5. Click on the footprint icon and analyze the driver’s route.

Upgrade Your Subscription Plan to Use a Real-time Live Tracker

All thanks to the well-developed live tracking feature that provides an automatic and continuous update regarding the driver’s location and ETA. In fact, it acts as a breadcrumb considering the driver’s travel history. Referring to the capabilities of the live tracker, it is safe to say that it is a worthy feature to cope with modern delivery challenges.

If you are in search of a reliable route planner with a live tracking feature, Upper could be the perfect option for you. Already using Upper? No worries, upgrade to the Upper’s Growth plan and take full advantage of the real-time driver tracker.

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