Residential Cart Solutions Made the Most of Proof
of Delivery (ePOD) by Switching to Upper

Tracy sturdy

“The ease of being able to import any data is important, and it is what exactly Upper provides to its users. It works efficiently for us since we started using Upper.“


Tracy Sturdy

Owner of Residential Cart Solutions, LLC

Result Achieved by Residential Cart Solutions Using Upper Route Planner

  • Reduced manual route planning95%

    reduced manual route planning

  • Faster data import3x Faster

    data import

  • Time to reassign routes1 minute

    or less than that to reassign routes

  • Entrances covered per day100%

    entrances covered per day

  • Drivers accommodated easily5+ drivers

    drivers accommodated easily

About residential cart solutions client

About Client

Residential Cart Solutions is a US-based cart delivery company. It has contracts with waste management companies as well. They go into different cities to deliver, repair, or exchange trash carts. They receive a bunch of addresses on a daily basis in order to perform cart delivery.

Currently, it offers nationwide services across US cities like Louisiana, Denver, West Palm Beach, and more. They visit residential areas to deliver or recycle carts in different cities.


Company Location

flagUnited States






To obtain proof
of service

Challenges Dealt with by Residential Cart Solutions

Challenges by RCS

Here are the challenges that hampered the delivery service of residential cart solutions.

  • Unable to capture proof after providing service to their clients
  • No tool for importing excel spreadsheet containing entrance stops
  • Difficulties in accepting more cart delivery orders
  • Problem in reassigning routes due to drivers’ unavailability
  • Failing to update drivers on time regarding scheduled delivery

The process followed by Residential Cart Solutions before utilizing Upper:

  • Used different software that do not have proof of delivery feature
  • Frequent call-ups with drivers if they covered the assigned routes or not
  • Manually add stops in the route plan instead of importing excel file
  • Usually sends inaccurate data to clients
Process followed before upper

Solutions Delivered by Upper Route Planner

Solution by upper
  • Upper Route Planner empowers their cart delivery team to capture proof of delivery (ePOD)
  • The route planner allows them to directly import excel spreadsheet to create a route plan
  • Upper provides accurate information about attended entrance stops and skipped routes
  • The team at Residential Cart Solutions finds it easier to reassign routes to drivers using Upper
  • Upper helps them accept more orders and create a delivery schedule in advance
  • With Upper, drivers spend less time on road performing delivery of trash carts
  • Upper helps them swap routes if drivers are unavailable on the actual delivery day
  • Upper allows them to keeps their drivers posted about delivery schedule and dispatch status

Just like how waste management software dispersed challenges of Residential cart solutions, it can simplify your waste management process as well.

Record a Delivery Proof Instantly Using
Upper Route Planner

Performing a multi-stop delivery? Never leave your destination before capturing proof of delivery. Utilize Upper’s proof of delivery feature and assure your clients about successful delivery.

How Upper Made Cart Delivery Process Simpler for Residential Cart Solutions by Providing Necessary Routing Features?


Could you please introduce yourself?

Sure. We are Residential Cart Solutions, contracted by nationwide waste companies like republic waste management company, and we do work orders for them. We go into different cities to perform delivery of a cart, repair a trash cart, or exchange it. We receive the address list daily in order to perform daily deliveries.

Tracy sturdy

What was the problem that led you to the Upper Route Planner?

Well, we have a contract in Pensacola, Florida, where the customer was really hoping that we could provide proof of delivery. And so, I wasn’t providing that service at the time. And so when we went to Belarus and Louisiana, we were looking for proof of delivery options. Proof of whether the cart was out or delivered at that entrance. So that was the main reason that I started searching for software and ended up using the Upper Route Planner.

Tracy sturdy

What was your delivery process before using Upper?

Yeah, all of our customers that we provide service for, send us Excel spreadsheets. So, it was important for me to find something that imports the data easily. I was using a different software that didn’t provide any proof, and it was fairly usable for us. I think it was very basic. As we work with these larger corporations, the ability to have the ePOD feature was a lot more important. Therefore, it was proof that it mainly worked out for us.

Tracy sturdy

What is something you like the most on Upper?

It will definitely be the import process. The ease of being able to import any data to be routed is important. It wasn’t important for me to reach out to the customers, but it was important for our data to be accurate for the cooperation that we work with. On Upper, it was very easy to practice the trial, to take the data that I had imported in and see how it was going to work.

Tracy sturdy

How is the customer support of the Upper Route Planner?

Well, I feel like it’s a very quick response from the Upper team. I mean you don’t really find where companies are available as often assured your support staff is. I just feel like you guys are always there to respond. I really appreciate that because we are making money using such advanced software.

Tracy sturdy

Would you like to recommend Upper?

I would definitely recommend Upper to anybody that asks for it. I said it before it’s just a quick learning to get it up and running and functional for a company. And so, I just really appreciate that you don’t wanna get bored with the training portion there. I just feel like the software is very user-friendly and it’s just easy for me. Once I landed on Upper Route Planner, I thought it was a perfect fit for our company.

Tracy sturdy

What will you miss the most if Upper disappears tomorrow?

If the Upper disappears, it will affect my delivery process. I think there are a lot more features that you have to show me that will make things even better but it’s just so easy to use. On Upper, addresses are imported easily and I just would really miss the functionality of Upper and ease of use if it would go away.

Tracy sturdy
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