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Australia Post, formally known as the Australian Postal Corporation, has provided postal services in Australia as a government body. The headquarter of Australia Post is in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Australia Post offers postal, fiscal, travel, retail, and insurance services. The company operates in Hong Kong, the UK, and Singapore and has a partnership with China Post. The company aims to offer top-notch postal services to people, both domestically and internationally.

History of Australia Post

Australia Post witnessed some incarnations all through Australian history. Australia Post previously performed as Postmaster- General’s Department set in 1901 at the federation. It functioned as a replacement for the colonial post services. However, after the department got abolished in 1975, its postal services were taken over by the Australian Postal Commission. The company’s present name was ascertained in 1989 during the process of corporatization. Since then, it has grown into a courier that ships everything from personal supplies to medicines to over 230 nations globally.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Australia Post work?

At Australia Post, we look for ways to connect communities and do what matters to them. We offer services to many Australians operating in efficient and sustainable ways to make our nation grow.

With 12.4 million delivery points all over the nation, we help our community by delivering parcels and letters.

Upper Package Tracker provides tracking facilities to people across the globe. We help you get updated and information tracking results for all your couriers.

We offer end-to-end tracking with Upper Route for an enhanced customer experience. If you want to know where your parcel is, enter the tracking number, choose your Courier Service provider, and tap on “track my package” to get all the desired information in one go.

You can try Upper package tracker to know how effectively it helps you track your parcels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my tracking number?

You can look for your tracking number in the shipping confirmation email or the merchant’s confirmation SMS. If you don’t find the tracking numbers here, check the store’s online website to get knowledge on tracking your parcel. In some situations, you can also check the purchase history of the online store.

Is it possible to track the Australia Post parcel without having a tracking number?

No, tracking your package without using a tracking number with Upper Route Planner is impossible. However, you can find the tracking number in the store or merchant’s confirmation email or the confirmation SMS. You should contact the online retailer if you cannot find your tracking number in these two things.

Does Upper Route Planner offer better tracking than Australia Post?

Upper Route Planner offers you real-time delivery alerts. It also provides you with a predicted timeline for your delivery. Hence you can be available to receive the parcel, eliminating the possibility of re-delivery.

How is Upper Route Planner beneficial for you?

You can enjoy some amazing benefits of Upper Route Planner:

  • It helps you to know the delivery time of the parcel so that you can be prepared beforehand.
  • It offers you automated route planning to get your parcel delivered.
  • It offers precise driving directions for your package delivery.

It offers estimated time of arrival notifications and delivery status.

How long does it take for Australia post to deliver?

Australia Post has four levels to offer. You can select different tiers for your package, which impact its delivery speed globally. The lowest tier, also known as the Economy Sea Package, may take 2 to 3 months to arrive at their destination. The Standard Package takes around 10 to 15 days to arrive at its given destination. The Express Package may take around 7 to 12 days to arrive at its given destination, and the Courier Package may take 2 to 4 business days to arrive at its given destination.

How long does it take for Australia Post to deliver?

Australia Post starts delivery round at 7 AM local time and stops at 5 in the evening. Deliveries also take place on Saturdays at an additional charge, and there are no deliveries after 1 PM.

Regarding international deliveries, Australia Post gives your package to the local courier to reach its destination. Hence, you should contact your local courier to find the delivery times.

How long can Australia Package hold your package?

For collection at Post Office and Retail Partner, it is 10 days.

For collection at Parcel Locker, it is 48 hours before it gets transferred to the Post Office.

After that time, the parcel is returned to the sender. However, Australia Post will hand your parcel to the local courier for international packages after it has passed customs. If your local courier cannot deliver your package, enquire about their hold times.

What is the cost of delivering a package to Australia Post Collection Post?

Getting your package delivered to Australia Post Collection Post is no extra price.

How can I track my Australia Post parcel with Upper Route Planner?

To track your parcel with Upper Route Planner, all you need to do is enter the tracking number provided to you by the merchant in the search bar of Upper Route Planner. It will find your parcel and give you real-time information on your parcel’s movement. You can also use Upper Route Planner app to track your package, regardless of where you are.

What if I don’t get my parcel from Australia Post?

If you haven’t got your parcel from Australia Post, check its current location through Upper Route Planner. If the last location of the package was outside the destination nation, it is the responsibility of Australia Post, and you should contact them to enquire. However, if your package’s last location was in the destination nation, speak to your local courier agent to get information.

Most of the time, a package experiences delay because of weather issues and custom and operational problems.

What should I do if Australia Post loses my parcel?

Australia Post takes the responsibility and will reimburse you for 100 AUD without purchasing any additional parcel insurance they offer. However, if the package was of higher value and you have Australia Post Insurance, they are liable to reimburse you up to AUD 5000. But if your package was in the destination nation, you should contact your local courier for it.

Whom should you contact for a complaint or inquiry about Australia Post Collection Point?

You can contact Australia Post Help & Support for complaints and inquiries

  • Fill out an online inquiry
  • Contact them on 13 POST (13 7678)

What to do if I have missed my Australia Post parcel delivery?

If you were unavailable when the Australia Post parcel arrived, they would possibly leave it on your door. However, if the package needs your signature and fails to reach you, they will shift the parcel to the Australia Post locker within 48 hours.

Why can’t I see my Australia Post parcel moving?

You cannot see your Australia Post package moving because some couriers choose milestone tracking for international shipping. So, if your package travels across a nation or ocean, it may show you at a standstill. You may also not see your package moving during holidays and weekends.

Why is my parcel at Australia Post pending?

Pending status means your package is yet to be sent by the merchant. Hence, Australia Post doesn’t have all the information. If you have placed an order on a weekend or holiday, you may see a Pending status. It means your package is yet to be picked up from the merchant.