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Cainiao, also called China Smart Logistic Network Limited, is a global tracking system founded by Alibaba Group. It supports 152 nations and 70 carriers globally. The goal is to offer a remarkable tracking service for cross-border shipments worldwide. Some of the best delivery firms that Cainiao partners with are UPS, ZTO Express, FedEx, Pony Express, Yunda, and YTO Express. So, Cainiao teams with delivery companies and offers tracking of goods from Alibaba and other Chinese importers and exporters worldwide to ensure the courier moves fast and effectively through customs.

Acquiring unicorn status in 2018, Cainiao has gained strength after strength and has come up as forwarding and tracking company. It can help track shipments globally. It supports nations in America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

It is a Chinese company with operations in China. The headquarter of the company is located in Hangzhou city of China.

History of Cainiao

In 2013, when China experienced a big advancement in eCommerce, it had millions of parcels to deliver daily. At that point in time, the logistics infrastructure was not reliable enough to meet the rising demands of customers and businesses. This encouraged Alibaba to work with primary courier companies and set up a technical logistics platform leading to the foundation of Cainiao.

Cainiao was established in Shenzhen on May 28, 2013, by Alibaba Group, along with eight more companies. It ensured delivery within 24 hours to all areas of China.

With time, Cainiao allied with 13 delivery firms and emerged as a big-data logistics platform.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Cainiao work?

Cainiao offers logistics and customs clearing assistance in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. In China, it has established a complete network of smart community depots called Cainiao Post. With more than 60,000 post stations in different communities, it offers contactless delivery and pickup.

With courier services being flexible, you can gain from convenient tracking too.

Upper Package Tracker provides tracking services for your parcels globally. We help you get precise tracking information and real-time delivery notification for your parcels.

If you are waiting for a parcel from Cainiao, use the Upper Package Tracker for free to know where it has landed.

Enter the tracking number and tap “Track my Package.” Upper Package Tracker will locate your courier and give you the information within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my parcel from Cainiao?

You can track your package from Cainiao with Upper Package Tracker. You have to enter the tracking number in the search bar and tap on “Track my Package .” You will get the details of your package, including its real-time location, in no time.

How do I get Cainiao’s tracking number?

Locating your tracking number is easy. It is a combination of letters and numbers. It can be available on the receipt of your order or the shipping label. You may also find it in the shipping confirmation email. It is usually a 13-digit alphanumeric code provided by the sender.

Is Upper Package Tracker better at tracking your parcels than Cainiao?

Cainiao helps you track your parcels with ease. But, Upper Package Tracker has the upper hand in this. It helps you get the real-time location of your package. Not just this, it gives you notification related to the late delivery or before delivery of the parcel. So, it helps you find your parcel regardless of your delivery service.

Can I track my Cainiao package in real-time?

Yes, with Upper Package Tracker, you can track your Cainiao parcel in real-time. Enter the tracking number and instantly get the latest information about your parcel.

Can I track my Cainiao parcel without a tracking number?

No, you cannot track your Cainiao parcel without using the tracking code. If you have lost the code, it is suggested to contact the sender to get it.

Can Cainiao send your packages directly?

After establishing a deal with more than 40 domestic courier partners, Cainiao has several warehouses and delivery stations to deliver products. However, when tracking a Cainiao shipment, ensure maybe your parcel may not come through a Cainiao warehouse. To know the location of your parcel, you can track it on Upper Package Tracker.

How late can Cainiao deliver?

Cainiao is a worldwide package tracking company and delivers through its partners who handle the operation. It can track your package to and from China. It doesn’t offer delivery but provides tracking of shipment. You can get the delivery time and date information on the company’s website.

How long does an international package take to deliver with Cainiao?

The shipping partners of Cainiao identify the time a package takes to reach its owner. The company doesn’t deliver but rather provides tracking information of the shipment. To know the time the package will reach you, you ought to reach out to the shipping partners. Cainiao can only show which stage it has reached in its shipping journey.

How to track my Cainiao parcel with Upper Package Tracker?

To track your parcel with Upper Package Tracker, just enter your tracking number in the search box, and within seconds, you will have the details.

What to do if my Cainiao tracking number is not working?

Your Cainiao tracking may not work because of the following reasons:

  • The package is still in processing. It may take a few hours to get available for tracking.
  • There is some error in the tracking number. Make sure you recheck it when typing.

Contact the sender to know if they have given the right tracking number.

How is Upper Package Tracker better than Cainiao?

Upper Package Tracker gives real-time delivery details. It also offers precise time for delivery, reducing the chances of re-delivery.

What to do if I miss my Cainiao delivery?

If you miss the delivery of your package from Cainiao’s delivery partner, you should contact the shipping company, not Cainiao. You can check your package status on Cainiao. If the status shows “waiting for pick,” it means the shipping partner made an attempt for delivery, but it failed to get delivered.

Where has my Cainiao package reached?

Cainiao helps you track your parcel from China to any place around the world. It will help you know where your package is. Whether it is out for delivery or stuck in the customers, if you see an error code, contact the shipping company and not Cainiao.

Which of them offers better tracking: Cainiao or Upper Route?

Both offer precise tracking, but Upper Package Tracker covers almost all shipping companies while Cainiao only covers those which it has partnered with.

How long can Cainiao keep my package?

Cainiao cannot hold your parcel. You should check with your package delivery service to know when they can hold your package.