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Finding packages is now at your fingertips

Whether you have pending food delivery, grocery delivery, or alcohol delivery, Upper helps you stay on top of package delivery, regardless of time and place.

Get updated delivery
status instantly

Drop your tracking ID
on the search bar to know
soon it will get delivered.

Discover packages
from anywhere

Know your delivery status
from other countries like
the US, UK, and across Europe.

Access delivery status
within seconds

Know when your parcel will
come out for delivery
with a single click.

No more hassles
about parcel delivery

Discover where your parcel
is lying and at what time
it will get delivered.

SEKO offers full-fledged supply chain solutions, facilitating transportation, forwarding, warehousing, and logistics. With more than 120 offices in 40 countries globally, our unique management allows you to benefit from international implementation experience. We work as a reliable global shipping partner to suffice your international deliveries ensuring your products are shipped faster and reasonably.

Being your individual logistic partner, SEKO lowers your eCommerce shipping complexities by offering one integration, a single pickup with one account manager. SEKO teams with the world’s pioneer end-mile carriers like DHL eCommerce, Australia Post, Hermes, Pitney Bowes, FedEx, and more.

SEKO serves distant locations with major hubs in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, Milton Keynes, and Sydney. The company offers a single point of contact and a convenient pathway to your eCommerce deliveries.

History of SEKO

SEKO was founded in 1976 from a single Chicago office. Since then, the company has advanced and grown competitively as a unique and flexible provider of top-notch logistic services.

How do Upper Package Tracker and SEKO Work?

We agree that good courier services should be teamed with good tracking to avoid any trouble.

This is where Upper Package Tracker enters.

We offer high-quality, real-time, precise tracking services for your packages worldwide. Our end-to-end service starts when the parcel is shipped till it is delivered to you.

We ensure that you get the exact location of your package in real time without any data loss. If you’re waiting for your package from SEKO, enter your tracking number; choose SEKO in the drop-down menu of Courier Service Provider and tap “Track my Package.” Within seconds, you will have the results in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my SEKO tracking number?

You can find your SEKO tracking number on the shipping label or the receipt of your package or in the shipping confirmation email or SMS.

Without the tracking number, you cannot track your package. The sender provides it. So, if you cannot find it, you can contact your sender for it.

How to track SEKO packages with Upper Package Tracker?

It is simpler to track your SEKO package with the Upper Package Tracker. You must enter your tracking number in the search bar and click “Track my Package.” The carrier is automatically detected. It will show all related information about your package and its exact location.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than SEKO?

SEKO can only help you track the packages sent by them and in collaboration with its partners, while Upper Package Tracker helps you track packages irrespective of the delivery service.

Why is the parcel tracking number not updated?

There may be several reasons for it:

  • The parcel is not shipped yet.
  • The parcel is registered but hasn’t been given to SEKO.
  • There are a lot of operational backlogs.

How accurate is SEKO?

As SEKO has advanced tracking tools to track your packages, it is 100% accurate. The tracking is updated in sync with the movement of the parcel.